Ingot Melk Stardust Ore
Toriko - Melk Stardust Eps 56
Ingot Name Ore
Japanese メルクの星屑
Romanized Meruku no Hoshikuzu
English Melk Stardust
Ingot Statistics Ore
Type Seasoning
Capture Level Unknown
Location Heavy Hole
Ingot Debut Appearance Ore
Manga Gourmet 116
Anime Episode 53
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Melk Stardust (メルクの星屑 Meruku no Hoshikuzu) is a golden whetstone that was discovered in Heavy Hole by Melk the First.


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These unique whetstones are only known to form deep within the depths of Heavy Hole, where they are quite abundant and form gigantic crystalline structures that shine like gold, making them quite a sight to behold. Even the dust made from these whetstones shines brilliantly and will cause any food that it is used on to shine just as beautifully.



It is said to be able to sharpen any material in the world. When sharpening materials that have a high hardness level, a unique and edible golden dust comes out of the whetstone that can be used as a seasoning.

As FoodEdit

This unique edible dust is composed of several new kinds of amino acids and never-before-tasted top quality savory components. Toriko, Komatsu, and Melk the Second were one of the first known individuals to have tasted Melk Stardust; but kept the flavor a secret to themselves due to the fact that the taste of the spice was more or less addictive due to its taste directly stimulating hunger, and would overwhelm the flavor of just about any food it was seasoned with unless they compliment each other, such as the Jewel Meat or the Shining Gourami. According to Komatsu: when he and Melk the Second tried it, they couldn't stop licking it.


Melk Stardust ArcEdit

Melk Stardust is one of the many ingredients on Ichiryu's List which Toriko has to capture in preparation for traveling to the Gourmet World.

Shining Gourami ArcEdit

Komatsu uses some of the Melk Stardust he had left to prepare the recently captured Shining Gourami. The enhanced gourami causes an incredible reaction within Sunny which leaves him in amazement.

GOD ArcEdit

Hors - Toriko and Komatsu

BB Corn and Chicken Quiche

At Toriko and Rin's wedding reception, Melk Stardust is used to season Blue Blood Corn, the Hors d'Oeuvre.[1]



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