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Mellow Cola Arc
Sphinx happy for releasing the Cola
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Mellow Cola Arc
Chapters: Chapter 125 - Chapter 143
Episodes: Episode 58 - Episode 68
Description: Toriko, Komatsu and Zebra set off to find the Mellow Cola requested by Ichiryu.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Melk Stardust Arc
Followed by: Toriko's Break Arc

The Mellow Cola Arc is the tenth arc in the series.







Toriko and Komatsu go to Honey Prison to ask Zebra to help them retreive the Mellow Cola. Along the way Komatsu learns more about Zebra imprisonment and crimes. Once inside the Gourmet Pyramid the group runs into the Salamander Sphrinx and Komatsu is successfully removes the Mellow Cola from the beast with Toriko and Zebra acting as his tools useing a strange book he found. Just as the Mellow Cola appears Komatsu is attacked by a creature similar to the beast encountered on Vegetable Sky. A battle commences, Toriko and Zebra are barely able to kill it. Toriko and co return to Hotel Gourmet and have a victory feast an Komatsu is unable cook the strange beast. Mansam and members from the mysterious 0th Biotope identify that creature as a Nitro and explain its significance along with the Purpose of the 0th Biotope

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Mellow Cola Arc
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