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Japanese マミーマロン
Romanized Mamīmaron
Race Mutant
Gender Male.png Male
Status Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk.png Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Food Development Office Chief
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 171
Anime Debut Episode 97
Japanese Voice N/A
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Mamymaron is the chief of the Food Development Office of the Gourmet Corp. stationed within Gourmet World. He is a large brutish humanoid who aside from his duties as a director is also responsible for preparing the dessert dishes for the boss, Midora.


Mamymaron is a large hulking and portly humanoid mutant of great height with curly brown hair, light skin and a very peculiar face that appears as though it were made out of clay, having "eye-holes" and a small mouth that appear as if they were molded into his face. Mamymaron wears a white chef's outfit complete with a white apron and toque chef's hat.


Mamymaron is a fearless individual, showing no fear upon Ichiryu's arrival and was already prepared to battle him along with the rest of his comrades, showing a great deal of confidence in his skill. Mamymaron has never been shown speaking so much of his personality is a mystery.

Powers and Abilities[]

He appears to rely on brute force but his full abilities are not shown as he was ordered to stand down by Midora during Ichiryu's visit to their HQ. The fact that he is stationed in Gourmet World and was assigned to fight a powerful individual like Yosaku alongside Faram and Kaitora, shows that he is a very strong individual.

Chef Skills[]

Being the Food Development Chief and the Dessert Chef of the Gourmet Corp., Mamymaron's skill as a chef is likely top notch although to what extent exactly remains uncertain.


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

When Ichiryu arrived to the Gourmet Corp.'s base in the Gourmet World, Mamymaron and many of the top members were already there ready to face him in battle. Ichiryu soon claims that he only came to invite Midora, his "little brother" to a feast. Mamymaron and a few members then prepare to attack him, but they are soon stopped by Midora's arrival who tells them to cease and after a short exchange with his "brother", Ichiryu leaves but not before warning the group that if a war should start because of them he will not show them mercy and then sends a powerful aura of intimidation in their direction.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Mamymaron along with Faram, Kaitora and several Nitro confronted Yosaku and Manan in the Gourmet Garden to stop them from acquiring EARTH. In the end Yosaku and Manan were defeated by the enemies, however Kaitora reveals that he is actually a member of NEO, but whether this is true for Mamymaron and Faram, and what became of them, is uncertain.


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