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Fork-knife-icon  Melk the Second's Knife   Fork-knife-icon
Melk2nd Knife
Other Melk the Second's Knife
Creator(s) Melk the Second
Owner Melk the Second
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 116
Anime Episode 53
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Melk the Second used this unnamed kitchen knife to duel Toriko. It's a knife of average size with a wooden handgrip and a concave, dark, wide and a very sharp blade.


  • Scale Cut (鱗斬り, Uroko Giri): Melk used this to cut Toriko from distance, but only managed to rip a small part of his outfit.


Melk2nd Knife2
Melk Slash
The ground slashed with a soft swing
Melk2nd Blocks
Melk blocks Toriko's Knife
Melk2nd Sharpen
The knife sharpened
Melk2nd Knife3
Melk2nd Swing
A slash of the knife
Melk2nd Uroko Giri
Using Scale Cut
The Knife in the manga
Grindstone Boots
Melk sharpens her knife with Grindstone Boots

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