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Japanese 磁貝 (じかい)
Romanized Jikai
English Magneticlam
IGO Icon 2.png Bestiary IGO Icon 2.png
Type Mollusk
Capture Level 1000
Length 350m
Height 900m
Weight 500,000t
Price 100g / 9,000yen
Habitat Area 6
RiceBall.png Debut Appearance Manga meat.png
Manga Gourmet 326
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The Magneticlam (磁貝 (じかい) Jikai) is a gigantic clam creature native to Area 6 which has the capability of creating a large magnetic field around its body in order to create a Rest Room on its surrounding. One is owned by the Flavor Sage, Jiji which he uses as a home and transport.


The name of the Magneticlam is a combination of Magnetic and Clam. The name itself is a combination of its abilities (the ability to create magnetic fields) and its nature as a type of clam.


The Magneticlam has a body size which is comparable to that of an island. It's appearance is similar to a real life clam, with a shell that has windows fitted to it, allowing for those inside it to have a visual of their surroundings. The Magneticlam's siphon stretches and can be used as a small island, on the tip of its siphon is a well which can be used as an entrance to the inside of the Magneticlam. The inside of the Magneticlam consist of walls, stairs, chairs and a dining table which are formed by the Magneticlam's body.


The Magneticlam is a non violent creature and would often leave its master to let anyone inside it.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Safety Monster, the Magneticlam can create a Rest Room through the use of large magnetic fields. The surrounding area influenced by the magnetic field prevents monsters from sensing the Magneticlam, and due to its large size it can cover a large area, making it a great Safety Monster and with a Capture Level of 1000, it can defend itself from any creatures below its Capture Level. Being a creature capable of underwater travel, it is also capable of resisting massive currents as it is able to traverse around the Conveyor Belt Islands with incredible ease.


  • Created by Mie Prefecture Uretsu

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