Melk's Workshop
Melk's Workshop Eps 56
Aliases Melk's House
Location Melk Mountain
Affiliation Melk the Second, Pochiko, Melk the First
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 115
Anime Episode 52
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Melk's Workshop is the legendary cutler, Melk the First's, and his equally skilled daughter, Melk the Second's, home. Melk the First, however, left his home six years ago after his retirement to work on his last and greatest knife in order to use it to prepare the fabled ingredient known as AIR, thus leaving the house to Melk the Second. This is also the home of the Melks' pet, Pochiko, who lives on a large tree just outside the house to watch over it. The workshop is located atop Melk Mountain.


It is a large, dome-shaped house made of stone on top of the mountain's flattened surface and was made entirely by Melk the First himself. There are two large stairways carved on the opposite sides of the mountain, leading to the front and rear entrances of the house. The rear entrance was designed by Melk the Second to accommodate her normal height in mind, while the front entrance is quite large and was designed for Melk the First's usage. On the front side of the house is the mailbox and a sign over the door that reads "Sharpener Melk". On the house's right is Pochiko's tree nest and on its left is a large onsen (hot spring bath) made by Melk the First. Several boxes filled with whetstones are located around the house and underneath a small wooden panel roof attached to the house. There's also an old tree stump near the house's rear entrance.


The first floor of the house resembles a workshop, filled with all kinds of Melk Kitchen Knives, work tables, grindstones and anvils for smithing and sharpening. There are also many raw materials in both, the first floor, and the basement, for making knives; such as beasts' teeth, unrefined metals and other materials. The first floor also has a large stove hearth for heating the metals. Its smoke stack can be seen from outside giving it the appearance of a chimney. There are also a few drawers and covers around the workshop. In the center of the first floor, there's a large tree stump which acts as a work table. The basement also houses the kitchen area with a fridge, sink, stove and a cutting table, and in the center is another tree stump that acts as the dining table. The second floor of the house is mostly the sleeping quarters, which has a large bed and a futon for guests.

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