Manabu Sakamaki
Japanese 坂巻 学
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Zongeh's underling
Partner Zongeh,
Shusaku Shirakawa
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Anime Debut Episode 4
Japanese Voice Sakamaki Manabu
English Voice N/A
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Manabu Sakamaki is one of Zongeh's two sycophantic followers alongside Shusaku Shirakawa, and both constantly stand by his side, whether it be on hunts or when touring the world.


Manabu is a young light-skinned man of average height with spiky auburn hair, and like Zongeh, he wears a dark green-colored fur top with no sleeves, a green headband, and green wristbands.


Despite the many signs to the contrary, Manabu and Shusaku believe Zongeh to be a highly powerful and skilled Gourmet Hunter. Occasionally, however, one or both will comment to the effect that they recognize Zongeh's negative traits and constant exaggeration of his feats. Unlike Shusaku though, Manabu is usually more prone to point out Zongeh's flaws and often questions his skills as a hunter and leader but still follows him nonetheless.


Puffer Whale ArcEdit

They were seen on the train, explaining to Toriko how great Zongeh is. They leave after Toriko gives them some alcohol. Inside the Cave, Shusaku gets attacked by a Giant Millipede and Zongeh saves him by slicing it in half. After seeing multiple millipedes, they run out of the cave and go home.

BB Corn ArcEdit

In the anime, they along with Zongeh get lost in the Wu Jungle. They end up getting chased by multiple beasts.

Century Soup ArcEdit

They travel with Zongeh to Gourmet Town, Ice Hell and the Country of Healing Life.

Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc (Anime)Edit

Shusaku comments on how good Zongeh looks when he crossdresses as a princess and the follower with hair says he looks ridiculous.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

In the anime, the followers are seen with Zongeh on the Deluxe Carriage. Zongeh and his followers get imprisoned in the ship's cargo because they snuck on board without tickets.

Escape from the CarriageEdit

Zongeh and his followers escape and end up on an Island Horse. They explore the island and run into a Watiger. They run into Toriko and his group as the Watiger chases them. When the Watiger appears, Zongeh and his gang runaway.

Gourmet Temple ArcEdit

They travel with Zongeh to the Festival at the Gourmet Temple.

Surprise Apple ArcEdit

They were seen with Zongeh at the Surprise Apple Festival and celebrates his success after he gets an apple to Level 80.

Four Beasts ArcEdit

The two followers warn Zongeh that the Four Beast is coming towards the city. They and the whole town celebrate that the Four Heavenly Kings defeated the Four Beast.

Cooking Fest ArcEdit

The two followers are seen attending the Cooking Festival along With Zongeh. When Zongeh gets a regular seat, they hold him back since he loses his temper when he complains about it. After the Bishokukai's raid began, it is unknown where they took shelter and if they were carried away by Zebra together with the rest of the audience. They are seen much later shocked and panicked when they witness the devastations that Meteor Spice of Midora was causing nearby them, albeit Zongeh tells them to not worry and head to the final stage and save the princess as if he was playing a video game.

PAIR ArcEdit

When the delivery of Gourmet World ingredients finally came into the Human World, Zongeh, Shusaku, and Manabu joined up with many of the Human World's skilled personnel who journeyed to Gourmet World in order to assist the Heavenly Kings. When everyone arrived in Area 8's Hex Food World, they were told by the Daruma Hermit that the Heavenly Kings had already departed from the Area 8 and headed to Area 7, much to their disappointment. However, the Daruma Hermit then offered them their last remaining Safety Monster to help take the group to Area 7, the Crabbus.



  • In Volume 29.5, Manabu and Shusaku were named after their respective anime voice actors.
  • In the anime's credits, Manabu is simply listed as Underling A.
  • In Episode 22 of the anime, Manabu mentions having parents that own a tofu-making restaurant.


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