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Japanese メリア
Romanized Meria
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Birthday June 28th
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Bar Meria, Toriko
Occupation Bartender;
Personal Status
Relatives None mentioned
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 144
Anime Debut Episode 71
Japanese Voice Nagano Ai
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Meria is a master chef and the owner of Bar Meria whose cooking skills are so great that she holds the rank of number 91 on the IGO Chef Ranking, making her one of the greatest chefs in the world. Meria is never seen in person as she uses a GT Robo to run her bar which is located in the dangerous region of Black Lake which is too fierce for normal humans to tread, so using a GT Robo is the only means she has of running her bar in such a dangerous location.


Meria's true appearance is never seen as she is only seen active through her GT Robo. Meria's GT Robo is a humanoid machine with pale-white "skin", narrow white eyes, black eyebrows, a pointy nose, and short silky black hair. Her GT Robo lacks a mouth which is quick give away to its robotic nature, otherwise it might look like a human with white eyes. Her GT Robo is dressed in a simple purple dress and red pumps, and it wears a green necklace around its neck. It is unknown if Meria bares any resemblance to her machine.


She is a very humble woman and serves anyone who comes to her bar regardless of their status, with her customers ranging from high-ranked political figures to dangerous criminals such as the Gourmet Corp..

Powers and Abilities[]

Being number 91 on the IGO Chef Ranking, Meria is one of the top 100 greatest chefs in the world, making her skill and knowledge of cooking top notch.


  • GT Robo: With her GT Robo, Meria is safe from both dangerous customers and the local wildlife of Black Lake. It appears that her cooking skills are unaffected by using a GT Robo, indicating that it is quite advanced.


Toriko's Break Arc[]

Toriko and Komatsu paid a visit to Bar Meria sometime after their return from Sand Garden. While there Meria served them a fine meal consisting of a Potato Mouse, Jet-Black Rice and a dried piece of Jewel Meat. Unbeknownst to them, Starjun was at Bar Meria as well and almost fought them there before deciding to go on his way. It is unknown if Meria witnessed Starjun's actions or not.




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