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IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese メロウコーラ
Romanized Meroukōra
English Mellow Cola
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Drink
Capture Level 92
Location Inside Salamander Sphinx's body
Price 350㎖ / 1,200,000 yen
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Gourmet 138
Anime Episode 66
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The Mellow Cola (メロウコーラ Meroukōra) is an extremely high-quality cola produced by the Salamander Sphinx. It matures in the Salamander Sphinx's tear glands, which serve as storage for the sugar in its body.


The carbonation feels like a firecracker, and the year-long fermented sugar is a hundred times sweeter than maple syrup. The carbonic acid exceeds both soda water and champagne combined, and the bubbles released from the Mellow Cola are said to remain in the air for a year. It is also shown to be a powerful energy source, completely reviving all cells in the body, completely restoring Toriko and Zebra, and evolving Zebra's Gourmet Cells.

Cooking Method[]

Certain pain-inducing methods must be done in sequence to carbonate the sugary tears before they can be produced as Cola.[1]

  • Evenly pound the Salamander Sphinx's entire body
  • Hit its solar plexus
  • Cutting scales off of its back
  • Slicing at the back of its legs, starting with its front right leg and proceeding clockwise
  • Simultaneously pulling a feather from each wing
  • Pounding its snake tail

Once done the oxidized scum on the surface of its tear glands are released, even the scum is high quality cola. Afterwards the true Mellow Cola is released, enough to cause a small flood and more than one person could drink alone.


Mellow Cola Arc[]

The Mellow Cola was one of the items on Ichiryu's list as an ingredient for Toriko to capture in preparation for traveling to the Gourmet World.

The Salamander Sphinx is shown smiling despite crying from having been relieved of the pressure of the cola. Zebra decides to make it his Full Course's Drink, the first dish selected.[2]

Billion Bird Egg and Mellow Cola

GOD Arc[]

During Toriko's and Rin's wedding, it was used in the Billion Bird Egg and was the final item served to everyone. Of course, it was a special blend mixed Mellow Cola in order to prevent the drinks from giving everyone the feminine appearance it normally gives those who drink the egg.



  • The way the Salamander Sphinx stores cola in its eyes is similar to real life sea turtles which can store salt and excrete it from their tear glands.


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