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Japanese まぼろ酒
Romanized Maboro Shu
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Type Alcoholic Drink
Capture Level Less than 1
Location Available anywhere in the Human World
Price 1000 yen per 750ml bottle
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 260
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Maboro Sake (まぼろ酒 Maboro Shu) is a normal alcoholic beverage that can be bought anywhere in the Human World and is not considered very strong by heavy drinkers.


Because of its low alcohol content and mellow taste, it can be enjoyed by weak drinkers. It was Ichiryu's favorite liquor and the only liquor he could drink without difficulty. In contrast, it is the least favorite liquor of his brother Jiro.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Maboro Sake

The Knocking Master serves a cup of this drink to Toriko while he tells the latter the news of his brother's demise.


Maboro Sake Submission

Maboro Submission

  • The Maboro Sake is the work of a fan from Osaka.
  • Its name's rōmaji is a pun referring to 'maboroshi' (meaning 'illusion').

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