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Volume 01
Title: Toriko (トリコ)
Author: Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Original Run: May 19, 2008 – November 21, 2016
Published by: Weekly Shonen Jump
Volumes: 43 (396 Chapters)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy

Toriko (トリコ) is a manga series written and illustrated by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro.


In a world where the taste and texture of food is extremely important, there exist individuals known as Gourmet Hunters (美食屋 Bishokuya) who specialize in the acquisition of rare ingredients and animals. Toriko is one of these hunters and it is his dream to find the most precious foods in the world and create the ultimate dinner course. As one of the most skilled hunters in the world, he is regularly hired by restaurants and the rich to seek out new ingredients and rare animals. A man with inhuman ability, he utilizes his incredible strength and knowledge of the animal kingdom to capture ferocious, evasive, and rare beasts to further his ultimate goal. He is accompanied by a weak and timid chef named Komatsu who, inspired by Toriko's ambition, travels with him to improve his culinary skills and to find rare ingredients. An organization that seeks to take control of the world's entire food supply increases the struggle...


Toriko began serialization in the manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump on May 19, 2008. The individual chapters have been published into tankobon volumes since November 4, 2008. As of November 21, 2016, the series spans 396 chapters and 43 tankobon volumes.

At San Diego Comic-Con International 2009, Viz Media announced they had licensed the manga for an English-language release in their Shonen Jump imprint. The manga premiered in the February 2010 edition of Shonen Jump. The first volume of Toriko was released on June 1, 2010, and Viz has released 39 English-language volumes as of August 1, 2017.

Toriko was one of the 10 nominated for the 2nd Manga Taisho 2009 (マンガ大賞2009 "Cartoon Grand Prize 2009") awards and ended up taking the 9th position. The nominating committee is composed mainly of bookstore staffers and any manga title that was released in 2009 and has eight volumes or less was eligible.


Toriko enjoyed a great deal of success. Readers consistently ranked it among the top titles in the Shōnen Jump popularity polls alongside the likes of best sellers One Piece, Naruto and Bleach. As of November 2013, the total sales for the series has broken through 18 million copies.

Volume Guide[]

# Release date Volume Names

November 4, 2008 Japan

June 1, 2010 American

Gourmet Hunter Toriko!!
Volume 01

Pages: 208

Cover Characters: Toriko

Summary: This is the great era of gourmet food! And only Toriko can hunt down the ferocious ingredients that supply the world's best restaurants. As a Gourmet Hunter, Toriko tracks and defeats the tastiest and most dangerous animals with his bare hands. But has he met his match with an eight-legged alligator the size of a tank?

List of Chapters:


November 4, 2008 Japan

September 7, 2010 American

Volume 02

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Coco, Komatsu

Summary: Toriko needs help when he's hired to capture the rare and delicious Puffer Whale. Only his old friend and fellow gourmet hunter Coco can remove the Puffer Whale's poison! But will this team be enough to beat the other dangerous hunters to the prized ingredient?

List of Chapters:


February 4, 2009 Japan

December 7, 2010 American

The Thing!!
Volume 03

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Battle Wolf, Bei's GT Robo

Summary: Toriko may have succeeded in capturing the Puffer Whale, but removing its poison is a whole other challenge. His friends Coco and Komatsu better use their delicate skills with a knife to remove the poison pouch, or Toriko's never going to get to enjoy the delicious spoils of a successful hunt. But what is the mysterious creature that has appeared to ruin all the fun...?

List of Chapters:


May 1, 2009 Japan

March 1, 2011 American

Volume 04

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Mansam, Rin, Regal Mammoth

Summary: The GT Robot sent by the Gourmet Corp. has Toriko seeing red. But can Toriko defeat this bionic brute and protect the injured Battle Wolf? And when the gigantic Regal Mammoth is the next target of the IGO, Toriko's going to need the help of another old friend.

List of Chapters:


August 4, 2009 Japan

June 7, 2011 American

The Regal Plateau!!
Volume 05

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Sunny

Summary: Toriko and friends continue their search for the Regal Mammoth and the delicious "jewel meat" found deep in the creature's body. Toriko can handle the wildest beast that nature has to offer, but the team may be in some serious trouble when more robots from the evil Gourmet Corp. join the party.

List of Chapters:


October 2, 2009 Japan

September 15, 2011 American

Volume 06

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Starjun's GT Robo, Cedre's GT Robo, Gido's GT Robo

Summary: The battle between the IGO and Gourmet Corp. heats up as Toriko and his friends face off against the powerful GT Robots. In order to find the precious Jewel Meat buried deep inside the enormous Regal Mammoth, Toriko has ventured into the beast's body. But can he locate and eat this delicious treat before it's too late?!

List of Chapters:


December 4, 2009 Japan

December 6, 2011 American

Jewel of the Jungle!!
Volume 07

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko, Terry Cloth

Summary: Having survived the battle for the enormous Regal Mammoth, Toriko and Terry head for a new adventure. This time Toriko seeks out the rare king of all corn, BB Corn! But while the corn isn't going to fight back, Toriko and Terry will have to enter a dangerous jungle filled with vicious beasts and man-eating plants in order to locate it!

List of Chapters:


March 4, 2010 Japan

February 7, 2012 American

Century Soup!!
Volume 08

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko

Summary: Toriko and Terry succeed in getting their hands on the delicious BB Corn, but a new challenge is just beginning. Next on the menu is a legendary soup that only appears once every one hundred years. But Toriko will have to get by the fiercest enemies he's ever faced if he hopes to be sipping this soup.

List of Chapters:


April 30, 2010 Japan

April 3, 2012 American

Battle Below Freezing!!
Volume 09

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko, Match, Takimaru, Komatsu, Zongeh, Teppei

Summary: Toriko and company reach the freezing continent known as Ice Hell. There they face dangerous new beasts and an even more dangerous environment. And standing in the way of their getting the Century Soup is another powerful member of Gourmet Corp.!

List of Chapters:


July 2, 2010 Japan

June 5, 2012 American

Wild Fight!!
Volume 10

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko, Tommyrod

Summary: The battle for the Century Soup continues as Toriko and friends face powerful members of Gourmet Corp.! Toriko will have to overcome the toughest foe of his life in Tommyrod, a diabolical freak who controls powerful insects.

List of Chapters:


October 4, 2010 Japan

August 7, 2012 American

Race to Recovery!!
Volume 11

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko

Summary: Toriko's fight with Gourmet Corp. has left him without an arm. While Komatsu continues the quest for Century Soup, Toriko journeys to Life, the country of healing, where getting some R&R turns into a bigger battle than anyone imagined.

List of Chapters:


December 29, 2010 Japan

October 2, 2012 American

Vegetable Sky!!
Volume 12

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko, Komatsu

Summary: With Komatsu's completion of the Century Soup, Toriko has added another item to his Full-Course Meal! Now the Gourmet Hunter's ready for a new challenge to prepare him for the eventual journey into the savage Gourmet World. Fortunately, the president of the IGO is there to personally issue a dangerous training mission. Toriko will have to brave killer storms to pluck a succulent grass that only grows in the stratosphere!

List of Chapters:


March 4, 2011 Japan

December 4, 2012 American

Deadly Gourmet World!!
Volume 13

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Komatsu

Summary: Toriko and Komatsu find the Ozone Grass only to have it wilt in their hands. However, once they succeed in getting a bite, Toriko can't wait to test the new strength it's given him. He takes a reckless plunge into the Gourmet World, but even Toriko is quickly out of his league facing monsters no one has ever seen!

List of Chapters:


April 4, 2011 Japan

February 5, 2013 American

The "Real" Melk!!
Volume 14

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko, Komatsu, Melk the First, Melk the Second

Summary: In order to convince the world's best cutler, Melk, to fix Komatsu's broken kitchen knife, Toriko plans to get him a superior whetstone that lies within the deepest cave in the world, guarded by terrifying subterranean creatures. But Melk's hiding something big from Toriko...

List of Chapters:


July 4, 2011 Japan

April 2, 2013 American

Volume 15

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Zebra

Summary: Toriko enlists the help of Zebra, the ravenous monster of the Four Kings, to capture Mellow Cola. With Coco and Sunny refusing to help, it's up to Toriko and Komatsu to spring Zebra from jail and keep him from killing and eating his way through a vast and treacherous sea of sand to Gourmet Pyramid where Mellow Cola awaits.

List of Chapters:


September 4, 2011 Japan

June 4, 2013 American

Reunion with Terror!!
Volume 16

Pages: 208

Cover Characters: Toriko, Zebra, Nitro

Summary: While Toriko and Zebra eat their way through Gourmet Pyramid's monsters to reach Komatsu, the chef discovers an ancient cookbook that reveals where to find and how to prepare Mellow Cola. But even if the three can wring the delicious beverage out of the terrifying Salamander Sphinx, a familiar and more sinister creature lurks in the shadows, waiting to steal their fizzy spoils.

List of Chapters:


November 4, 2011 Japan

August 6, 2013 American

Shining Gourami!!
Volume 17

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko, Sunny, Komatsu, Quinn

Summary: After a trip to the Gourmet Shrine, the place where Gourmet God Acacia's Full-Course Meal is honored, Toriko and Komatsu set their sights on the Shining Gourami. Since this glittering fish lives in one of the world's most humongous and deadly waterfalls, they enlist the help of a powered-up Sunny and his new pet snake for a major fishing expedition.

List of Chapters:


February 3, 2012 Japan

October 1, 2013 American

Gourmet Casino!!
Volume 18

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko

Summary: While Komatsu is on an intense fishing expedition with Toriko and Sunny, Gourmet Corp. is forcibly "recruiting" the world's best chefs to join their nefarious organization. On their list is Livebearer, the crooked chef of Gourmet Casino and keeper of the next food on Toriko's training list! Can Toriko and his friends survive in the jungle of corruption and crime known as Gourmet Casino?

List of Chapters:


April 4, 2012 Japan

December 3, 2013 American

Gourmet Tasting!!
Volume 19

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Coco, Komatsu, Match, Livebearer

Summary: Toriko and friends face off against the gruesome head chef of the Underground Cooking World, Livebearer, who wants nothing more than to eat their memories of food. In order to keep the contents of their brains from being scarfed down, Toriko will have to eat the grossest, squirmiest, biggest and most explosive foods ever to win a high-stakes game of "Gourmet Tasting"!

List of Chapters:


July 4, 2012 Japan

February 4, 2014  American

Ichiryu and Midora!!
Volume 20

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Midora, Ichiryu, Jiro

Summary: The rivalry between the two superpowers of the Age of Gourmet heats up when IGO President Ichiryu pays a visit to Gourmet Corp.'s headquarters in the Gourmet World. Meanwhile, Toriko and Komatsu set off on a world-spanning journey in search of some bizarre—and stinky—ingredients needed for a massive sushi roll that will guide them to the next item on their training list.

List of Chapters:


October 4, 2012 Japan

April 1, 2014 American

Showdown at Chowlin Temple!!
Volume 21

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko

Summary: To capture the elusive Bubble Fruit, Toriko and Komatsu undergo intense training at Chowlin Temple. Toriko struggles to quiet his rumbling stomach and show gratitude for food, but soon a bigger challenge arises—Gourmet Corp. sends sinister new agents to crush the temple. Can Toriko master Honoring the Food in time to save it?

List of Chapters:


December 4, 2012 Japan

June 3, 2014 American

Volume 22

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Biotope 0 Members

Summary: After a brutal showdown at Chowlin Temple, the IGO and Gourmet Corp. speed toward an inevitable clash! But before all-out war erupts, the coming Gourmet Solar Eclipse stirs four fearsome beasts larger and more deadly than anyone has seen in centuries. Only Toriko and the Four Kings can stop the Four-Beasts!

List of Chapters:


February 4, 2013 Japan

August 5, 2014 American

Meal Fit for a King!!
Volume 23

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Four Beast

Summary: When the Four-Beasts is revealed to be a single giant monster that craves human flesh, Toriko and the Four Kings rush to the center of the Human World to stop it from eating the helpless populace. But as soon as they get there, it unleashes a toxic rain. While Komatsu cooks up a life-saving cure, the Four Kings pool their appetite for the ultimate combination attack!

List of Chapters:


May 5, 2013 Japan

October 7, 2014 American

Cooking Festival Kickoff!!
Volume 24

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Komatsu, Livebearer, Three Eyes Horis, Makubee, Tsurara Mama, Damala Sky the XIII, Lulubhu, Ton, Yuda, Setsuno, Tengu Brunch, Kurakage, Chiru, Wabutora, Klaraman, Mami, Tylan, Zaus, Pippi, Ling Chun, Kopuriko

Summary: After playing a crucial role cooking up lifesaving mochi during the battle against the Four-Beasts, Komatsu rises to #88 in the World Chef Ranking. As a result, he gets to compete in the upcoming Cooking Festival against the world’s top chefs. Whet your appetite for a more dazzling display of cooking by more crazy chefs than you can shake a ladle at!

List of Chapters:

25 July 4, 2013 Japan

December 2, 2014American

Gourmet Corp. Invasion!!
Volume 25

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Starjun, Grinpatch, Elg, Yuu, Gur, Zaragira, Nitro, Limon, Barrygamon, Cedre, Bogie Woods, Tommyrod, Jerry Boy, Chiyo

Summary: Gourmet Corp. attacks the unsuspecting public at Cooking Stadium while they are assembled to celebrate food and watch the world’s top chefs compete at the Cooking Festival. Toriko’s chef partner, Komatsu, is captured, and the long-held rivalry between the IGO and Gourmet Corp. explodes into all-out war. This looks like a fight for Toriko and all his friends, but can they win against old foes and new alike?

List of Chapters:

26 August 2, 2013 Japan

February 2, 2015 American

Beyond the Limit!!
Volume 26

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Coco, Brunch, Melk the Second, Aimaru, Zebra, Mansam, Takimaru, Match, Rin, Sunny, Setsuno

Summary: When battle breaks out at the Cooking Festival, it’s Toriko vs. Starjun, Sunny vs. Tommy and an assembly of world-class chefs and Gourmet Hunters against Gourmet Corp’s vile monsters and souped-up villains. But when Toriko stumbles in his battle to the death against Starjun, Komatsu witnesses the unthinkable! Is this the end of Toriko?

List of Chapters:

27 November 1, 2013 Japan

April 7, 2015 American

Hidden Strength!!
Volume 27

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Starjun

Summary: It's fork vs. flame as Toriko and longtime rival Starjun duel for dominance. At first the two seem evenly matched - for every new combination of Fork, Knife and Spiked Punch Toriko conjures with the Ultimate Routine, Starjun has a fire burst of blade to counter. But while their battle rages on, NEO continues to viciously decimate both the IGO and Gourmet Corp. Who will survive to help their side win?

List of Chapters:

28 January 4, 2014 Japan

June 2, 2015 American

The Tiger's Tears!!
Volume 28

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Midora, Ichiryu, Jiro, Acacia, Froese

Summary: Ichiryu, head of the IGO, and Midora, head of the nefarious Gourmet Corp., were once like brothers under the tutelage of Gourmet God Acacia, but now they are bitter rivals locked in a mortal combat of chopsticks vs. tongue. We take a trip hundreds of years into the past to see just what went wrong when Gourmet God Acacia's three disciples Ichiryu, Jiro and Midora trained alongside their mentor, Acacia, and God Chef Froese to turn Midora into the monster he is today.

List of Chapters:

29 March 4, 2014 Japan

August 4, 2015 American

World's Greatest Gourmet Hunter!!
Volume 29

Pages: 216

Cover Characters: Toriko

Summary: The horrific conclusion to the epic battle between the heads of rival organizations the IGO and Gourmet Corp. spells disaster for the entire world, and the sun sets on the Age of Gourmet. Having lost his appetite for life, Toriko wanders the world. Meanwhile, Toriko's chef partner, Komatsu, finds a new purpose... at Gourmet Corp.!

List of Chapters:


June 4, 2014 Japan


Official Fanbook
Volume 29.5

Pages: 238

Cover Characters: Toriko, Komatsu, Sunny, Jiro, Starjun, Mansam


June 4, 2014 Japan

October 6, 2015 American

Onward to the Gourmet World!!
Volume 30

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko, Coco, Rin, Zebra, Setsuno, Midora

Summary: The Age of Gourmet is over. More than 18 months after Meteor Spice destroyed much of the Human World, people struggle to find new food sources. The former president's Full-Course Meal, the Billion Bird, would provide enough food to feed the world - if the fowl didn't taste so foul! Can Toriko and friends turn this ugly duckling into the swan of cuisine?

List of Chapters:


September 4, 2014 Japan

December 1, 2015 American

Hex Food World!!
Volume 31


Cover Characters: Toriko, Komatsu, Coco, Zebra, Sunny, Octo-chan

Summary: To feed the starving Human World, Toriko, his chef partner Komatsu and the other Four Kings journey to the Gourmet World. But getting to the Gourmet World proves quite the challenge! Even on the back of their trusty Octomelon, they may not survive the barbed waves of the Thorned Sea or its ghostly floating ships - much less the tricks of the giant floating faces on the land itself. And did we mention there isn't any land?

List of Chapters:


November 4, 2014 Japan

February 2, 2016 American

VS. Heracles!!
Volume 32


Cover Characters: Toriko, Heracles

Summary: Toriko, his chef partner Komatsu, and the other Four Kings have finally made it to the first stop in their journey to the Gourmet World. Upon arrival they learn that the Daruma, Chief of Hex Food World, is sick and the only thing that can save him is Acacia's Salad - Air! They must travel through Hex Food World to find and prepare Air. But when Toriko comes face-to-face with a pregnant and cranky Nightmare Heracles, what is he to do? What will happen when Toriko faces off against this monstrous mother-to-be?!

List of Chapters:


January 5, 2015 Japan

April 5, 2016 American

Onward to Area 7!!
Volume 33


Cover Characters: Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Kaka, Sandoriko, Denshark, Jyarilla, Gorilla Taurus, Bambina, Kannon Gorilla, Iai-Aye, Crazy Salsa

Summary: Toriko and the gang did it! They captured Acacia's Salad - Air! Hex Food World celebrates their victory as the murky clouds part to reveal rainbows and sunshine, something the residents haven't seen in years. However, the celebration is cut short when a familiar friend-now-foe, Teppei, does the unthinkable! Now Toriko and the other Four Kings must travel to Area 7 to capture Acacia's Soup, Pair, to save Komatsu! Ferocious Area 7 won't be much of a party, but they'll still have a ball... or two!

List of Chapters:


April 3, 2015 Japan

June 7, 2016 American

King at Play!!
Volume 34


Cover Characters: Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Bambina

Summary: Toriko and the gang travel to Area 7 to capture Acacia's Soup, Pair, to save Komatsu. There's no room for monkey business, but what are they supposed to do when the Monkey King wants to play? Toriko and the gang must learn to unify their Gourmet Cells and best the playful monster at his own game to obtain Pair. There's no foul play allowed, even if they have to reach below the belt for their prize.

List of Chapters:


July 3, 2015 Japan

August 2, 2016 American

Macaque I Have This Dance?
Volume 35

Pages: 208

Cover Characters: Bambina, Toriko, Sunny, Coco, Zebra, Komatsu

Summary: There is no monkey business this time as Toriko and the gang rematch against the Monkey King - they have mastered the infamous Monkey Dance and are ready to beat the playful ape at his own game! Their prize is literally dangling right in front of them as the dance-off begins! Can Toriko and the gang swing their hips to victory in time to save Komatsu?

List of Chapters:


September 4, 2015 Japan

November 1, 2016 American

Volume 36

Pages: 208

Cover Characters: Komatsu, Jiji, Don Slime, Asarudy, Condor Window, Picnic Bomber, Kakino Kish, Maymay

Summary: The double-sided drop has plopped and Toriko and the gang drink deep from the fruit of their efforts - they finally get to taste Pair! The party is cut short when the real Kaka appears before them and reveals the turmoil boiling under the surface. The gang must continue on and capture the rest of Acacia's Full Course before the Gourmet Eclipse... which is only one month away!

List of Chapters:


December 4, 2015 Japan

February 7, 2017 American

New Stirring!!
Volume 37

Pages: 208

Cover Characters: Midora, Jiro, Joie, ATOM, NEWS, PAIR, ANOTHER, AIR, Neo

Summary: Komatsu and the gang dive under the sea and reach Blue Grill, and it's more intense than any of them could have ever imagined! The underwater civilization is full of master chefs with amazing talents and everyone is eager to put their skills to the test! But this Giant Clam is rotten at its core, with a lot of shady business going on behind the scenes. To enter the Back Channel and reach Another, Komatsu and the gang must defeat the masked rulers of Blue Grill, the Five Ten Shell Masters, to prove their worth—or literally die trying.

List of Chapters:


March 4, 2016 Japan

May 2, 2017 American

To The Back World!!
Volume 38

Pages: 200

Cover Characters: Toriko

Summary: Jiro prepares for the most sobering fight of his life after he learns the Nitro’s true plan—reviving Acacia and permanently killing Neo! But for that plan to happen, they need Acacia to eat God. There’s just one problem…Acacia’s incomplete Gourmet Cell Demon splits into seven pieces and scatters all over the Gourmet World, threatening to destroy all life on the planet even before the Gourmet Eclipse begins! Meanwhile, fishiness abounds in Blue Grill, but that won’t stop Komatsu and the gang from acquiring Acacia’s fish dish, Another!

List of Chapters:


June 3, 2016 Japan

August 1, 2017 American

Neo, The Creature!!
Volume 39 small size

Pages: 208

Cover Characters: Toriko, Acacia

Summary: The Gourmet Eclipse is quickly approaching and time is of the essence, but the Back Channel is not a forgiving place. The darkness alone is enough to devour any unprepared soul—appetite and all! Will Komatsu be able to find Another and prepare it in time?! Meanwhile, the reemergence of God is at hand, and Toriko and Starjun gear up for the fight of their lives against the almighty Battle Wolf. But they are not alone! One of the spawn of Neo is also prepared to challenge them for a taste of the mysterious king of ingredients, God!

List of Chapters:


August 4, 2016 Japan

November 7, 2017 American

Those Tears!!
Volume 40

Pages: 208

Cover Characters: Heracles, Bambina, Moon, Deer King, Snake King, Crow King, Guinness, Dragon King, GOD

Summary: In the final moments before the Gourmet Eclipse, Toriko and the gang finally reunite and partake in the parts of Acacia’s Full-Course Meal that have been captured so far. What sort of power will the Full-Course Meal impart to Toriko and his friends? Meanwhile, things are getting a little too slimy for Don Slime as he goes head-to-head against Neo, who gets more and more powerful with every bite! With the end of the world looming and the coming of God imminent, will anyone be ready for the disasters to come?

List of Chapters:


October 4, 2016 Japan

February 6, 2018

Battle of the Kings!!
Volume 41

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Komatsu, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Otake, Nakaume, Teppei, Zongeh, Starjun, Grinpatch, Tommyrod

Summary: God has appeared and has taken on the form of...a giant frog?! Toriko and Neo must battle it out for a taste of this king of ingredients while God tries to destroy everyone and everything around him! Brunch and Aimaru escape in the confusion to go collect Center--an ingredient necessary to give Toriko the power he needs to defeat Neo. Meanwhile, its Food Luck vs. Food Luck when Starjun goes toe-to-toe with Joie. Can the Earth hold up through all of these intense fights, or will it crumble under the strain?

List of Chapters:


December 2, 2016 Japan

May 1, 2018

A Reunion with Appetite!!
Volume 42

Pages: 192

Cover Characters: Toriko, Ogre, Blue Demon, White Demon, Acacia

Summary: The battle for the fate of the world rages as the chefs race to prepare the king of ingredients, God. Meanwhile, Toriko and the other Four Kings, Starjun, Midora and the monstrous Eight Kings take on Neo and Acacia and are felled one by one. Things go from bad to worse when the Blue Nitro assist Acacia with fully reviving Neo! Will Toriko and his friends be able to pull through and save the world from being devoured?

List of Chapters:


December 31, 2016 Japan

August 7, 2018

Still Yet Unseen Ingredients!!
Volume 43

Pages: 208

Cover Characters: Toriko, Komatsu

Summary: The battle for the fate of the world quickly approaches its climax. The Earth struggles to keep itself from falling apart with Center violently erupting under its crust. Toriko already has the power he needs to defeat Acacia and Neo, but even with Starjun and Midora helping him, will it be enough to put an end to this earth-shattering battle? Find out in this final volume!

List of Chapters:

Other Books[]

Release date Volume Name
October 2, 2009 Toriko Gaiden

Cover Characters:

  • Gorō Magnum, Toriko, Limbo da Vincin, Morgan Muscle, Eriya, Sebastian Barely, Yuria

Summary available: Gaiden

List of Chapters

  • 1. Toriko (トリコ)
  • 3. Just barely Sebastian!! (ギリギリセバスチャン!!)
  • 4. Eriya (エリヤ)
  • 5. Mustle Corporation ((株)マッスルカンパニー!)
  • 6. YU・U・SHA
  • 7. Private Wild school (私立ワイルド学園)
Release date Volume Name
November 4, 2011 Toriko Gourmet Hunting Book
Pages: 326
Gourmet Hunting Book

Cover Characters:

Summary available: Toriko Gourmet Hunting Book

List of Chapters


  • Chapters are referred to as "Gourmet".