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Mahmai Moi
Mahmai Moi portrait
Japanese マーマイモイ
Romanized Māmai Moi
English Mahmai Moi
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday June 12th
Status Alive
Height 153 cm
Weight 55 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation International Gourmet Towers Space Airport,
Nakaume (personal chef),
Occupation President of the Gourmet Tourism Public Company,
NEO Member
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 210
Anime Episode 125
Japanese Houki Katsuhisa
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Mahmai Moi (マーマイモイ) is the president of the Gourmet Tourism Public Company with a market value of 812 trillion yen, the third highest value in the world, thus making him one of the wealthiest men on the planet. His company is the only one in the world that allows commercial flights into space which include quality gourmet ingredients. He is revealed to be a member of NEO.


He is an elderly dark skinned man of average height with small slanted eyes and short white hair, sideburns, a beard and a mustache. He has a small scar on the side of his head just above his left eye. He is seen wearing classy sequin clothing.

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He is a man of great wealth and status who enjoys extravagant luxury and the best of anything that money can buy (especially ingredients) and greatly enjoys it when he gets to goof off. He is also a bit of a lecher who loves the company and sexual appeal of beautiful women.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being one of the wealthiest men alive, he is a skilled and experienced businessman and with his substantial wealth there is likely little he cannot buy. As a member of NEO, he has access to vast resources that rival the IGO and the Gourmet Corp..


Cooking Festival Arc[]

He is seen arriving back on Earth after a six-month trip into space with a lovely young woman while complimenting the ingredients and view from up there and all while being praised by his female companion. As he continues his boasting and enjoyment, Nakaume is seen sitting a few seats in front of him.[1]

He is later seen attending Cooking Fest with his female companion.[2] During the tournament, it is revealed that Nakaume is actually Mahmai Moi's personal chef, much to Komatsu's surprise. When the Gourmet Corp. invade Cooking Fest, Mahmai is seen looking at chaotic spectacle with mild amusement.

Later during the battle, he is seen meeting with Darnil Kahn and Colonel Mokkoi in a dark room discussing the current turn of events. When Kousairou appears they begin to set their plan into motion. When Kuriboh is about to kill Nakaume, Mahmai asks him to spare the chef because of his cooking skill. As Zaus is discussing about interfering, Mahmai says that they could interfere if they wished, since Joie is heading to the Cooking Festival. When Midora shoots his Meteor Spice on Cooking Island, Tokage appears from the ground to take Ahmon and the other NEO members away.


  • He has a unique way of laughing which consists of the word "Ka" (ex: "Kakkakka!").


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