Mappy's CroakswagonHS
English CAReru
Race Croakswagon
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Hex Food World
Occupation Vehicle
Personal Status
Relatives Mappy (owner)
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 277
Japanese Voice N/A
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CAReru is Mappy's own Croakswagon which he simply refers to by his species name, and he acts as his main form of transportation and as a close friend.


He is a friendly creature who cares deeply about Mappy and is more than happy to take him wherever he needs. When Mappy planned to sacrifice himself to Heracles, the Croakswagon was clearly saddened and shed a tear at the thought of losing his beloved master. While appearing to be a simple riding beast, the Croaskwagon is somewhat intelligent enough to be able to speak Mappy's native language of "Frogese", however he appears incapable of speaking the complex Human World language. Despite their close bond, he and Mappy may occasionally argue in Frogese.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Croakswagon, he is incredibly fast and can travel long distances in mere seconds, disappearing in a cloud of dust the minute he moves. He is also a good jumper, capable of leaping on to the massive Octo-chan's head in one jump. It is shown the he is capable of protruding another two sets of wheels in order to achieve 'Top Gear'. By inhaling heavy amounts of air, he can achieve ultimate speed. 


Croakswagon at Top Gear
  • Top Gear (トップギア Toppu Gia): CAReru achieves ultimate speed by growing two more pairs of wheels between its rear and front wheels and by inhaling a large amount of air. It then dashes at a very high speed with a bright aura, capable of overrunning Phantom Beast Heracs.


AIR ArcEdit

CAReru was first seen taking Mappy to the location of the Four Heavenly Kings and their party, where Mappy then introduced himself and CAReru. CAReru then led the group to the Gold Swamp which they would have to cross in order to reach Area 8. After getting the past the dreaded Gold Labyrinth beneath the swamp, the were able to make it to Hex Food World, however CAReru waited outside with the rest of the beasts.

CAReru later took Mappy, Toriko and Komatsu to Nightmare Hill where Mappy planned to sacrifice himself to Heracles in exchange for letting Toriko and his group capture AIR, much to the Croakswagon's sadness. When Toriko convinces Mappy to not to sacrifice his life so that he can eat AIR with them, Komatsu requests CAReru to go as fast as he can. CAReru protrudes two more wheels between the rear and front wheels on both sides. Just as a giant Daruma Horse was about to crush them under its hoof, the Croakswagon changes to 'Top Gear' inhaling a large amount of air and dashes forward at its best speed towards the Slow Rain Hills. Later Mappy reaches Slow Rain Hills at his best speed but suddenly slows down and comes to a half because of the high resistance of the air to his movement.

As everyone begins to arrive to the Giant Air Tree, CAReru was nowhere to be seen. As Brunch travels across Slow Rain hills, he would spot CAReru travelling at high speed with Coco and Dinner as its passengers, however he realizes that it's not the real CAReru but rather a Poison Doll copy of CAReru himself created by Coco who created it in order to gain the speed it has. 

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