Megamori Island
Japanese メガモリ島
Romanized Megamori Tou
Location An unknown ocean in the Human World
Affiliation Fond De Bohno
Debut Appearance
Anime Episode 42
Game Toriko: Gourmet Survival
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Megamori Island (メガモリ島) is a large gourmet island paradise located in an unknown ocean region of the Human World. It is the main setting of the game Toriko: Gourmet Survival.


The island resembles a gigantic cheeseburger in the middle of the sea, however it is not actually so, as most of the island is just stone, dirt and forests in the shape of a burger (however the "meat patty" and "cheese slice" are actually an abundant source of natural meat and cheese). The island is divided into five zones, each zone being one of the many "burger layers" of the island. The first zone is Buns Jungle the "bun" on the top of the island, which is covered in many trees, vegetation and bun-like rock formations, making it a very flourished jungle. The second zone is the Meat Wildland, a vast canyon within the "meat patty" of the island; this zone grows gigantic meat-like pillars all over which form fields and platforms for the beastly inhabitants and there are many stone walls surrounding the area. The third zone is the Cheese Cave, the "cheese slice" of the island which is giant cavern completely made out of Mineral Cheese and the dozens of cheese holes within it make it somewhat of a labyrinth which maybe difficult to traverse and is home to many nocturnal creatures. The fourth zone is the Submarine Cave, a large underwater cavern beneath the island's water level and is located inside the island's "tomato slice"; here numerous aquatic creatures reside and there also appears to be a sunken submarine. The fifth and final zone is the Devil Steps, a fiery volcanic region at the bottom of the island's final "meat patty" and "bottom bun"; the area is filled with many stone pillars and shares many similarities to the treacherous Devil Athletics on Regal Island, even having some of the same beasts.

The island also has a gigantic tree growing inside its center which helps keep all the "layers" in place, and it is rooted all the way down in the island's fiery underground volcano and appears to feed off the flames and magma rather than water like most plants. The absorbed heat travels through the tree's long body and makes the trunk shine like the light of day, bringing light to all the underground layers of the island. The top of the tree rises out of the island's "top bun" and has numerous lush leaves and a gigantic lotus-like flower growing out of its top.


Vans Jungle
Buns Jungle
Meat Wildland
Meat Wildland
Cheese Cave
Cheese Cave
Submarine Cave
Submarine Cave
Devil Steps
Devil Steps





Toriko: Gourmet SurvivalEdit


Megamori Island in the game's opening.


Gourmet King Deciding Battle ArcEdit


Megamori Island in the anime.

In the anime, Toriko, Komatsu and Terry Cloth went to Megamori Island with the aid of Tom to find the legendary Grand Berry for the Gourmet King Deciding Battle. While there they discovered Friction Sweet Potatoes and a dangerous Butterspice which almost lured Komatsu into the jungle. They were later discovered by an aggressive Chestnutmadillo that proceeded to chase after them throughout the island. Luckily Toriko and Terry while carrying Komatsu were able to escape the beast and find the Grand Berries, but they stopped from reaching them by the sudden appearance of a Shark Box Turtle which made the area near the berries its territory, forcing Toriko to fight it. After a tough battle Toriko was able to subdue the beast, gather the berries and head back to the contest.

In the anime, there is no mention of the events in the game, indicating that they have not occurred yet in the anime or are not part of the anime's continuity.

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