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Japanese マンサム
Romanized Mansamu
English Mansom
Aliases Mansome
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday August 8th
Age 55 (start of the series);
59 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 205cm
Weight 180kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO;
Biotope 1
Occupation President of the IGO

Development Bureau Director and Gourmet Research Facility Chief (formerly);
Bandit (formerly)

Partner Rikky and Rin
Personal Status
Relatives Rikky (pet)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 19
Anime Episode 7
Japanese Kosugi Jūrōta
English Brian Mathis
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Did you just call me handsome?


Mansam (マンサム Mansamu) is the new IGO President and formerly the IGO Development Bureau Director and Gourmet Research Facility Chief, he took on the candle of Ichiryu after his death.  As an old friend of Toriko and the other Four Heavenly Kings, he treats them like family. Before the events of the timeskip he runs Biotope 1; however, whether or not this is the case after the timeskip remains unknown.


Mansam Expressions

Mansam is a middle-aged man with chiseled features, a flat nose and is completely bald. He has two vertical scars on the left side of his head and three metal piercing on the top of it. He wears a white and gray sleeveless camo shirt (plain green in the anime) and a pair of beige shorts. His body is shown to be very muscular, maybe even more so than Toriko. When he releases his Knocking, he grows around the size of a GT Robo giant model.

As a bandit, he had long spiky hair standing upright. He wore a tattered vest and shorts with fur armbands and boots. In a flashback of when he first found Toriko as a child, he had spiky black hair.[1]

After the time-skip he has grown hair and a mustache. He also wears a more flamboyant get up, consisting of a leopard-print, brown coat with fur.

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What? Did you call me handsome?!!

—Mansam, to almost everybody.

When someone says his name he thinks they are calling him handsome; this is a pun as his name sounds similar to the English word "handsome". Others often clarify this as a misunderstanding, though he seems to be disappointed as a result, always wanting to be called handsome.

He seems to be always drunk or just in a really happy state most of the time and is called a drunkard by Toriko. Only when someone mentions a job needs doing or when he gets angry does he change to a more serious mood.

Mansam has an affectionate relation with his pet and animal partner Rikky, having given him a gigantic parfait for getting rid of the core of a GT Robo.[2][3] He has great loyalty to Ichiryu since the president chose to give Mansam a second chance by training and reforming him.



As Mansam's pet, Rikky seems to be very important to Mansam. He hints that Ricky saved his life when they first met, and to repay him, Mansam has taken very good care of him. He also mentions that Ricky's species is somewhat common and hopes to find him a mate soon.


Mansam treats Toriko like an old friend and extends every hospitality toward him. Both often tend to goof around and enjoy partying together, something he has not been shown doing with Toriko's adoptive siblings. He is also the one who discovered the little orphaned Toriko along with Ichiryu when he was young and because of this he has a very close bond with him and treats him like family.

Four Heavenly Kings[]

His relationship with the other three Four Heavenly Kings is pretty much the same as Toriko although he does not interact or goof around with them as much as he does with Toriko. He considers them all friends and allies and also treats them like family since he helped find them with Ichiryu and is willing to help them in tight spots.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the IGO's former Development Bureau Director and Gourmet Research Facility Chief and current President, taking over Ichiryu's place, he is IGO's #1 person, therefore he has complete administrative control over the entirety of the IGO. He is incredibly powerful, able to take on a GT Robo easily and hold up a giant infant Regal Mammoth with only his head. He also shows no fear or discouragement in the idea of aiding the Four Heavenly Kings in fighting the dreaded Four Beast; it is also stated by Director General Uumen that if he had gone wild there, the Four Heavenly Kings would never have gotten their chance, showing that he is a man of great power and may be able to easily take on the Four Beast and enter the Gourmet World.

It is unclear if he resorts to any conventional martial art when fighting. Aside from his punches, he uses a headlock to sever the head of a Giant Model GT Robo.

Mansam has amazing strength, as he does ten thousand push-ups with a large creature on his back merely as daily training and can support a baby Regal Mammoth on his head alone with no visible strain. Even more, he manages to crush Giant Model GT Robos after releasing his Knocking. He has an incredibly high pain tolerance, able to live through being stabbed in the gut and a hole blown through his throat by a laser beam. In his unsealed form, he withstands several laser beams fired at him at once without suffering much damage. He also gets right back up when he is attacked by Shigematsu's Beast. In his youth, he was an undefeated bandit until he met the IGO president Ichiryu, who then trained him not to lose to anyone, except for the president himself.

Hunting Method[]

Mansam uses physical strength, which is even above Toriko's. After releasing his Knocking, it increases dramatically.[4]

Gourmet Cells[]

Mansam's Gourmet Cells respond best to alcohol,[5] like vodka.[6]

Appetite Demon[]


Mansam's Cells are host to an Appetite Demon, a giant male Asura with eight arms (instead of six), three faces, and bronze skin.[7]

  • AIR:[8] Mansam's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left arm, allowing him to morph his left arm into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ANOTHER:[9] Mansam's Gourmet Cells awaken in his tongue.
  • GOD:[10] Mansam's Gourmet Cells awaken in his brain.


Mansam projects the image of his Appetite Demon. The color of his Intimidation aura is golden yellow.


Mansam huge

Mansam's alternate knocking form.

Mansam can use Knocking guns on himself to release his full muscle mass. When doing so his eyes turn white, his skin becomes very dark and his upper body becomes incredibly toned and muscular and easily towers over the tall Shigematsu. During Cooking Fest, he is shown to posses an even larger form with even darker skin, a more proportionate muscular frame and he is as large or larger than the head of a Giant Model GT Robo, making him appear as a giant, and while in this form he can easily overpower an army of Giant GT Robos. It is later revealed that the Knocking is used to restrict his real power because he cannot control himself.[11] Due to him being in a constant state of Knocking, attempting the technique on him will actually cause his self-inflected Knocking to be rescinded, as demonstrated in his fight against the GT Robo.


Frypanch small

Frying Pan Punch (フライパンチ Furai Panchi): A pun as in Japanese pan and punch are pronounced similarly, the technique is similar to Toriko's "Fork and Knife". This is, of course, is a punch, but the arm is shaped like a frying pan. Even in Mansam's restricted state it is powerful enough to send large beasts flying.

Frypanch Sandwich small

Frying Pan Sandwich (フライパンサンドイッチ Furaipan Sandoitchi): This technique requires the use of both hands to slam into opposite sides of the opponent's head, hence the name. After he removes his Knocking, it is strong enough to crush the upper part of a GT Robo.

Mansam destroying GT Robo using Wanted Punch small

Wanted Punch (ウォンテッドパンチ Uonteddo Panchi): A more powerful and devastating punch, it goes straight through a Giant Model GT Robo with ease, obliterating its body completely.


Regal Mammoth Arc[]

Inside Biotope 1's Gourmet Research Laboratory, Mansam is doing push-ups with Rikky on his back when he is informed that Toriko has arrived.[12] When Toriko and Komatsu enter, Komatsu is attacked by a giant Muscle Crab but is saved by Mansam, who easily subdues the beast with his Fry Punch. He happily welcomes Toriko and Komatsu, and both Toriko and he exchange some friendly quips like old friends. After he shows them around the facility, he escorts them to the Gourmet Coliseum to see their latest Chain Animal.[13]

Mansam, Toriko, and Komatsu arrive at the Coliseum. Toriko asks about the Battle Wolf, while Mansam replies that he would see it soon enough. Komatsu recognizes some of the research facility visitors and asks Mansam about them, and is informed that they are all rich men (IGO V.I.P) from all over the world.[14]

He explains that they collected Battle Wolf DNA and used it to create a clone, who will be participating as the main event. The event calls for an explanation of the Battle Wolf-Death Gore event to Komatsu, and in the process, Rin calls. He scolds her for not being able to handle the Battle Fragrance machine, thus boosting the fragrance to max level. The beast does not seem to fight back, leading Toriko to think that it is a female preparing for birth, and confirming it after asking Mansam.[15]

Mansam is shocked when Toriko breaks into the stadium, as its walls are extremely durable. Toriko requests that Mansam stop the Battle Fragrance and the event, with which Mansam complies, and he asks Rin to do it. In the anime, while watching Toriko, Mansam, Komatsu, and Tina had some La France Bread to enjoy, and Mansam asked if Tina was a friend of Komatsu's. Suddenly, Toriko breaks the stadium's fortified acrylic walls with a 5-Hit Punch, breaking it into pieces, and shocking Mansam. The wolf then gives birth to a pup wolf;[16] that is when everything becomes clear for Mansam. As the attendees evacuate, Mansam has trouble dealing with the beasts that escaped, now that the walls are no more. He hits the Gerold with a Fry Punch to put it back in its place. Later, when the Devil Serpent goes wild in the coliseum, Mansam asks Komatsu if he is not gonna run, to which Komatsu replies he is not, as he is used to it. Mansam compliments his courage, and comments on how pathetic and powerless the escaping VIP attendees are, and as he is talking, notices Dohem still sitting in his place. Mansam apologizes for what happened to the event and asks that Dohem take refuge quickly, but before Mansam finishes his sentence, Dohem, a GT Robo in disguise, strikes a hole in Mansam's abdomen. Mansam sends him flying with a Fry Punch,[17] before asking Johannes to halt the laser cannons.

Mansam starts to fight the GT Robo that entered into coliseum. He converses with the GT Robo saying that he is a fool who was sent as a sample by Gourmet Corp. and he thanks the organisation for sending him such a gift (the Robo's new model). Mansam asks about his objective and operator information, and deduces it is Bei after it mentions that Mansam looks delicious.

Mansam attacked by Bei

Mansam is stabbed by a disguised Bei.

Bei attacks Mansam with a Knocking that proves useless, as Mansam's Knocking sensors are not there. After increasing in size, Mansam gives the Robo a Fry-Punch Sandwich, which also proves useless due to the Robo's sturdiness. Bei takes advantage of the opening and shoots a laser through Mansam's neck.[18] Mansam goes flying down the stadium but then stands as if nothing happened, laughing with Komatsu, as he numbed his pain sensation. He then pours vodka on his wounds, which all close. As he stands, he unleashes his Intimidation but stops when he senses that Toriko's anger is stronger than his.[19]

Mansam and Komatsu stand off to the side and watch Toriko take on the Robo.[20] After the fight ends, the Robo prepares to self destruct so Mansam calls for a laser barrage. The Robo's core antenna remains intact and escapes, dodging the lasers. However, Mansam calls for Rikky, who makes quick work of the core. Mansam suggests that he and Toriko have a meal to recover from their wounds.[21]

Mansam Frypanch Sandwich

Mansam counterattacks.

Mansam comments on how fatal the wolf's wound is, on how Rin's fragrance is affecting the beasts, and how the wolf and its pup are enjoying a moment of peace together. After that, he explained to Komatsu everything about what a GT Robo is, and then got really angry about what happened, swearing to break the Robo into pieces, and unleashed his Intimidation. He then stopped after seeing that Toriko was more angry, and mentioned how Toriko's anger activated his Gourmet Cells, and explained to Komatsu that it's because the kill was meaningless that Toriko was this angry. Throughout the fight, Mansam gave some comments about how Toriko's arm was at its limit, and how Toriko was taking aim for a final hit. After Toriko defeated Bei, Bei tried self-destructing the Robo in him, but Mansam orders the staff to shoot their lasers, breaking the Robo to its core. He then ordered them to open the hatch to his room, where Rikky delivered a swift finishing blow at Mansam's request.

At night, Mansam invited them for a meal to his Full-Course Menu. The dishes contained different beasts and the meal filled the entire room. Komatsu saw the Bacchus Dragon, a super high class ingredient on a big plate. Toriko mentions that the beast has high quantity of alcohol that gives impression of a mellow brandy and he remarks that it is the chief's main dish. Mansam displays his Menu to everyone, and most of them contained sake.

Mansam remarks that Terry, a Battle Wolf who'd never get attached to anyone, let down its guard to Toriko, just like his Rikky did.

Toriko then remembers about the work the chief wanted him for, and asked Mansam, who had forgotten all about it, and was shocked to remember. He states that the reason the GT Robo came in the first place was to distract them from capturing the Regal Mammoth first. Rin reassures them that Sunny was on his way back, having captured the Regal Mammoth.

In the morning, and while waiting for Sunny, Toriko and Mansam had a small meal. Mansam kept eating Toriko's food while awaiting. Finally, Sunny appears, carrying the Regal Mammoth with his hair.

Sunny threw the huge Mammoth to Mansam, complimenting him for his brute strength, but dissing his ugly catch. Mansam shouted at him not to throw their Treasure Food. Mansam then tells him about Terry being Toriko's partner who'll help them capture the Mammoth. Sunny was confused as to why they're going, but Mansam tells him that what he caught was just a lost child, with the parent being their goal. While Toriko and the others went for the parent Mammoth, Mansam was on his way the the Research Lab to analyze the child; on his way, Johannes called, stating that someone has infiltrated the garden. He went back and found out 3 Robos infiltrated the Regal Plateau. Mansam was more worried about the black Robo, being the same one that appeared in the Puffer Whale cave. He thought if he would enter the Plateau too, he wouldn't make it in time, and thus it'd be better to process the Mammoth for the Jewel Meat, as Toriko and the others might need it if they went against the black Robo. He then talks about the Jewel Meat with Johannes, and says that the parent must be going crazy for its child, making it the most dangerous thing Toriko should look out for. Later, Johannes reported to him that Toriko's team has reached the Mammoth, but with heavy damage. After hours of scanning, Mansam learned that the child doesn't seem to have developed the meat yet, meaning he'll have to depend on Toriko to acquire it. Finally, after Toriko's team captured the Meat, they found the child has returned, guided by Johannes. Later that day, Shigematsu visited Mansam. Mansam asked if he'd brought Zebra with him, and Shigematsu answers that Chief Gras needs to approve.

BB Corn Arc[]

Mansam and Shigematsu having a drink

Mansam and Shigematsu having a drink.

Shigematsu had come to Mansam because there were Robos left in the Plateau, meaning the Gourmet Corp. would have to come and recover it, and since he doesn't know who exactly will come, needed Mansam. Mansam treated him to some Garana Eel Shochu. It turned out Grinpatch was the one sent for the Robo retrieval, and just as he arrived, found Mansam and Shigematsu in the wait. Mansam used Knocking on himself for a muscle buff, while Shigematsu removed his nose plug, again buffing himself, and mentioned how he'd thought Starjun or Tommyrod would be the ones to come, not Grinpatch. Grinpatch then ignored the Robo and left, as even he knew it'd be impossible to go up against those 2 together.

Century Soup Arc[]

Mansam was seen in the Gourmet Laboratory discussing the Gourmet Corp.'s new aim, the Century Soup, with Uumen. Mansam wonders if they should send the Heavenly Kings to Ice Hell too, as Toriko was already there. He was worried about whom they will send. Later, Coco is seen entering his room; Mansam mentions how Sunny doesn't respond and how they can't get Zebra out. Mansam requests that Coco go help Toriko, as Toriko'll be in danger all alone when the Gourmet Corp. goes out at full force. Uumen called again a day later, and reported to Mansam that their possibility of acquiring the soup before the Gourmet Corp. is half half. Uumen also inquired about the Heavenly Kings' movement, and Mansam told him that Coco has already started moving, but that he wasn't going straight to Toriko, but first to Setsuno.

Later, when Toriko asked Smile to build him a new house, Mansam, Sunny, Coco, and the others visited. Mansam, who was drunk as always, asked they celebrate the completion of the house. Inside the house, he first ate part of the Lotusconbu curtain, as he thought it'd go well with his alcohol, and then helped them devour the whole house. Finally, he asks Smile to do him an alcohol pool for him.

Mellow Cola Arc[]

Mansam and Rei

Mansam and Ray arrive.

After celebrating the Mellow Cola's capture, Zebra asked Komatsu to serve them the Nitro they had killed. Mansam barged in with Ray and Rapp, saying he will take charge of the Nitro's body. When Toriko asked if they knew anything about the beast, Mansam answered that they're taking charge in order to investigate it, hiding what he already knew about it. As Zebra tried picking on Rapp, Mansam warned Zebra not to mess with Rapp, as Rapp's of Yosaku's level, Biotope 0, and then proceeded to explain about it. After that, Zebra argued that he knew Mansam was lying about not knowing anything about the beast due to Mansam's heart rate and blood pressure's sound changing when he was asked. Mansam knew there is no way around it, and explained about the Nitro. Still, Zebra knew he is hiding more, which forced Mansam to mention that the Gourmet Corp. are involved (the GT Robos resemble it) because the Nitro knew how to acquire GOD, meaning another Gourmet War might ensue.

Toriko's Break Arc[]

When Toriko goes with Komatsu to Bar Meria, they recall Mansam's words about the Gourmet Corp.; Mansam mentioned that famous chefs have been kidnapped recently with the increased Human World Nitro appearances, meaning Nitro's may either be stealing cooking methods, or just eating chefs. Mansam also told Komatsu not to worry, as Komatsu's still not in the top 100 in the World Chef Ranking.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Mansam and Komatsu giving presents

Mansam and Komatsu distributing food to orphans on Christmas.

As Christmas day approached, Mansam called in the Four Heavenly Kings, along with Rin and Komatsu to help him distribute food to the orphan children of poverty-stricken nations. However Zebra did not show up, but nonetheless the delivery went accordingly and the group was able to bring joy to many lives that night.

Four Beast Arc[]

After the Heavenly Kings defeated the Four Beast's "Limbs," the Beast's main body is seen rising from the depths of Gourmet Town causing tremors strong enough to topple Buildings. In the midst of the chaos, Chief Mansam is seen cryptically saying, "Well, well, well, this is beyond what we expected. Maybe it is my turn to take the spotlight?". At this point of the arc Mansam's motives are unclear, due to the fact that a shadowy figure stands in the background. However, after the Four Beast's defeat, amidst the elation and euphoria of the populous of Human World, Mansam is seen relaxing at the IGO Headquarters where Director General Uumen points out that if Mansam had "gone wild" the Heavenly Kings would not have gotten their chance.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Mansam destryoing GTRobo

Mansam protecting Cooking Fest from the Gourmet Corp.'s GT Robos.

Mansam is first seen in the Biotope 1 alongside Rin as he prepares to leave for the Cooking Festival to aid with security. He is later seen again with a large herd of Giraffebirds engineered by the IGO to act as the extra security. However as soon as they arrive on Cooking Island the Giraffebirds are attacked by the Gourmet Corp.'s giant GT Robos and seemingly decapitated, luckily they managed to regenerate their severed heads and attack the Gourmet Corp.'s army whilst Mansam prepares to fight as well. He is later seen in a larger version of his Knocking Form whilst sitting on dozens of broken giant GT Robos, and then happily taunts the remaining GT Robos and tells them to keep fighting him before he loses control of himself. In a flashback in his old days as a bandit, he was admonished by the President, in which they became great friends. He then proceeds to release his full power that has been kept sealed up in this battle. As the battle rages on, he was shockingly impaled by Shigematsu's pet. After a short while, he recalled his time as a bandit which was when he suffered his first and only defeat at the hands of IGO President Ichiryu. Ichiryu then asked Mansam to come with him stating that he should make this the first and last time he loses a fight. He then stands up to confront Shigematsu while declaring that he can lose to no one other than the president. He then proceeds to ask Shigematsu if he has some booze. While the battle was unseen, it is clear that Mansam lost the battle and was seen lying on the floor while he noticed Joie's dark presence over Cooking Stadium.[22]

After the dreadful event at Cooking Fest and the disaster caused by Midora's Meteor Spice, the IGO began to desperately work harder than ever to ensure that order and stability remained within the Human World, however due to the assassination of the Board of Directors by the traitorous director Uumen Umeda, this left only Ray and Johannes to direct the staff at IGO Headquarters and handle the revival of the recently rescued Chief Mansam. Luckily they were eventually able to restore him with enough liquor to stimulate the regenerative properties of his Gourmet Cells. Upon regaining consciousness, they informed him of the recent events such as the death of the directors and the current food shortage. Mansam then ordered the two to prepare the emergency storage food and have it distributed to all the affected countries in order to protect the food and peace of the world. Ray having been moved by the Chief's words, uttered his name which naturally caused Mansam to wonder if Ray called him "handsome", surprisingly Ray decided to humor the compassionate director and stated that he did indeed call him "handsome".

Billion Bird Arc[]

So you've finally come back... Toriko...


A year and a half has passed since the events of the Meteor Spice struck the Human World. The Human World, left in devastation, struggled to gain any food due to the environmental disaster causing heavy damages to once fertile lands rendering them to be nothing more but wastelands. When Toriko had arrived from his journey to the Gourmet World and rescuing Komatsu, a member of the IGO quickly informs their president of his arrival. The president whom was informed was none other than Mansam himself, taking his friend Ichiryu's former place as President of the IGO. He then then tells three of the Heavenly Kings to head out. 

Well now this is awkward

Well now...

After Toriko's return Mansam called Toriko to IGO's 1st Biotope, when Toriko arrived he continues to call Mansam "Chief" but the latter corrects him stating that he is no longer the chief but rather the IGO's "Handsome President". Soon after, Mansam, Toriko and Komatsu are joined by the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings as well as Rin. As everyone converses with one another, Rin asks Toriko to marry her, to which Toriko accepts without hesitation. Mansam, Coco, Sunny, Zebra and Komatsu stood in awkward silence for a brief moment before everyone began making a big commotion over the nonchalant proposal. 

Mansam is next seen within the IGO office where he asks his subordinate if the Saiseiya have begun assisting in the restoration of the Human World as well as the IGO. He is then visited Johannes who informs him that the Capture Level Measuring Devices that are designed for the Gourmet World are almost completed. He then states that in order for the Gourmet Age to return to its former glory they will need ingredients in the Gourmet World and in order to do so, the strength of the Four Heavenly Kings is needed. He then takes his Billion Bird Egg drink and states that Ichiryu must be glad that is became part of Toriko's Full Course. He reminisces, yet again, the time when he and Ichiryu found Toriko in a wasteland, struggling to survive. He remembers the moment in more depth and remembers that he was about to eliminate Toriko for having Gourmet Cells and deeming him dangerous, instead Ichiryu adopts him. He states that Ichiryu made the right choice in adopting Toriko and even states that the thoughts of Ichiryu are brought within Toriko's Full Course. 

When the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu depart for the Gourmet World, Mansam is next seen simply stating them to get going while he is taking a bath, taking light of the situation at hand.

AIR Arc[]

When everyone who bids farewell to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu gather at Toriko Harbor, Mansam himself came and gave Toriko a bag filled with certain equipment, one of these certain equipments was the new Capture Level Measuring device that Johannes had presented to Mansam. Mansam warns Toriko about the harsh reality of the Gourmet World stating that the Gourmet World itself is almost like a creature due to its harsh natures. He then continues to tell Toriko of the plan to get other people of fair power levels to travel to the areas which Toriko an the others have already travelled in due to the aura that the Heavenly Kings will leave traces of, acting as "Territory Markings" that will fend off any monsters and be able to act as a pathway to deliver food from the Gourmet World to the Human World. 

As the group departs towards the Gourmet World, Mansam is seen with the group of people who bid them farewell.

PAIR Arc[]

At IGO Headquarters, he eats AIR and the taste drops him to his knees and revives the Gourmet Cells of his left arm. He wonders if those who went to the Gourmet World after Toriko had a similar reaction.[23]

GOD Arc[]

Full Course[]

Every item in Mansam's Full Course Menu is high in alcohol. Anyone who hopes to eat it must have a very high tolerance.[24] Most (if not all) of the ingredients in his Full Course are found in Heavy Drinker Archipelago.

Mansam's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Liquor Stealing Escargot 28 Decided
Soup Soup Liquor Shell Soup 25 Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Bacchus Shark 31 Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Drunken Frenzy Cattle 30 Decided
Main Course MainDish Bacchus Dragon 37 Decided
Salad Salad Bacchus Onion 15 Decided
Dessert Dessert Drunkard Melon 19 Decided
Drink Drink Bacchus Whale Sea Water 33 Decided


Mansam CAD

Mansam's CAD


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