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Meyl Profile.png
Japanese メイル
Romanized Meiru
Race Unknown
Gender Female.png Female
Status Alive
Height 192 cm
Weight 105 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Grill
Occupation Executive Chef
Personal Status
Relatives Ika (father)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 344
Japanese N/A
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Meyl is Blue Grill's Executive Chef in charge of managing the Kitchen of Eternity. She is also the daughter of Lord Ika, the judge of souls.


Full view of Meyl.

She is a peculiar being of unknown race resembling an attractive female humanoid with squid-like features. She has four rubbery arms, suggesting that she may lack bones, and eight tentacle-like legs. On the top of her head she has a light-colored growth in place of hair that has the outward shape of a squid, with tentacles and all. Her face is mostly human-like with the exception of her pupils which have a unique flame-like shape.


She is a very vain individual with a great distaste for anything she deems gross, which is almost everything, and she is quick to call anything she dislikes or hates doing "gross". She also shows little to no respect towards her superiors and peers, such as Don Slime, making her attitude reminiscent of a spoiled teenager. She does not seem to mind using living people as "fertilizer" for Blue Grill's project, although whether this is due to indifference or a dedication to reviving Ichiryu remains uncertain.

Power and Abilities[]

Chef Skills[]

Being the Executive Chef of Blue Grill, she is likely one of the best chefs in the country, and is possibly as skilled as the Five 10-Shell Cooks and even seems to look down on them.



Meyl is first seen at the Kitchen of Eternity helping to prepare the Earth's Full Course in order to revive Ichiryu while complaining about the intense grossness of her situation. After seeing a large arrival of Food Spirits from the Food Spirit Door, Meyl wonders if her father has let them through and is informed that Ika has nor sent any word of this. She witnesses Don Slime's arrival and quick defeat of the demons.


  • She is the work of Touho-san from Chiba Prefecture.


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