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IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese マーメイマグロ
Romanized Māmeimaguro
Aliases Princess of the Deep Sea
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Type Fish
Capture Level 20
Habitat Unknown region deep below the sea
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 18
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Mermaituna is an extremely rare species of tuna found deep below the seas of the Human World. Because of its location and beauty it is known as the "Princess of the Deep Sea" and those who see them often confuse them for mermaids.


It has luminescent scales and its body tends to change into a numerous array of beautiful colors. Its fins are long and wavy and tend to flow with the movement of the currents.

As FoodEdit

Their meat can be prepared into a delicious dish known as Bubbly Tuna, however each Mermaituna only has 200 grams of Bubbly Tuna meat in their body and the meat only reaches its peak 7 days after being caught and after the seventh day it becomes inedible so its quite difficult to prepare it. Oddly enough upon the Bubbly Tuna's expiration, it dissipates into a swarm of bubbles.


BB Corn ArcEdit

When president Dohem refused to sign a new bill at the Gourmet Summit, the IGO decided to hold a gathering at Hotel Gourmet and serve Dohem his favorite dish, Mermaituna, in hopes of gaining his favor in the signing of the new bill. To ensure the success of the fish's preparation, Uumen Umeda tasked Komatsu with the preparation of the Mermaituna. To ensure his success, Komatsu went to the Wul Jungle to fine the rare Wulstar Sauce Fruit which would bring out the flavor of the Mermaituna. After a difficult trip, Komatsu was able to acquire the fruit and use it to prepare the Mermaituna, however he was too late as it meat had already expired by the time it was served. Luckily, Coco was recently hired by Company Gourdarake to locate a school of Mermaituna and having predicted Komatsu's dire situation, he brought one of the Mermaitunas given to him for Komatsu. Komatsu was then able to successfully prepare it and serve it to Dohem who was so pleased that he agreed to approve the new bill.


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