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Mammoth Bear.
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese 象熊
Romanized Zouguma
English Mammoth Bear
Aliases Elephant Bear
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Type Mammal
Capture Level Above 15
Height Above 8.7m
Diet Omnivorous
Habitat Teran Plains, Caves
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Oneshot (2007)
Anime Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!!
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The Mammoth Bear (象熊) is a giant mammal beast that appears to be a cross between a Mammoth and a Bear, hence its name. One was the main antagonist of the original Toriko pilot manga Oneshot and the short film adaptation Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!!. In the film and pilot's story, it was a fearsome and powerful beast greatly feared by the people and animals of Teran Plains.


The Mammoth Bear is a giant creature that even towers over the massive bird beast Gerold in size. It has a centaur-like body structure, with its lower half resembling the full body of a mammoth and its upper half being the complete upper body of a bear. Its head resembles that of a bear's but it has the nose and tusks of a mammoth. Its arms are very long and muscular and its bear-like claws are very large, sharp and durable. Its eyes are red and it has yellow pupils, and its fur is completely white in color.



Mammoth Bears appear to be very aggressive and violent creatures and consider anything in their path to be their next meal. They are relentless in their attacks and will engage in battle anything that catches their eye.

Hibernation and HuntingEdit

Mammoth Bears spend the majority of their lives sleeping underground in holes or in caves, this is mainly because of their long hibernating period which lasts for 15 years and upon their awakening they cause great natural disaster by devouring anything they see in order to stock up for their next hibernating period, this makes it an absolute predator. It is never mentioned as to how long they will stay above surface upon awakening or when their next hibernating period begins.

As FoodEdit

A Mammoth Bear absorbs large amounts of nutrients from all the plants and animals it has devoured, this has made its meat very mellow and increased its flavor. Also of note is that the Mammoth Bear's meat gets better with age and after their hibernation the Mammoth Bear's meat becomes matured and richer in flavor. The Mammoth Bear's meat appears to be easy to cook and it can easily be prepared over a campfire or bonfire. It is also implied that its bones may be edible.


Oneshot and Toriko 3D MovieEdit

Toriko - Mammoth Bear

The Mammoth Bear appears.

In both the film and oneshot, it is a dreaded beast that awakens every few decades and lays waste to its surroundings by eating everything in sight, and 15 years ago it was responsible for the destruction of the only village of Teran Plains, luckily the survivors were able to rebuild and never spoke of it again as to not frighten their descendants. Many years later the Mammoth Bear awoke once more and went on its voracious rampage, eating or driving out all the fauna in Teran Plains. This naturally caused disorder in the food chain and many wild beasts began appearing outside their habitat and causing chaos, this even led to a Gerold attacking the normally peaceful village of Teran Plains, destroying everything in sight. This eventually forced a young boy from the village named Peck to seek out Toriko in the hopes that he would help his village. Despite some troubles at first Toriko agrees and eventually hunts down the Gerold, but soon realizes that reason for the many disturbances in the ecosystem are due to the Mammoth Bear and soon sets out to hunt it down. Peck comes along with Toriko to help and eventually after much hardship, arrive at the location of the Mammoth Bear's nest, where Peck and Toriko face off against the dangerous beast.


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