Meteor Spice

Meteor Spice (メテオスパイス Meteo Supaisu) was a devastating attack and event created by the Gourmet Corp. boss Midora when he unleashed an immensely powerful barrage of energy meteors upon the Human World for the sole purpose of annihilating it and all its inhabitants due to his view of humanity being greedy and selfish beings unworthy of the blessings of food.


Midora shoots Meteor Spice

Midora firing the Meteor Spice

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

The attack itself luckily did not take many lives, however the total number of humans affected by it was over 80% of the 31.2 billion population and the attack itself wiped out countless natural environments and settlements, causing a tremendous loss of resources and economic instability worldwide which ushered in the first food shortage in centuries and thus bringing an end to the once wondrous Gourmet Age which had lasted over 500 years.

The AftermathEdit

With the loss of most of the worlds environments and high quality ingredients, even the most basic of foods became incredibly expensive. To sustain the populace the I.G.O  developed food tablets containing the nutritional value of food with none of the taste or satisfaction. People craving real food grew desperate and immoral in the pursuit of ingredients, some even resorting to eating parts of themselves just for something to taste.

Billion Bird ArcEdit

Luckily a year and a half later, the triumphant gourmet hunter Toriko returned from the Gourmet World with a massive harvest of food for all the Human World which he then distributed in fast and massive droves to everyone in the world as if it were a rain of blessings, a Rain of Food, thus easing the effects of the dreaded Meteor Spice.

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