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Japanese マッピー
Romanized Mappī
English Mappy
Race Travel Frog
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday October 12th
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height 140 cm
Weight 100 kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Hex Food World;
Four Heavenly Kings;
Hex Food Beast Knights
Occupation Chef;
Hex Food Beast Knight (formerly)
Partner Croakswagon
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 273
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Mappy (マッピー Mappī) is a Travel Frog from the Hex Food World who serves the Daruma Hermit. In his youth, he was one of the greatest chefs in the Hex Food World and was recognized as one of the three Hex Food Beast Knights before his retirement and passing his position on to Tengu Brunch. His skills as a chef earned him a spot on the IGO Chef Ranking at number 44, making him one of the greatest chefs in the world.

He is currently aiding the Four Heavenly Kings and the current generation of Hex Food Beast Knights in capturing AIR.


Mappy's color scheme.

Mappy in Spine Character.

Mappy is a bipedal Travel Frog who has an average human height. He has a dark green skin accompanied by a brighter skin color around his belly. His eyes are small and he has a black mustache and goatee. From time to time, he wears sunglasses to cover his eyes much like a human. He also carries a backpack. 


Mappy is a friendly and social individual who is quite casual about most things, such as deadly environments or even the footprint of a Heraku likely due to his upbringing in Gourmet World. However he is still cautious and can show fear, as noted when he feared the power of the Steel Clouds and later on when he became so distraught about dying within the maze of the Gold Swamp that he dropped-down to the floor in a very depressed and horrified state to the point where he resembled a weak tadpole. Upon meeting the Heavenly Kings, Mappy instantly got along with them. Mappy also has a habit of switching from speaking the human language to "frog-ese". As a Travel Frog, Mappy tends to talk about the Gourmet World as if he were a tour guide for the group, he talks about the many natures of the Gourmet World as well as the current location they are in, giving more information as they travel and giving as much information to the group as possible. 

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a native of Gourmet World, Mappy is a very knowledgeable and strong individual capable of surviving its harsh environments and rules. In the Thorn Sea he was able to effortlessly dodge a laser all while having coffee in the middle of a dangerous area, showing that he is more than capable of surviving deadly environments and understanding their mechanics. He seems unfazed by the presence of a strong aura belonging to one of the Eight Kings (even though the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu felt an intense shock). He is also a very intellectual frog as he is able to provide more information about the Gourmet World which the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu did not know about. This intelligence extends far to the point where he can even tell that Toriko and Komatsu may have more than likely ran across the Gourmet Highway, something Toriko didn't know about during his travel in the Gourmet World, due to Komatsu's extraordinary Food Luck. 

Mappy is a former member of the Hex Food Beast Knights which means that he was one of the strongest warriors in Hex Food World and was the best at his particular profession. It is said that during his youth he was far stronger than the current knights.

Mappy prepares for battle

Despite these great skills and reputation, it appears that age as made Mappy considerably less confident. However when the time arrives for Mappy to fight, his confidence grows once more, even stating that he will show the strength of a former Food Beast Knight. When he is serious in battle Mappy's seemingly fragile body transforms (much like Nosh) into a heavily muscled body. He is able to take on groups of beasts with Capture Levels of 500 on his own. 

Chef Skills[]

Being one of the top 100 chefs in the world and the former best chef of Hex Food World before retiring, Mappy's skills as a chef were likely of the highest class, although it is unknown what his particular cooking style was or if he still keeps his skills in shape since passing on his position of best chef in Hex Food World to Brunch. In his youth he was considered stronger than Brunch, but whether this means he was also a better chef is uncertain. Mappy's skills were so great that he still holds a spot in the IGO Chef Ranking long after retiring.



During his youth, Mappy was a master chef and one of the strongest warriors in Hex Food World. His skills were so great that he, along with Nopekichi and Takeshi, were given the position of Hex Food Beast Knights. As a member of the group, Mappy was known for his strength and abilities. After their run as the knights, Mappy and his friends passed the mantle to the current generation, Brunch, Nosh and Dinner

AIR Arc[]

Mappy's first appearance was brief, he was seen by Toriko taking a coffee break in the middle of the Thorn Sea when the group were busy battling the waves. Toriko attempted to hit Mappy with the Riddle Chapter's wristband lasers but he effortlessly dodges the laser, surprising Toriko. He was next seen amongst a crowd of ghosts that inhabit the Harbor of Evil Spirits. 

When Toriko and Coco were captured within the illusion of a Tonyuudo's Real Mist, Mappy was created as one of the illusions by the mist itself, however this illusionary Travel Frog was far less incapable as it was unable to dodge the laser that the Poison Doll Toriko pointed towards him. It also died quickly when a leech from a Leech Heel drained it of its life. When Coco's Poison Dolls defeated the Leech Heels, Toriko managed to beat the Tonyuudo that created the Real Mist by using his Ultimate Routine, ending the battle with a single Intimidation. The group then have a meal, and while the have a meal, Mappy finally makes a formal appearance to the group. 

Mappy was seen riding a Croakswagon towards the group, he tries to introduce himself to the group but began speaking in his "frog speak" which confused the group. He then started speaking in Human language, apologizing for speaking in his frog speak. He tries to introduce himself however he began to speak his frog speak once again, prompting Komatsu to tell him. When he finally introduced himself, he says that he was there on the behest of the Daruma Hermit. Zebra asks what the Daruma Hermit wanted, asking Mappy if the hermit finally found food for Zebra to eat. The group then remembers that Zebra himself has an ingredient from the Daruma Hermit and asks what the hermit was like. Mappy replies that the Hermit is the chief of the Hex Food World, however he starts speaking in frog speak once more. When Komatsu says that Brunch is from the Hex Food World, Mappy happily replies that Brunch is waiting for them. When the group decide to head to the Hex Food World, Mappy happily offers them his help as a Travel Frog to guide them there. Toriko accepts the offer but Sunny was slightly cautious, however Toriko was more than sure that Mappy was not a problem. Mappy joins the group, riding on top of Octo-chan and telling the group to follow the Croakswagon. When the Croakswagon rushes at a high speed, Octo-chan also rushes to catch up to it. 

As the group ride on Octo-chan, Mappy explains more about the nature of the Gourmet World to them, he explains that even without the Real Mist, Yutou Island itself is still a tough place to take on especially during the night (much like what Chichi said about the Gourmet World). Chichi states that the group's strength and abilities are more than enough to be able to take on the Gourmet World and Mappy confirms this when he says that the group managed to get past Thorn Sea. When Komatsu asks about why night time is such a dangerous time in the Gourmet World, Mappy states that it is due to the fact that the Gourmet World's Eight Kings become active during night time. He tells that the group's animal companions are simply kids even with the blood of the Eight Kings and when he was about to explain more about the current kings, he is interrupted by the group's sudden intense shock. Unfazed by the situation, Mappy explains that the Croakswagon passed one of the Eight King's footprints as there was a shortcut, the footprint was from the Heraku Heracles and he states that while it has been several thousand years since it was made, it still generates an extreme aura. He explains more about the nature of the Gourmet World itself, talking about how to safely travel through the use of the Gourmet Highways and talks about Seven Civilizations, stating that Hex Food World is one of the seven civilizations. When the group reach the Golden Swamp, Mappy talks about the swamp itself, saying it is one of the Gourmet 100 Famous Views. As the group finally settle, Mappy begins to show intense fear, pointing at the clouds and stating that Steel Clouds are descending. 

The danger that fast approached the group, the Steel Clouds, quickly descends towards the Golden Swamp and Mappy is quick to alert everyone about a lightning in the form of a foot known as an Iron Foot. Mappy tells the group about the Steel Clouds and the weather it carries known as Iron Steps, he begins to panic after Toriko fails to stop an Iron Foot from striking. The Croakswagon guiding them attempts to tell Mappy what to do but Mappy was in a state of total panic, completely forgetting he can understand the Croakswagon. When he finally tells everyone to get into Octo-chan so that they can dive into the Gold Swamp, Mappy loses his composure to the point where he seems to revert back to a tadpole stage. When the group believe that they are out of trouble, Mappy became even more worried as he states that the group are heading towards the Gold Labyrinth, a place Mappy himself says, is a place no human has ever managed to pass through alive through sheer strength and only a person with the greatest of luck can escape it. When the group realizes that Mappy meant Food Luck, everyone turns to Komatsu and tell him to guide Octo-chan out of the Gold Labyrinth. As Mappy observes the group, he begins to feel a little more positive as he states that while the group are within an impregnable maze, they seem to be having fun. 

As the group continues through the maze, Mappy becomes amazed as the group manages to find the exit of the Gold Labyrinth and escape the supposed inescapable maze. Mappy comments on Komatsu's incredible Food Luck, saying that he may have been able to see the Path to escape the maze but also questions just how much Komatsu was conscious of his ability. When the group finally relaxes, a giant rain drop his Octo-chan and Mappy returns to his usual, tour guide like self. When the group decide to relax at the bath Mappy happily agrees to the decision. When the group continues on with their journey, Mappy continues to tell about the different kinds of rain that fall in the main island of Area 8, as they continue they see the entrance to the Hex Food World. 

After reaching the entrance of the Hex Food World, Mappy asks the others if they brought ingredients with them. He explains that barter system exists in the Gourmet World where they will have to trade ingredients for any services or products they desire. He then leads them to the village where a welcoming party was ready to welcome them. The welcoming party congratulates Mappy for doing a great job. Mappy introduces some of the citizens of the Hex Food World like Nopekichi, Gorirou and Terraformar. He than accompanies Toriko and the others to various food stalls and items shops. When they reached the Eyeball Zosui Shop, Mappy proposed to visit the village chief next but Zebra wanted to visit the Hex Food Bar. After drinking all the alcohol the shop owned, Brunch who was furious over the delay of Toriko and the others yells at them for being late to visit his shop as he had food prepared for them. Mappy disappears when Brunch appeared.

After Brunch invites the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu to his restaurant, Mappy is next seen rushing to the group as he states that the health of the Daruma Hermit is slowly deteriorating. The group are quick to go to Bizarre Valley to see the Daruma Hermit only to find that he had simply become excited due to peeping into the girl's bath. After the small incident, Mappy is once again seen where he introduces the group to the Hex Food Beast Knights who would partner with three members of the Heavenly Kings in order to take a different route to Slow Rain Hills. Toriko, along with Komatsu, are not accompanied by any of the knights and instead join Mappy to a route known as the Horse King Hill. Toriko senses an immense aura similar to the footprint they formerly passed and asks why Mappy why they require to pass the route. Mappy states that the Ancient Civilazation have survived for many years due to the Eight Kings however the Kings require a sacrifice. Mappy intends to sacrifice himself to Heracles in order for the group to attain AIR.

When Mappy, Toriko and Komatsu approach the Horse King Heracles, Toriko becomes immensely disturbed by Heracle's aura. Mappy further explains to Toriko and Komatsu what the sacrifice he is about to make is for. He states that Heracles needs air in order to stay sustained, due to this, people of Area 8 planted Air Trees in order to keep it satisfied. However there are still not enough Air Trees therefore they need to plant more. In order to do this a sacrifice is needed to fertilize the Air Trees and Mappy readily accepts this fate in order to satisfy the Horse King and allow them to capture AIR. Toriko opposes the sacrifice and states that Mappy shouldn't be sacrificed. When Komatsu pulls out his knife, it causes disturbance to the Horse King and Mappy begins to worry.

Mappy's worries come true when Komatsu states that he hears a voice of an ingredient. Within the presence of the Horse King, Komatsu says that the voice is from past their location, this causes Mappy to enter a state of panic as he realizes that it was the voice of the enigmatic Food King AIR that Komatsu can hear. Heracles unleashes a burst of its strength and Mappy attempts to reason with Toriko and Komatsu by stating that the Horse King needs a sacrifice as it treats AIR as much as its life. Toriko states that if the Horse King will not take a sacrifice, then they have to force their way to capture AIR. Toriko orders Mappy to take Komatsu to Slow Rain Hills with his Croakswagon going full speed, Mappy objects to the whole situation but Toriko states that if Mappy dies, then he cannot eat AIR along with everyone else. Mappy ask the Heavenly King what he is going to do and Toriko replies by stating he will hold off the Horse King himself while Komatsu prepares AIR. Mappy worries that Toriko will kill himself but this only strengthens Toriko's resolve saying that they don't need to worry as Komatsu's cooking will protect him. Mappy and Komatsu board the Croakswagon but a Daruma Horse tries to stop them, however the Croakswagon was too fast and it left in a flash, carrying Mappy and Komatsu along with it. 

As Toriko battles Heracles in order to buy them time, Mappy and Komatsu arrive at the Slow Rain Hills. Mappy's Croakswagon slows down and eventually stops as soon as they arrive. Komatsu attempts to rush to the Food King AIR however he and Mappy find it hard to walk around the area, Mappy explains that it is due to the high resistance of the air surrounding them, causing not only for his Croakswagon to stop but also causing the slow fall of the rain. Zebra soon arrives and confirms Mappy's explanation, comparing it to walking with water and confirming that AIR has ripened, Zebra also tells that Buranchi went to get a kitchen knife after Komatsu asked where the latter was. He then takes them both straight to AIR by taking advantage of the water like resistance to travel instantly to the location, Mappy, Zebra and Komatsu arrive at AIR's location.

Before the rest of the group arrive, Komatsu instantly notices that AIR has not yet ripened, Mappy instantly worries over the matter as time is ticking and they are unaware of how long Toriko can hold Heracles off. As the rest of the group arrive Komatsu explains their current problem and further states that in order to full prepare AIR, the fruit must be prepared at the moment it hits the ground, due to this information Mappy instantly panics as Toriko is still clashing with Heracles. Brunch tells the group that not only is the rain being slowed down due to the intense density of the air but also the ripening of AIR itself, Brunch shows the group Ichiryu's knife to the group and using the knife, he instantly cuts off the dense air, allowing everyone else to move easily. As everyone begins to assist Komatsu in preparing AIR, Mappy sheds tears of joy as he sees everyone giving their all in order to prepare the ingredient together, Komatsu tells Mappy that he can help too and gladly accepts. 

When the time finally came, Komatsu begins to prepare the Food King AIR. With everyone doing their best in order to ensure that the fruit is captured securely and with the desired taste, Mappy begins to once more prepare himself for a battle. Due to the enticing taste of AIR as it is being prepared by the group, large herds of wild beasts begin to gather, the beasts to reach the scene are Hell Kongs. With Capture Levels of 500, Mappy seems unfazed by the large number of Hell Kongs. He then states that it his time to shine and he shall show the beasts the power of a former Food Beast Knight. Mappy then grows his muscles in a short time and battles the Hell Kongs as the rest of the group prepare AIR. However while the preperation was still in progress, the fruit falls from the tree and everyone panics, including Mappy. Nosh stops the fall of the titanic fruit however he couldn't maintain it for long due to the fruit being intensely heavy. Just when all hope is lost however, Komatsu's Gourmet Cells activate in the nick of time, saving them from the potential failure of the preparation. With Komatsu's cell allowing him to finish preparations just at the moment AIR hits the ground, AIR unleashes an intense amount of air from a single hole. The group has finally captured AIR. 

After the capture of AIR had been successful, the group watches in awe as the skies that were once darkened by the weathers of Area 8 began to bathe the continent in rays of light. As the skies clear away and Fresh Air rushes across the continent, Komatsu awakens after being exhausted due to his Gourmet Cells activating. When Komatsu tells everyone that they should let both Toriko and the Horse King know of the successful preparation, Mappy tells Komatsu that he is more than sure that both Toriko and Heracles know of the success as the Horse King, out of everyone in the world, is the one creature who looked forward to the moment the most. And Mappy's words tell truth, within the battlefield, Fresh Air rushes across like a storm and Heracles had taken every opportunity she can to inhale the Fresh Air and soon after, gave birth to a healthy young foal. As everyone who had prepared AIR watch the skies, the Rainbow Bridges form. 

As everyone watches the skies clear due to AIR's preparation, Mappy along with Komatsu, the Heavenly Kings and the Hex Food Beast Knights watch in amazement as the light shines on the grounds of Slow Rain Hills, resurrecting the once desolate grounds with abundance of life as flowers begin to bloom once more. As the flowers bloom rapidly across the land, the Heavenly King Toriko arrives, carried by Terry and accompanied by Kiss and Quin at Slow Rain Hills. Mappy is overjoyed by the fact that despite the dangerous wild battle that had occured between the Horse King and the Heavenly King, Toriko lives, he then begins speaking in his frog speech as he was overwhelmed with joy. As everyone converses with each other, the rest of Hex Food World arrives at the scene, being informed by Mappy's Croakswagon of the great news. As everyone arrives, Mappy joins everyone to give gratitude and eat AIR. As everyone enjoys the Food King, Toriko announces that after all that has happened, he has decided that AIR shall now become part of his Full Course Menu, a decision everyone, including Mappy himself, approved. 

As the people of Hex Food World continue to enjoy their meal, the sun begins to set down on them. The night sky filled with stars illuminated the scenery and the people enjoyed a festive night. As everyone enjoys their meal, Brunch hears some criticism from his fellow Food Beast Knights however Mappy counters the criticism by stating that despite having ways to improve the cooking itself, there is no need for further cooking as being able to enjoy the Food King along with everyone is a dream they had hoped for in generations. As the meal continues, the Four Heavenly Kings discover that they slowly are able to control their Appetite Demons and with this information, the Daruma Hermit talks about Hex Food World's ancient past. As the Daruma Hermit finishes his story, the people of Hex Food World give their thanks to the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu, however the people suddenly faint and slowly, the shadows of Gourmet Night reveals its dangers. NEO appears at the scene, successfully executing a sneak attack. 


  • Mappy's rank in the chef ranking was not revealed in the manga and was only revealed in Volume 29.5.


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