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Japanese メガオクトパス
Romanized Megaokutopasu
English Megaoctopus
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Type Mollusk
Capture Level 25
Height 18m
Weight 12t
Price 100g / 1,200 yen
Habitat Regal Mammoth
Land and water
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 47
Anime Episode 15
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The Megaoctopus (メガオクトパス Megaokutopasu) is a mollusk sporting tens of thousands of elastic tentacles.


Megaoctopi are giant orange cephalopods standing at 18 meters in height and weighing 12 tons. Their bodies are covered in thousands of tentacles which conceal most of their true appearance, except their bright pink eyes which can barely be seen through their darkened faces underneath all their tentacles.


Megaoctopi typically live under the shelter of rocks in the sea and use their many appendages to surprise and capture their prey. Normally they are not aggressive or violent to creatures that are not part of its diet, however they can be tamed by others to act aggressive.


The Megaoctopus has tens of thousands of tentacles which it can stretch to great lengths and use like whips or constrictors to attack prey. It can move its tentacles with great speed and attack opponents many times in succession. They have respiratory organs enabling them to live on land, where they hunt by mimicking other organisms and lying in wait.

As FoodEdit

Megaoctopi taste unique and flavorful, and with one tentacle yielding roughly 300 octopus dumplings, just one Megaoctopus could supply a major restaurant chain for a year. 100 grams of Megaoctopus meat can sell for at least 1,200 yen.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

The Megaoctopus that Sunny battles is mimicking one of the Regal Mammoth's internal organs when Cedre captures and forces it to battle (normally, they are not so violent and aggressive). It can attack many times in succession with its tentacles, which causes many problems for Sunny, but in the end he is able to both defeat it and Cedre.


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