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Mammoth Tank3
Other Mammoth Tank
Creator(s) Allied Forces
Purpose To defend the Human World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 196
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The Mammoth Tanks are the primary land-based fighting vehicles used by the Allied Forces on the front lines.


It is a heavily armored tracked vehicle of gigantic size and great defense with a height of 100 meters and a weight of 100,000 tons whose large assortment of powerful guns and cannons makes it capable of devastating offensive might.


The blast from its canons are large and powerful and many of these tanks can easily lay waste to vast fields in an instant, however despite its great fire power, it is incapable of harming the tough hide of creatures from Gourmet World or resisting their deadly abilities.


Four Beast ArcEdit


A Mammoth Tank melted by the Invaitdeath.

During the invasion of the Four Beasts on the Human World, the Allied Forces released a countless number of Mammoth Tanks along with several hundred other weaponized vehicles to deal with the threat of the Four Beasts. However they all proved powerless against them and many were either crushed by the Gaoh and King Octopus Kong or melted by the Mounturtle's magma blasts and Invaitdeaths acidic poison.


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