Mushroom  Medicinal Mochi  Sushi
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Japanese 薬膳餅
Romanized Yakuzen Mochi
English Medicinal Mochi
Aliases Purple Mochi
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Type Grain/Medicine
Location Zen Ou Restaurant
Related Colored Rice
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 203
Anime Episode 119
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Medicinal Mochi (薬膳餅 Yakuzen Mochi) is a special medicinal ingredient and the only known antidote for the poisonous Green Rain. It is a special preparation ingredient made from a unique type of Colored Rice that can neutralize any poison by coloring it with a color that compliments the poison's own color. For example, the Green Rain possesses a yellowish-green color, so the color that goes opposite to it is purple in accordance with the color wheel, therefore it can neutralize any poison so long as the color of the mochi opposes the color of the poison.


The Medicinal Mochi is a very difficult ingredient to prepare, requiring that all the preparations (the steaming, the pounding, the cooking time and the temperature and moisture levels) be performed with absolute perfection and timed correctly without even 1 millimeter of imperfection. Each grain of the colored rice is irregular and uneven and even the smallest changes in temperature and moisture can alter its color. The number of times it must be beaten during preparation can vary greatly and the amount of strength used to beat it and the angle in which it is beaten is also taken into consideration and must be done in a way that will not damage it beyond use. Luckily, chef Komatsu was able to create a method to simplify the cooking process, having found out how to standardize the rice combination, the steaming time and the number of beatings, simplifying the preparation so much that it is now as easy to make as instant ramen.

The simplified preparation consist in soaking the rice in Delicineral Water and Taste Salt. For every liter of water there must be 100 grams of salt; the rice is soaked for 25 seconds so that the rice color does not change and the different color grains separate themselves as each color has a different weight. Then, taking take the rice that floats to the top and the rice on the bottom at a 1:1 ratio, steam the the rice for 30 seconds. The rice must be beaten; however, because the preparation kept the rice from changing color the need to control the number, strength, and angle of the beating is removed. At this point Komatsu added, for 750 grams of rice, 290 grams of Plumpst Nut paste to make the mochi more delicious.


Four Beast ArcEdit

During the invasion of the Four Beast, it released the highly poisonous green rain over Food Park Plaza. Komatsu then sought out chef Yuda, the owner of Zen Ou Restaurant in hopes of making an antidote for all the millions of people infected. They were soon joined by other world famous chefs who wanted to help the victims. Yuda then reveals his special Medicinal Mochi and explains its capabilities, but also its status as a special cooking ingredient which greatly worries the chefs who, despite their great skills, fear they may not be able to make enough mochi for all the victims in time due to the ingredient's high level of preparation difficulty. However Komatsu refuses to give up so easily and request to be given time to see if he can simplify the preparation method so that normal chefs can prepare it, therefore allowing them to mass produce it. The group agrees and gives him 10 minutes to prepare, and much to everyone's amazement, he manages to not only simplify the preparation process in less than five minutes but also makes the Medicinal Mochi tastier with his remaining time. He then instructs a large gathering of chefs in the preparation instructions and soon enough they have enough Medicinal Mochi for all the victims.

GOD ArcEdit

Soup - Toriko and Komatsu

Century Soup and Medicinal Mochi

At Toriko and Rin's wedding reception, Komatsu's Century Soup is served with Medicinal Mochi wrapped in Eco Nori.[1]



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