Melk the First's Workshop
Melk the First's Workshop Eps 55
Location Heavy Hole
Affiliation Melk the First
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 121
Anime Episode 55
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Melk the First's Workshop is his secluded place of work and temporary home located deep within Heavy Hole where he moved to after receiving a request from Ichiryu to craft him a knife capable of preparing AIR, which would be his final task before retiring. As he could not work on such an important task at his old home, he moved to Heavy Hole and left his old workshop and former sharpening duties to his daughter and successor Melk the Second. Here he has worked in private for many years crafting the finest and strongest knives and it is here that he would eventually finish the Ichiryu's Knife.

The workshop is a simple cavern filled with whetstones, logs, tables, a bucket, a forge and many beautifully crafted blades. Melk also lives here with his pet Scorpion Demon Cattle.

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