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Midora GGB
Japanese 三虎ミドラ
Romanized Midora
English Midora
Aliases Boss, Tiger, Main
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday March 3
Age Over 500
Status Deceased
Height 265 cm
Weight 700 kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Leader of the Gourmet Corp.
Personal Status
Relatives Acacia (adoptive father)
Froese (adoptive mother)
Ichiryu (adoptive brother)
Jiro (adoptive brother)
Four Heavenly Kings (adopted nephews)
Red Haired Pigs (adoptive herd)
Teppei (adoptive grandnephew)
Starjun (adoptive brother)
Toriko (adoptive brother/adopted nephew)
Rin (adopted niece/adoptive sister-in-law)
Unborn Adoptive Nibling
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 101
Anime Episode 40
Japanese Terasoma Masaki, Junko Minagawa (Young)
English Patrick Seitz
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Our final goal is to the bitter end, "GOD"!! Do not forget it.

—Midora, to Alfaro.

Midora (三虎ミドラ) is the leader of the Gourmet Corp. and the main antagonist of Toriko's Human World Act. He is simply referred to as "Boss" by many of the organization's members. Midora, in the past was trained by the legendary "Gourmet God" Acacia as his third disciple, having been preceded by the IGO president Ichiryu and the famed "Knocking Master" Jiro. All three disciples were also the adopted children of both Acacia and "Chef Goddess" Froese. After the demise of his older brother, and before his own, he was considered to be the strongest man alive.

Midora's birth and childhood were filled with much grief and hardships, but upon being taken in by his adoptive family he had found true peace, however that all came to an end after the traumatic loss of his mother which greatly altered his views and made him believe that the world did not deserve Froese's charity and kindness. Thus he founded the Gourmet Corp. and currently directs it towards finding Acacia's main dish, GOD in the Gourmet World in hopes of using it to take control of the world's food supply and deprive the world he regarded as cruel and selfish from the blessings of food given to them by Acacia and Froese, believing they do not deserve what they have taken for granted.

After the events of the Cooking Festival Arc, Toriko meets Midora, in which they form an agreement of mutual interest. Since then, Midora has become a core ally of Toriko and company, even going as far as sending the strongest members of his organization to help the Four Heavenly Kings capture Acacia's full course and defeat NEO. After defeating NEO, Midora as a token of redemption unleashes the Gourmet Spice to restore all the ingredients in the human world, ending the suffering of the people. However, since he uses all his remaining life force to create his final Meteor Spice, he dies peacefully after that.

In the final chapter of Toriko, it is revealed that Midora is a reincarnation of the third son of a family of Gourmet Gods.


Midora is a tall, muscular man who wears a dark-colored training outfit with a lighter-colored sash. Despite being over 500 years old, he has the appearance of a middle-aged man and has almost no wrinkles when compared to his brothers who have more noticeable signs of aging. He has a three-pointed beard, and two sets of three vertical scars extending above and below each eye. Curiously, Midora has had the scars since birth, a possible side-effect of being born with Gourmet Cells. Midora's most distinctive trait is his long, wild mass of black hair; it seems to constantly writhe around him and often flares out, like a flame around his head.

As an infant, Midora bore an odd appearance in comparison to that of the many infant he had been with. He already possessed his signature scars on both his eyes as a newborn and his hair was longer than a normal infant's. As a young child (most likely between childhood and teenage years) Midora's appearance was heavily akin to that of Toriko albeit he still bore the scars on his eyes and his hair was shaded in a dark, almost black color much like the hair he has now. He wore a dirtied, sleeveless shirt and cloth that wrapped around his waist. 

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As the Gourmet Corp. Boss[]

Midora is very aloof, ruthless, calculating, and manipulative. In his first major appearance, he dismisses his subordinate's ability to stop Ichiryu, and ignores them entirely when he arrives on the scene. He calls Ichiryu a "senile old fool" and tries to dissect his intentions in front of him.

Midora seems driven by his insatiable appetite, which Kuromado and Alfaro both comment on. Setsuno even calls him a "voracious idiot" for not being able to understand her philosophy that "the customers are decided by the ingredients." He seems to care little for the consequences of the selfish and immoral actions he and his underlings undertake to satisfy his appetite. His goal, and thus the main goal of the Gourmet Corp., is to obtain the ingredient GOD and control all of the world's ingredients. The reasoning behind his action is due to him being an orphan during the Gourmet War.[1] Although these actions will certainly lead to war, and despite Ichiryu’s preemptive offer to share GOD with him, Midora chooses to pursue GOD exclusively for himself. He has some respect for Ichiryu as he calls him brother after he left the base.

Unlike his Sous Chefs, Midora seems to value the use of the GT Robo as a means for those too weak to enter the Gourmet World to enter and fetch ingredients; part of the reason may be due to his regard for the Nitro species that is connected to GOD.

Midora’s is seen as an exact opposite to that of Ichiryu, having a deep hatred which is further fueled by his past with his former “brother”. With his hatred, he disregards any form of reconciliation with Ichiryu, this was shown at first when Ichiryu came to the Gourmet Corp. base in an attempt to invite Midora to Food Immersion Cape to have a meal, which Midora himself refused without reconsideration and was shown a second time when Ichiryu attempted to have a calm chat with him, again refusing. His hatred is further noted as he will, without a second thought, destroy anything that gets in his way to achieve his ambitions, as shown when he destroyed his Octopard beast without hesitation. He also cares little over the lives of those who live in the Human World, saying that his "appetite, along with the spices that is [his] hatred, will fall upon the Human World". With this, he attacked the Human World after defeating Ichiryu. He is also shown to be an honorable man, making a deal with the kidnapped chefs to let them go home if they can fulfill a condition and then honoring that deal when Komatsu was able to fulfill said condition.

Midora has a laugh that leads off with "kukkukkuku."

As the Third Son and Disciple[]

I guess because my blood is about as pure as a muddy ditch... I can't have those crystal-clear beautiful thoughts like you, Froese

—Midora, to Froese.

Compared to his current self, Midora had a very contrasting and dynamic personality before and during his time with his "Family". As a child, Midora was seen as a "wild beast" due to his aggressive nature being reflective of that of a true wild beast, taking everything for himself and disregarding anyone whom he came across, a natural predator. However, as time progressed, this eventually changes when he met his Family. 

Midora as a child, shed tears as he felt the impact of someone being there to aid him when he lived almost his whole childhood as a thief and a target of elimination. Eventually Midora became a happy and lively young child, being able to smile and enjoy what life has to offer without the feeling of selfishness and greed which had previously taken his life before being found by Froese. He is seen to be somewhat easily irritable as shown when Jiro taunts him over their training, though this could be due to Jiro's somewhat openly prideful and witty personality which seems to affect not only Midora but Ichiryu himself as well.

However, while Midora felt happiness, his heart still felt a "Deep, black emotion that would not disappear". This emotion is what grew inside him as a child and he felt that even with the ever changing time, his mind can never be clear of such thoughts and that he is truly a beast as he attacked a citizen who had insulted Froese even though he was already offered food, however this was disregarded by Froese when she eventually told Midora that his blood and tears are "Not one bit impure". It was then that Midora realized that he did not attack in blind rage, but he retaliated against someone whom had disrespected Froese since he saw the efforts that Froese made to create such a meal only to be thrown aside by an ungrateful person. 

Despite Midora's current state, he still holds his memories deep within himself as centuries have passed. As the Third Son of Acacia and Froese, Midora is said to be the one that truly believed in what Acacia has created, family. Even when he is facing his oldest brother Ichiryu in combat, Midora still treated him as a family and hesitated to deal the killing blow on Ichiryu. Jiro would go as far as warn Acacia not to tell Midora that all of what Acacia created was simply faked as Midora truly believed his family despite their relations breaking.  



Although there was not much interaction shown between them, they were close to each other as Acacia was the second person Midora felt no hostility toward and in turn Acacia quickly accepted him. Midora respected Acacia and saw him as a father figure as Acacia was the one who made Midora feel accepted when no one else would. It was Acacia that held out his hands to Midora when he became injured during their hunt and since then, the two have been seen with the others enjoying their life as a family.

In current times, Midora has become completely disconnected from his own foster family that he never knew as to what happened to Acacia since their foster father disappeared. Much of the information that Midora knew about what truly happened to Acacia and what really occurred during the previous Gourmet Eclipse was all given by Ichiryu. After finding the truth about Acacia, Midora set his sights in finding out more about the truth behind Acacia himself. When the battle for GOD occurs, Midora eventually meets Acacia once more however much of the respect Midora had for Acacia had dissolve into immense hatred as Midora believes that Froese had passed away due to the actions Acacia has taken. Acacia cares little for Midora's own emotion let alone that of Froese, and after an insulting remark about Froese, Midora decides to kill his own foster father.


Midora became very attached to his adoptive mother after she saved his life and showed him her kind charity, which deeply moved him, causing him to become very protective of her. He clearly cared for her dearly, shedding tears over her kind words and even killing a Flavor Rhino as a thank you present for her. Midora lashed out at a refugee for throwing the bento box that Froese took her time to make for them. Even after so many centuries, Midora continues to think of his mother fondly and his goals are primarily motivated for her sake, seeing the world as unworthy of her kindness and desiring to eat all the things that she could not.

Midora's attachment to Froese is both a strength and a weakness at the same time. His emotions for his foster mother was strong to the point that no person could deter him from doing what he feels is needed to be done to realize his foster mother's dreams. The only who has managed to deter him from his resolve is Froese herself as Froese showed Midora what it is to be truly kind to people even at times of hardship. This becomes Midora's weakness in his fight against Joie as Joie inhabits the body of Froese, the same body Midora attempted to revive. Midora hesitates to attack Joie when the latter changes his form to that of Froese, showing Midora would never do anything to hurt his foster mother.


During their first meeting in their youth, Midora was initially hostile to Ichiryu, believing him to be a threat to his new adoptive mother. However after being calmed down and properly introduced by Froese, the family quickly bonded and Midora was accepted into the family as the newest son and brother. Over time though, the bond between the two brothers faded as Midora grew more restless and sought out GOD for himself, forcing Ichiryu to fight him to the death, but spared him likely due to their past.

Hundreds of years later, Ichiryu would try and repair the broken bonds between him and his "little brother" as he affectionately called him, and offered him a compromise about obtaining GOD, sadly Midora refused and ordered his brother to leave, Ichiryu complied but left Midora with a powerful warning, which shocked and impressed Midora making him call Ichiryu his "brother" one last time once Ichiryu had left. Upon their eventful fight in Gourmet World, Midora completely abandoned all past bonds with his brother in order to keep him from interfering in his plans to obtain GOD, and was ready to kill Ichiryu in order to succeed, much to Ichiryu's disappointment. When Midora gained the upper hand in their battle he reminisced about his past, remembering his cruel childhood and the time spent with his loving family. In the end though, it appears these memories did indeed have an effect on Midora as he tearfully could not bring himself to deal the finishing blow to his equally tearful older brother and Ichiryu spent his final moments trying to warn Midora of the true evil that was lurking within the shadows in hopes that they could work together to stop it, however any hopes of them reconciling ended when Ichiryu's life was taken by the Blue Nitro. Surprisingly Midora protected his "big brother's" body from the Nitro's attempt to eat it. He then carefully picked up his brother's body in his arms and realized that Ichiryu was never aiming to kill him, showing that their familial bond was still indeed intact. He then respectfully acknowledged Ichiryu's desire to always follow his ideals and that he was the only true gallant man in a crude world. He then promised to return his body to a place they both memorably cherished, which is most likely the place they once shared meals at, also known as Food Immersion Cape.


In their youth, Jiro and Midora were in good terms with each other despite Jiro's constant teasing of Midora. Their relationship as brothers can be seen mostly as sibling rivalry of sorts as while Jiro accepts Midora as his younger brother, he didn't seem to fully approve of Midora as Midora seemed to be lackluster in terms of capabilities, going as far as to question why Acacia named Midora after a tiger. Despite this however, Midora grew to respect Jiro, especially when both Ichiryu and Jiro became fully fledged Gourmet Hunters and titled as World's Strongest. Jiro also began to respect his own brother. During Froese's death, Jiro is the one to discover Froese in Midora's arms as Midora explains how he attempted to help their foster mother get better. While Jiro never blamed Midora for the death of their foster mother, the two never spoke ever since Midora ran off from Froese's funeral to gather up Cure Water.

When Midora eventually fell into a darker emotion, the two had almost no interaction with each other since then. At best, they are never seen anywhere near each. Midora kept his distance from Jiro even till the present day. While the two never saw each other since Froese's passing, Jiro still knew that deep down Midora still held their memories as a family within him. Jiro understood Midora's feelings even though they never saw each other for hundreds of years. When Jiro was confronted by Acacia, who was influenced heavily by Neo, Jiro also showed that he too held their past as a family within him, much like Midora. Jiro even went as far as to warn Acacia not to tell Midora that all of it was fake, showing that while Jiro never saw Midora since then, he fully understood how Midora feels about their past as a family.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the 'Boss' of the Gourmet Corp., Midora has absolute authority over all its members, many of whom are very powerful in their own right. Although little has been seen of his combat abilities he is apparently extraordinarily strong, as very few can stand his equal in battle. He resides in Gourmet World and was trained by "Gourmet God" Acacia. This puts him on the same level as fellow Acacia-apprentices Ichiryu and "Knocking Master" Jiro, forming a trio recognized as the three strongest people in the world. Like Jiro and Ichiryu, he was able to scare a Surprise Apple into the 90 level range, a feat stated to normally take something as shocking as a meteor striking the planet. Even as a child, he had astounding survival skills and instincts, surviving starvation for many years on his own.

Midora's physical prowess is immense under every aspect. His speed, strength, reactions, stamina and durability are top-notch. For example, he withstood many of Ichiryu's powerful techniques while defenseless due to Minority World without suffering major injuries; when most of his organs stopped working, he still managed to stab his own chest to damage his heart, showcasing also a more than impressive tolerance to pain. He was left undamaged by attacks carried out by Zaus and Joie, the latter of which is one of the most powerful human fighters in the world, which vouches for an extreme level of durability; on the same occasion, he managed to land eight lethal blows on the Dark Chef in the span of 0.01 seconds without the latter noticing. He is also immune to Mohyan Shaishai's techniques.

After eating most of the Planetary Full Course, Midora reached immense power, fighting on par with Acacia who at the time, had already eaten his entire Full Course and his revived Demon. He was so powerful that mere explosions from his punches were the size of a large planet.

Gourmet Cells[]

Unsurprisingly, Midora's Gourmet Cells are very powerful and 'highly evolved' and according to Acacia, Midora was born with them. It is likely, considering his long lifespan and ravenous appetite, that Midora has been evolving his cells at a brisk pace for many years. His appetite is unparalleled, even among individuals enhanced with Gourmet Cells, to the point that an entire island of bones and food waste actually accumulated under a Gourmet Corp. facility. As a result, even the most delicious and amazing foods of the Human World no longer interest him or excite his Gourmet Cells. Midora's cells barely respond to the legendary Century Soup, for instance, and eating it does not even cause him to smile (even Yosaku and Setsuno both grinned uncontrollably after eating Komatsu's soup).

Appetite Demon[]

Midora devil

Midora's Intimidation

Midora's Appetite Demon takes the form of a huge turtle demon-like beast with sharp fangs and dark markings on its eyes similar to Midora's scars. He can use it for Intimidation and to fire his Meteor Spice from the creature's mouth.

  • AIR:[2] Midora's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left arm, allowing him to morph his left arm into that of his Appetite Demon. His body can now use oxygen for easily healing wounds
  • ANOTHER: Midora's Gourmet Cells awaken in his tongue, allowing him to morph his tongue into that of his Appetite Demon, bloom new senses of taste and eat things that are considered inedible.
  • NEWS: Midora's Gourmet Cells awaken in his left leg, allowing him to morph his leg into that of his Appetite Demon, and create the Back Channel.
  • EARTH: Midora's Gourmet Cells awaken in his right leg, allowing him to morph his leg into that of his Appetite Demon.
  • ATOM: Midora's Gourmet Cells awaken in his torso and head, allowing him to morph them into those of his Appetite Demon.

Food Honor[]

Despite his ruthless and greedy personality, Midora along with Ichiryu and Jiro trained in "Food Immersion Cape" in Gourmet World to master the skill of Food Honor and Food Immersion. Midora appears to be a master of both Food Honor and Food Immersion, as displayed by his high level of concentration and his incredible storage of energy. This comes as no surprise as Midora is one the most powerful individuals in the world. Being capable of using Food Honor, Midora's techniques increased in speed and strength several times over during battle by cutting down on useless movements and increasing his concentration. Doing this reduced his calorie consumption and caused his techniques to be far more delicate, allowing him to last longer in combat. However considering his personality, it is likely that his Food Honor naturally developed into Food Pressure as his views grew more tainted and selfish.

Food Immersion (食没 Shokubotsu): Being a master of Food Honor grants Midora the hidden skill of Food Immersion. Midora is capable immersing himself with a meal and by that, able to absorb and save more nutrients from it inside his body than normally possible. This helped him store almost unlimited amounts of energy inside his body, enabling him to survive for abnormal timespans without food or water and supporting his incredibly huge stamina.

Hunting Method[]

Midora makes significant use of his prehensile tongue(s) and physical strength while fighting. His tongue can actually instantly devour creatures simply by touching them, possibly in a manner similar to Sunny's Satan Hair. He can even multiply and mutate his tongue for a variety of offensive and defensive techniques. At close range however, Midora is more than willing to strike his foes with his incredible physical strength.


Ichiryu as well as Acacia commented that Midora has always been good at "imitating", meaning he is capable of understanding the mechanics behind someone's techniques to learn, counter, or exploit them. His form of imitation is by far the most complex as he can imitate not only the very nature of an opponent's ability but also the very nature around him, allowing him to blend into the environment as if he were a part of it. This imitation is so diverse due to his extreme mastery over his Mirror Neurons (ミラーニューロン Mirā Nyūron), as Ichiryu states. An example of this is seen when he uses Minority World to his favor by nearly killing himself, causing Ichiryu to praise his intuition. Acacia also praised Midora's talents of imitation during his youth when he trained with his brothers. Starjun also mentioned how Midora can copy any and all abilities. This is proven true when Midora copied Joie's Gourmet Luck and employed it against Acacia; when Midora used Knocking on Acacia to delay his death from Neo's regurgitation of ingredients; and one last time when Midora copied Zongeh's Gourmet Luck to restore the Earth's savoriness.


Similar to Ichiryu, Midora's physical presence is very strong, to the extent where it has an abnormal gravitational attraction when he powers up. Ichiryu demonstrated a similar feat at the Gourmet Corp. HQ, while in the midst of it Midora's attraction from powering up countered Ichiryu's and now had everything being pulled to him due to stronger gravitational attraction (similar to that of a planet). This hints at Midora being as strong or perhaps stronger than Ichiryu, although at the time most of Ichiryu's Gourmet Cells were asleep.

Appetite Energy[]

Midora is a master of Appetite Energy, a rare and powerful cellular energy created within Gourmet Cells that can only be harnessed by the most powerful predators at the top of the food chain. To support this energy, Midora has a massive appetite (he himself states it is "bottomless"), which is greater than that of all four of the Four Heavenly Kings' combined, as his Hungry Space is described as an alternative form of Ou Shoku Bansan. He also emitted it from the mouth of his Intimidation in the form of Meteor Spice.

It was also noted by Midora himself, that his appetite is so incredible, that it is constantly breaking its limits, which was further proven in his battle against Acacia.


Midora possesses a very distinct ability of blending which are usually unique to animals, mainly a chameleon. This ability allows him to literally mimic the very scenery around him, changing the very colour of both his body and his clothing to match the very environment around him as if he were a part of it, being able to flawlessly move around any places with incredible ease without threat. It was first shown when Alfaro presented him the Century Soup. It was again performed when Ichiryu visited the Gourmet Corp. HQ, Midora's eyes flashed from behind Niceny and in a moments notice, Midora appeared out of nowhere, he then disappeared from where he stood as if his body disperesed into thin air. The ability was finally confirmed by Ichiryu during their last battle in Stray Island when Midora easily vanished in the darkness around him, being able to easily sneak behind Ichiryu (in a similar fashion as he did with Niceny) and deal a deadly blow behind his brother.[3] This ability has been adapted to the newer model of GT Robos.


Midora shoots Meteor Spice

Meteor Spice (メテオスパイス Meteo Supaisu): He uses the monster of his Gourmet Cells to shoot a bombing raid of Appetite Energy in the form of spice from its mouth that flutters down like a meteor shower spreading as dashes of spice. The impacts of the meteors cause dramatic explosions, totally devastating an enormous area in an instant, to the extent of affecting the whole of Human World.[4]

Gourmet Spice
Gourmet Spice heal
Gourmet Spice (グルメスパイス Gurume Supaisu): After copying Zongeh's Food Luck and turning his own energy into savoriness, Midora manifests his Appetite Demon and launches Meteor Spice but as a creative force, rather than destructive. It is able to restore the entire planet after the battle with Neo.[5]. However, this result in his demise in the end as he lost all his life force.

Hungry Tongue small

Hungry Tongue (ハングリートング Hangurī Tongu): Midora can use his tongue as a weapon like a spear or whip, similar to the way the Salamander Sphinx used its tongue, but consuming everything it touches. He can control its length, size, direction and form. The tongue is strong enough to obliterate OctopardRipper The Fox, and Goron Beast in one hit; and split one of the Stray Islands in half.[6] It can move fast enough to be completely undetected and consume a regenerating Ichiryu.[7]

Midora attacking Ichiryuu with Ibara no Shita

Tongue of Thorns (茨の舌 Ibara no Shita): Midora multiplies and changes the shape of his tongue, which gains an appearance of thorned whips. He can use it to attack from every angle, but it was easily stopped by Ichiryu's Chopstick Pass.[8]

Midora using Tongue Shield to protect himself from Ichiryuu's Sashi Bashi

Tongue Shield (トングシールド Tongu Shīrudo): Midora uses one of his tongues as a makeshift shield by spinning it rapidly enough to make it seem like a shield. It withstood Ichiryu's Stabbing Chopsticks.[9]

Midora using Mountain Tongue

Mountain Tongue (マウンテントング Maunten Tongu): Midora enlarges its tongue to a huge size and uses it as a flail to counter incoming attacks and smash the opponent with its tip to the ground. It could obliterate many of Ichiryu's Chopsticks thrown with immense power

Midora using Machine Gun Tongue

Machine Gun Tongue (マシンガントング Mashin Gan Tongu): Midora releases a branch of innumerable tongues from his mouth that has a widespread range of attack.[10]

Hungry Space small
Ichiryuu's arm getting eaten by Midora's Hungry Space
Hungry Space
Hungry Space (ハングリースペース Hangurī Supēsu): An immensely powerful offensive technique born from Midora's Hungry Tongue technique. His Hungry Tongue is revealed not only to consume solid objects, but absolutely every single atom its tip touches, swallowing even the air itself and thus leaving vacuums in the paths of trajectory it takes, tubular vacuums Midora pours his voracious Appetite Energy into to transform them into what he calls Hungry Space. Said paths filled with Midora's very Appetite remain as imperceptible as a normal vacuum, thus being nigh impossible to avoid, are at first stationary, and instantaneously eat into everything that touches them on an atomic level, leaving not a single atom behind in the area eaten away (thus rendering any power that manipulates atoms such as Minority World in that area useless), causing large gaping holes reminicent of bite wounds in Midora's prey at the areas of contact, acting like invisible snare traps. Additionally, while it is unknown if Midora gains any kind of nutrition from the things consumed by his Hungry Space, once a prey has been touched and thus eaten into by one of the paths that have been completely unmovable until then, Midora learns the prey's taste and can then move the paths to attack the prey directly to eat them away, functioning in a way similar to the Four Heavenly Kings' Ō Shoku Bansan, only being vastly more dangerous due to being utterly imperceptible and on a grand scale.[11] If one attempts to directly attack Midora when the latter has already activated Hungry Space, they will highly likely be consumed because Midora's Hungry Tongue has already created a path around Midora, therefore acting as a sort of all-consuming shield around him.

Ichiryuu activating his Minority World

Minority World (マイノリティワールド Mainoriti Wārudo): The very same technique that has been used by his older brother Ichiryu, Midora creates a space where any form of minorities within a micro scale could be used to become the majority and reverse any major effects on himself or the area around him. This ability is derived from Ichiryu thanks to the Mirror Neurons within Midora allowing him to imitate just about any kind of forms. Much like Ichiryu's version, Minority World allows Midora to recover in an instant from any damage dealt against him as well as create a reverse effect toward his opponents, allowing him to completely wipe out an enemy. He uses this ability against Joie when he cannot land a hit against the Dark Chef, but in contrast to Ichiryu's, Midora's version attempts to erase the opponent completely as opposed to having them die by having their bodily functions reversed.[12]

Meteor Burst

Meteor Burst (メテオバースト Meteo Bāsuto): Midora releases a burst of Appetite Energy from his mouth. It is capable of launching an opponent into space. It is first used against Acacia.[13]

Hungry Blow

Hungry Blow (ハングリーブロー Hangurī Burō): It is a punch powerful enough to cause an explosion when the target hits the ground. It is first used against Acacia.[14]

Hungry Bomb

Hungry Bomb (ハングリーボム Hangurī Bomu): Midora expells Appetite Energy from his mouth. The attack was eaten by Acacia before its power could be seen. [15]

Meteor Laser

Meteor Laser (メテオレーザー Meteo Rēzā): Midora manifests his Appetite Demon, which fires a barrage of Appetite Energy lasers from its mouth. They were powerful enough to destroy Acacia's Earth-sized Appetite Energy hands.[16]

Hungry Whip

Hungry Whip (ハングリーウイップ Hangurī Uippu): Midora stretches his tongue into space, and then slams it into the ground with enough force to leave continent-sized imprint on the surface of the planet.[17]


Birth and Childhood[]

Midora as baby

The infant Midora on the nest of Red Haired Pigs.

Midora was an orphaned infant born atop a pile of hard straw during the disastrous era of the Gourmet War who along with several other human babies was given to a livestock of wild Red Haired Pigs to be used as food for the carnivorous pigs during the starving times, however Midora was luckily born with Gourmet Cells and instead proved to be a competent predator even in infancy, and was thus raised as one of their own, feeding off the mother pigs' teats and learning to survive in the wild like an animal.

Young Midora

Midora, the feral child.

Once he reached childhood, he proved to be a fast and wild child who often stole food from nearby settlements in order to survive, often running from townsfolk who were not only angered by his thefts but who also feared him due to his ability to survive amongst the Red Haired Pigs.

Midora getting discovered by Frohze

The starving Midora is discovered by Froese.

Growing up he had an insatiable appetite that would not be satisfied no matter how much he stole or what he ate (even if it was sand or tree bark) and sometimes he would pass out from his uncontrollable hunger. Eventually however, his wild life as a thieving young predator came to an end when the Gourmet War worsened, beginning a harsh food shortage and many difficulties for the young child. After finally collapsing from starvation, he was discovered by a young Froese who then took the starving child with her.


Midora with his new family.

After awaking in Froese's home, the young Midora was shocked and fearful, but after Froese kindly offered him some of her homemade food, Midora was driven to tears by her kindness and charity as he had never known such a feeling before in his life. When he awoke the next day he was greeted by a large meal prepared just for him by Froese, making it the first time he had ever eaten a warm meal, this caused him to warm up to Froese and become very protective of her. Later on when Acacia, Ichiryu and Jiro returned home from a hunt, Midora become very hostile towards them but was quickly calmed by Froese who let him know that they were not enemies, but were in fact his new adoptive family. That night all of them gathered around the dinner table where they got to know the newest member of their family and welcomed him warmly while the three new siblings teased one another.

The Third Disciple[]

At some point, Acacia formally accepted his adopted son Midora as the third of his disciples, after his elder brothers Ichiryu and Jiro and began training him and teaching him all that he could. Ichiryu claims that Midora was the favorite of both Acacia and Froese during this period. Froese continue to grow closer to Midora, personally asking him to assist her in her task of sharing food to the hungry citizens which Midora felt a severe despise of due to his childhood before meeting his Family. 

During the events of the Gourmet War, Midora continued to study under Acacia, learning more about the Gourmet World as well as how to hunt different ingridients along with his two former brothers. As the Gourmet War continued, Acacia as began to fear the upcoming event, the Solar Eclipse. While Ichiryu dispatched the limbs of the Four Beast, and Jiro sealing its main body, Midora was not assigned any particular role in the event, however Midora, along with his brothers, eventually heard about Acacia's Full Course Menu, of which none of the three knew about. Midora questioned the events that occurred, however, Acacia kept his silence and did not share any information.

Eventually, Midora started to crave his master's main dish GOD. He began his craving for the phantasmal ingredient due to the unimaginable turn of events which had occurred during the 500 years long war. This craving was not only fueled by his own appetite, but also by the death of his adoptive mother, Froese. With her death, Midora attempted multiple times to heal his mother, going as far as to recklessly enter the domain of the Derous Dragon to obtain the ingredient known as Cure Water in order to heal Froese. During his return, however, he was injured in what seemed to be a deadly fight, but was able to return with what little Cure Water he could obtain. Eventually his wounds caused him to fall and left Froese no other option but to use the last of her strength and use her God Cooking abilities accompanied by dark techniques in order to heal Midora, a turn of events which left Midora forever scarred. With her Gourmet Cells having lost their will and Midora holding her in his arms, Froese passed away. Acacia gave orders to all his disciples and the young Setsuno to keep on living, both for themselves and for Froese, Acacia would then disappear from the world after their brief funeral.

I'll... work hard for you,... I'll work... my whole life... for you, Froese...

—Midora, to his departed mother.

Day after day, Midora continued to visit his mother's grave, pouring Cure Water over it as his tears dropped from his saddened face, eventually the effects of Cure Water would come to create a sense of disturbance in Froese's grave. As the world began to thrive towards the light after the Gourmet War and the Eclipse, Midora sunk to darkness.

Ichiryuu defeating Midora in the past

A young Midora defeated by Ichiryu in the past

Ichiryu became aware of his sink into darkness and eventually, the two would fight for the first time in their lives; Ichiryu spared Midora in their first battle, eventually regretting doing so. Afterwards, Midora began searching all over the Human and Gourmet Worlds for Acacia's Full Course, amassing an arsenal of powerful followers for this purpose. His desire was amplified by Acacia's silence regarding GOD and his refusal to tell his disciples about the dish as well as the death of his adoptive mother, Froese, leading to Midora's discovery of the Nitro and their connection to GOD during the events of the Solar Eclipse. By amassing high quality ingredients, he hopes to bait the Nitro (especially ones known as Blue Nitro), who only desire the highest quality ingredients, and learn GOD's location by observing them.

Century Soup Arc[]

Alfaro appears before Midora to deliver the Century Soup.[18] Midora eats some but is unfazed by the effects of the legendary soup, surprising and impressing Alfaro. Midora asks Alfaro how many members of the Gourmet Corp. are capable of entering the Gourmet World, and tells him to get the other members to eat the Century Soup to increase this number by evolving their Gourmet Cells. Midora then slowly vanishes from sight, declaring to Alfaro that from then on, the organization would be focused on the ingredients of the Gourmet World.[19]

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

When Ichiryu comes to visit Midora in the Gourmet World, Kuromado prepares to gather the Gourmet Corp. management at the front lines and sends Alfaro to warn Midora of the situation. After hearing the message, Midora orders Alfaro to let Ichiryu through, telling him they could not stop Ichiryu even if they wanted to.[20] Midora appears on the battlefield just as the Gourmet Corp. are about to attack. He and Ichiryu have a short conversation in which Ichiryu calls Midora "little brother" and invites him to share a meal at their old training grounds. Midora refuses and rebuffs Ichiryu's offer to share GOD with him some day, saying he would take the dish entirely for himself. As Ichiryu is leaving, he threatens the assembled Gourmet Corp. with Intimidation, and Midora compliments him on its effectiveness by quietly calling him "brother". As he does so, Midora's body dissolves into light and vanishes, much to the surprise of his subordinates.[21]

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

After Starjun's successful return from Chowlin Temple, Midora was seen eating a massive feast made up of countless creatures and was seen throwing their bones away onto an even larger pile of bones. He then wondered if the "old man" would be coming.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

As Joie confronted Starjun over the fate of Komatsu above Gourmet Stadium, Midora's voice suddenly boomed from the sky, declaring that nothing more would get in his way. From an unknown location, Midora then uses his devastating Meteor Spice against Cooking Island, apparently obliterating much of it and leaving the fates of those still present unknown. It is revealed that the technique is destroying the whole of Human World.

In a flashback, Midora is seen riding his Octopard in front of Ichiryu, Atashino and Melk the First at the Slow Rain Hills. The IGO chairman wonders whether they can just chat, but the Gourmet Corp. Boss replies they will talk only through their fists. During this flashback, Ichiryu insisted that he and Midora change their location, Midora merely stated that where they fought did not matter for either way Ichiryu would be going to the "Next World". Both Ichiryu and Midora then ascended the skies and landed on Stray Islands, here Midora taunts Ichiryu for a slight moment, telling him to be the food of several stray beasts. Midora then took note of Ichiryu's Gravity and noted that it was not a mere physical gravity achieved through Food Immersion but a Gravity that is so powerful it matches the "Power of Humanity" itself. 

After experiencing a slight shock when Ichiryu formed his hands and used his Chopsticks, Midora was reminded by Ichiryu of the day the two previously fought. Ichiryu prompted that he failed to kill Midora in the past and Ichiryu is there to finish what he started. Ichiryu then states of how much Midora has rotted, Midora replies by simply stating that Ichiryu had merely aged and that his appetite along with "The spices that is [his] hatred" will fall down the Human World, stating current events of Meteor Spice falling into the Human World. 

With Midora and Ichiryu at a standoff, Midora proceeds to stick out his tongue, he then uses his technique, Hungry Tongue, to extend the length of his own tongue to extremes lash it like a whip towards the three beasts that were caught on Ichiryu's Chopsticks, consuming all three with only a touch of his tongue. He then proceeds to lash his tongue down towards Ichiryu (but missing the target), piercing the grounds of Stray Island with extreme ease, he then continues to lash his tongue and split a large chunk of the island. Midora noticed that Ichiryu had already managed to dodge his attack and fly to the sky, this made Midora return his tongue back to his mouth. Having realized what had just occurred, Ichiryu explains to Midora the slips of his movements and how his movements caused an "error below micro level". With this knowledge, Midora asked if what was applied in order to dodge the attack was the "Square Root Law". Midora then gives an example of the "Square Root Law" by saying that if he had one hundred particles all together, the square root of the one hundred particles - ten - would have a rather exceptional movement.

With the "Square Root Law" further explained, Midora then states to Ichiryu that many creatures are capable of flight however only Ichiryu himself uses an unusual method by using the extremely small number of "stray atoms" (minority) in order to lift himself. Ichiryu then replies that even though they are a minority, one day they will band make a change, Ichiryu then proceeds to tell Midora of the minority within him gaining influence little by little to which Midora violently reject by proceeding to attack Ichiryu using his Tongue of Thorns. Midora's attack was easily blocked; Ichiryu rushed to Midora and proceeded to jab Midora's mouth with his Chopsticks however Midora managed to quickly block off the attack using his Tongue Shield, Midora then counters using a flurry of punches towards Ichiryu, each missing by mere inches. Ichiryu taunted Midora by stating that he didn't even need to dodge, Midora then took on a full hit of Ichiryu's Seseri Bashi, being jabbed with a flurry of Chopsticks. With this, Midora takes note of the precision of his movements, and was now put at an extreme disadvantage. Midora then observes as Ichiryu proceeds to use his Minority World in the fight. 

As he continues to do battle with Ichiryu, Midora has been put into a severe disadvantage due to Ichiryu's technique. His Mountain Tongue misses Ichiryu by a great distance, giving safety to Ichiryu who didn't even take a step to dodge. Midora follows his previous attack with his Machine Gun Tongue but all of them miss the target who is simply walking towards Midora. With all attacks failing to hit, Ichiryu states that Midora's body has begun to stop listening as the "minority" (stray atoms) within Midora have begun to take over. Ichiryu then begins to remark the true terror of his technique; Midora realizes that his oxygen intake have become reduced due to his lungs not taking in any oxygen at all and struggles to breath. Ichiryu then claims that his technique was not limited at all to just conscious movement but it literally affects everything within a person that make them function normally. Midora struggles to keep his body functioning as Ichiryu explains that when his technique was executed, the winner was already decided. As Ichiryu claims to regret not having finished off his brother five hundred before, he readies himself to strike down Midora. 

As Ichiryu says that he will meet Midora in the next world, Ichiryu was attacked by an unknown force. Ichiryu then sees the turn of events as Midora, whom was equipped with the knowledge of the minority, reverses the effects of the minority by mortally wounding himself and causing his body to die naturally. Due to Ichiryu's technique literally going against all natural causes, Midora explains that his natural death was reversed as the stray atoms within him go against his death, allowing him to live. Shocked by the turn of events, Ichiryu realizes that his brother had "eaten" him by the "space" around him.[22]

With the intensity of the battle between Midora and Ichiryu rising to deadly levels, a vortex known as the Emperor Ring forms around them. The vortex was so intense that unlike the many vortex formed in the Gourmet World, the one that had been formed between Ichryuu and Midora had a seriously deadly Gravitational Pull that pulled any helpless monsters within vicinity, all of them ultimately being lead to their death and was pre-eminent even for the Gourmet World. Ichiryu commends Midora for pushing his life beyond boundaries, going so far as to kill himself in order to gain the upper hand, Midora then comments of how he has imitated Ichiryu's ability. Ichiryu gave a brief explanation to Midora of how imitation is not nearly enough to gain him the upper hand, Midora then suffers from his injury as Ichiryu cancels his ability but Midora simply smiles and counters his brother with Hungry Space, further consuming the already heavily damaged Ichiryu, dismembering him of his left arm in the process. As Ichiryu further realizes the horror of Midora's ability by comparing to the Four Heavenly King's Ou Shoku Bansan, Midora informs Ichiryu that simply blocking will have little to no effect as his ability not only consumes the very objects around it, but also the atoms that make up the area, therefore rendering Ichiryu's ability useless as there are no atoms to manipulate. 

As Ichiryu is helpless due to his state, he questions Midora's hunger; Midora replies that his hunger has no end, no matter how much he eats. Midora then shares his ruined childhood past with Ichiryu, telling him of the desperation he has gone through in order to find food and be able to eat when he was young. 

After Midora states much of his story and how much he had changed, the two brothers continue to do battle. Ichiryu still left in a helpless state thanks to Midora's Hungry Space. Midora then expresses his emotions, stating he felt crumpled within and only eating eased the feeling. Ichiryu began to suspect that Midora had become enslaved by his own hunger; Ichiryu expressed disappointment at his brother as he had forgotten their mission: To succeed Acacia's Will and Froese's Heart. With this, Ichiryu stated that in their previous battle, it was not Ichiryu who had defeated Midora, but his own hunger. Midora berated Ichiryu and accepted that he is indeed a slave to his own appetite. Midora finally lashes out his Gourmet Cells in order to end the battle between him and Ichiryu.

Midora bids farewell

Midora and Ichiryu shed tears as their battle concludes.

Ichiryu recovers in haste from the injuries Midora's technique had caused however Midora easily destroyed mass amounts of the recovered flesh at high speed. Ichiryu, desperate to end his brother, unleashes one of his strongest technique only for Midora to dodge it; Midora admits he wished to feel the full force of the attack by getting hit and even admitted jealousy over his older brother. Midora then expresses his own disappointment at his brother's strength; stating that it had been reduced due to aging; and then disappears into darkness. Ichiryu scouts the area but to no avail, Midora snuck behind his brother and dealt a deadly blow, caushing a hole in Ichiryu's body. As his brother falls, Midora sheds tears, this reminded Ichiryu of their past battle, of how Midora had also shed tears during their fight. Midora states that he had always been hungry no matter how much he had eaten and that he knew Ichiryu could never strike and kill him.

Meteor Spice ch254

The cry that would ultimately strike the Human World

Ichiryu laments as he speaks his mind; he knew Midora was never in hunger, he was actually searching for a loving family but it became an expression of endless hunger. As Ichiryu laid dying on the floor, Midora states that "The Devil's Roar" will fall upon the Human World (in the form of Meteor Spice), but before that, he would finish his adversary. Ichiryu states that he had indeed wished for the three brothers to rejoin for one final feast, shedding tears, before Midora struck the final blow. He would then unleash his Gourmet Cells and perform Meteor Spice in anger and sadness as he reminisced about his mother's words to him.

After a heated battle between the two brothers, Midora spared Ichiryu's life, purposefully missing and preventing Ichiryu's death by striking the floor at the side of Ichiryu. Ichiryu asks why Midora had spared him and the latter states that his brother's ability is still active, to which his brother called a plain lie. Midora then gave a different reason, he excalimed that his brother is past his due date and therefore he is unworthy of being eaten (by this, Midora states that Ichiryu is too old and therefore not worth the kill). As his brother laid on the floor, Midora told his brother that recovery should be his priority as he will die like the humans of the Human World if he does not. Ichiryu states that he had prepared for such an event and that his Full Course Menu would finally be used.

As Midora stood by his brother, the latter reveals to Midora the information about their "True Enemy" and how both the IGO and the Gourmet Corp. have already become infested by the "True Enemy". Midora, confused, questions his brother as to what exactly he meant. Ichiryu told Midora that in order to enter the "Final Land" a chef with both Food Luck and cooking abilities that match their former mother, Froese, is needed. Ichiryu continues by stating that the Gourmet God Acacia had not taken to account the supposed death of the Chef Goddess and thus Acacia performed a "Factor of Evil" by purposefully allowing Midora to search for the Cure Water in hopes that the chef who was able to prepare the Gourmet God's Full Course would awaken once more. This is supposedly a movement that would "awaken" Midora, meaning that Acacia not only knew Midora's sink into darkness, but also used Midora's growing evil in hopes that it would revive the chef who is able to prepare the legendary Full Course Menu.


Ichiryu's passing in the arms of his younger brother, Midora.

Just as Midora had realized what the words of his brother meant, a subspecies of Nitro, the notorious Blue Nitro, appears from nowhere and mercilessly stomps on the heavily wounded Ichiryu, effectively ending the life of the once great president and father of the Four Heavenly Kings. Midora had been surprised by the attack but he was unfazed by the presence of such a being. The mysterious Blue Nitro then attempts to devour the body of the departed Ichiryu, but is stopped by Midora who frightens the creature away with his mighty presence and warns it that Ichiryu is of far too high a quality to be eaten by the likes of it. The Blue Nitro fled the scene afterwards, having easily slipped through Midora's Hungry Tongue. Midora then carefully picks up the body of his older brother while trying to make sense of the final words he spoke to him and then realizes that if Ichiryu had been aiming to kill him, their fight would not have ended like it did. Midora, now cradling his brother's body in his arms realizes that his brother was the only gallant man in a crude world and was someone who always stayed true to his ideals like a rising dragon. Midora then promises to take Ichiryu's body to their most cherished and memorable place.

Midora later returns to the damaged Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ to gather all the chefs to prepare a meal. Starjun apologizes to Midora to which he states there is no need to apologize as Starjun was the only on to completely accomplish his mission. He then states that those who betrayed him will be eliminated. He then states that he is hungry and openly announces that all the chefs that have been gathered within the Gourmet Corp. base are now a part of his own Combo much to the shock of the chefs. He tells them that their job is to now satiate his hunger and that all the chefs will be provided with all of the ingredients needed to make the food, he also states to the chefs that all ingredients provided are higher quality unlike any the chefs have ever seen. The chefs, unwilling to cook for Midora, began to protest against him and his desire.

While the protest continues, Alfaro comes to the gathering to announce to the chefs that their luxury of choice has been removed, Alfaro then states that many of the Gourmet Corp. members who have defected were manipulated through a form of hypnotism and points out that Grinpatch has also been manipulated. Alfaro then warns all of the people present that those who betray Midora will face death. The chefs continue to protest against working for Midora and even states that they are saints that will not work for evil. Midora smiles after hearing the statement and makes an offer; any of the chefs present who can make Midora say the word "Delicious" will be free to go home, much to the shock of Starjun. Midora further states that before the chefs can call themselves "saints", they should first try to satisfy at least one single customer.

Komatsu steps up and accepts the proposal much to Midora's delight (calling Komatsu a "good sport"). Ootake comes to the scene and warns the Gourmet Corp. boss that there are little ingredients left to be provided however Komatsu says he will do the best he can with the ingredients provided. The chefs are shocked by Komatsu's action and questions the latter however Komatsu simply states that he is a chef and as a chef he simply wants to make food for someone who is hungry. Komatsu brings out a feast, using what few ingredients remained, which Midora devours in an instant. Midora is stunned by the food that he had eaten, having a small drop of saliva coming from his mouth.

Midora laughing

Midora laughing.

Just after his feast, the Gourmet Corp. base begins to collapse, Midora simply sat in awe as the base falls, however the base suddenly stops from collapsing. Starjun notices that Midora had stopped the fall and after the sudden event. He then breaks out laughing surprising both Starjun and Alfaro. Alfaro notes that he had not even cracked a smile after eating the Century Soup. Midora asks Komatsu his name which Komatsu gives and then request that they all share a meal saying that they taste better when eaten in a group. Midora simply cracks a smile and tells Komatsu he is free to go home if he wishes, much to the shock of Ootake and Starjun. Komatsu surprises Midora by saying that he won't leave until the greatest Gourmet Hunter, Toriko, comes to retrieve him.

Billion Bird Arc[]

When Toriko and his friends retrieved the final ingredient of Ichiryu's Full Course Menu, Toriko and Komatsu were asked as to what had happened to the captured chefs that were taken by the Gourmet Corp.. Toriko and Komatsu stated that the Gourmet Corp. HQ was already in ruins when Toriko had arrived and that all the chefs were transferred elsewhere. He also stated that the only other people who were in the Gourmet Corp. HQ were himself, Komatsu and Midora.

Midora was briefly mentioned by Jiro and Setsuno regarding the events that have transpired in both the Human and Gourmet World. In the Gourmet World, both Jiro and Setsuno find a Million Tree growing on Food Immersion Cape as a memorial for Ichiryu. Setsuno comments on how it was growing on dried up land and assumes it was the Saiseiya's doing however Jiro states it was Midora using Ichiryu's technique. Jiro then comments on how Midora used to be the least adept disciple in their youth but now has become so powerful that even Jiro cannot match him. Setsuno states that Midora will eventually pay for his actions. 

AIR Arc[]

During the Heavenly Kings first travel together into Gourmet World, their first task was to capture Acacia's Salad dish, the Food King AIR. The first people they meet in their travels were Atashino and Melk The First, whom alongside Ichiryu, were present during the battle between Gourmet Corp. and IGO. The Heavenly Kings were fortunate that they did not encounter any of the Gourmet Corp. members during their travels and managed to capture AIR, but they were unfortunate as they were ambushed by NEO after their success in capturing AIR. During their preparations to head to their next mission, Toriko requested Brunch with a mission.

PAIR Arc[]

It is later revealed that the mission which Toriko tasked Brunch was to head to Gourmet Corp.'s new base of operation, the Sea Mountain, and personally deliver a portion of the fully prepared AIR to Midora. When IGO sent their backup to Gourmet World, Chin Chinchin asked the Daruma Hermit if Brunch really did take the mission which Toriko requested and the Daruma Hermit confirmed it. When Brunch finally reached the Gourmet Corp.'s new base of operation, he began to worry about facing Midora himself, even though earlier he was thinking about simply defeating Midora himself.

When Brunch arrived at Midora's room within the new Gourmet Corp. base, he is faced by Midora himself, who was surprised to see that someone had indeed delivered AIR to him. Brunch feels an intense strength emanating from the Gourmet Corp. Boss. Due to the immense difference in their strength, Brunch questions Midora as to whether he indeed requested Acacia's Full Course menu from the Heavenly King Toriko.

Midora then tells Brunch the story of when Midora originally met Toriko during NEO's rise to power. When Toriko finally arrived at the location of the Gourmet Corp. hideout, he reached the room where Midora is located. Midora is surprised that Toriko had managed the hideout, thinking Toriko knew of the place. However Toriko confirms that it was actually the scent of Komatsu which has led him to the Gourmet Corp.'s hideout. Midora looked into Toriko and realized an immense appetite which lurked within Toriko, something which Ichiryu told Midora before hand. The mention of the former IGO President led Toriko to question as to why Midora killed Ichiryu (unbeknownst to Toriko, it was actually a Blue Nitro that dealt the killing blow). Midora simply looked into Toriko and stated that they were simply fated to fight one another. Toriko tells Midora that he was more than sure that Ichiryu wanted to share a meal with Midora however Midora simply ignores Toriko's words and tells him that Komatsu is fine and that he should leave with Komatsu immediately. Confused, Toriko questions the Gourmet Corp. boss again, this time asking as to why he would let Komatsu go so easily, and asking as to what Midora's true goal is. Midora remembers for a moment a meal he had and states that his goal is in the past, but then continues to say that by gathering his adoptive father's Full Course Menu along with the Hors d'oeuvre, he could "Arrive to the past [his] hands cannot reach". Toriko realized that his body had suddenly recovered from fatigue and hearing the words of the Gourmet Corp. boss, Toriko offers to take care of Midora's future. Surprised at the sudden words of Toriko, Midora questions the Gourmet Hunter's words, Toriko then tells Midora that he will capture Acacia's Full Course Menu and deliver each item to Midora as they are both after the same exact things. Toriko continues to say that if he captures Acacia's Full Course Menu before anyone else, his condition would be to deliver not only to Midora himself but also to the Human World as well, and when the Full Course is assembled, everyone will eat together, including the Gourmet Corp. boss. Midora laughs yet a second time, stating that whether it be Toriko or Komatsu, the combo of Toriko and Komatsu makes Midora laugh. He then takes Toriko's offer and request him deliver Acacia's Full Course Menu to him as a form of confirmation as to whether Toriko would stay true to his words or not.

After telling his story to Brunch, Midora confirmed that it is indeed a request from him that Toriko deliver Acacia's Full Course Menu to the Gourmet Corp. Surprised at the revelation, Brunch states his disagreement to Toriko's decision and asks the Gourmet Corp. Boss whether the chefs are safe before completely handing over AIR. Midora asks the tengu for his name however Starjun tells Midora of Brunch's name, joining the conversation. Midora continues to muse about how Toriko is an excellent Gourmet Hunter however Toriko only managed to deliver one ingredient to Midora which is AIR. Midora then gives information to Brunch on how the current Gourmet Corp. hideout is close to the next location which Toriko needs to travel to which is Area 6 where the next of Acacia's Full Course Menu, the legendary fish ANOTHER, is located. He states to Brunch that at the current state of Toriko and his group, they cannot do anything to capture ANOTHER as Area 6 is a place where a Gourmet Hunter cannot do anything however he calmly tells Brunch that is may also be his time to shine and suggests to Brunch that he lend his strength to Toriko and the Heavenly Kings. He also sends Starjun as a guide for Brunch before they depart.


Midora Gourmet 326

While not having taken any action of his own to assist the capture of Acacia's Full Course, Midora sent Starjun not only as Brunch's guide but also to help assist Toriko and the other Human World skilled personnel in the capture of Acacia's Full Course. When Starjun and Toriko meet inside Jiji's Magneticlam, Toriko asks if Starjun was sent under Midora's orders, assuming Starjun's presence would be due to Midora. Starjun replies that Toriko should not ask if he already knows and that Starjun is acting in accordance to Midora's goal. Starjun then questions Toriko about the capture of PAIR. With its abilities to change one's gender, Starjun states that it unraveled a particularly mysterious story which is personal to Midora himself, Starjun then repeats Midora's words to Toriko: "I know with certainty now what opponent to aim my tongue spear at". With Midora's words, Toriko felt a sense of slight unease.

As the rest of the people converse, Damala asks Brunch if the rest of the chefs that were captured by the Gourmet Corp. are safe and Brunch confirms that they are. Brunch tells Damala that he made an agreement with Midora; if Toriko and the Human World skilled personnel can gather and deliver all of Acacia's Full Course to Midora, Midora would set all captured chefs free. Brunch feels doubtful if Midora would keep his words however Komatsu believes that Midora would not go against his words.

Midora in NEO Headquarters

Midora in NEO Headquarters

After having sent both Starjun and Brunch to assist Toriko in their current endeavors within Gourmet World, Midora prepared himself for a different task. As events occur which would cause the rest of the Eight Kings to make their move, elsewhere in Area 1, Joie senses intrusion in their base. As Teppei attempts to escape the NEO's headquarters, he is cornered by strong members of NEO, in a fortunate turn of events, Alfaro comes and assists the Saiseiya in escaping from the NEO members. Alfaro comments on Joejoe's betrayal against the Gourmet Corp. as something which Midora isn't particularly mad about however Midora intends to eliminate them. As the NEO members attempt to show their newfound powers, they are suddenly attacked by a violent force. As Zaus looks behind them, there stood none other than the third disciple of Acacia, Midora.[23]

Midora confronts the members of NEO and asks them where Joie is, the members of NEO attack him but are violently destroyed by Midora. Confused that they survived, Midora questions how they managed to withstand his attack. Joie confront Midora and tells him about Life Orbs.[24] Midora is instantly shocked by Joie's appearance, and in the moment of hesitation, Joie attacks. However, his attack has no effect and Midora had already launched his counterattack, destroying eight of Joie's Life Orbs. Midora begins to interrogate Joie and why he was resurrected instead of Froese when Midora attempted to revive the Chef Goddess and what Acacia's goal is. As Midora continues to interrogate Joie, Joie's Appetite Demon loses patience and inadvertently insults Froese. Joie worries about Midora's reaction due to his emotional attachment to Froese and attempts to persuade him to join NEO's cause. Midora tells Joie that he is not being emotional but NEO has "long ago stepped on the tiger's tail" and proceeds to destroy NEO's base.[25]

As Midora launches a flurry of attacks, Joie uses his Tokage and drags Midora to Landsea to avoid damage to NEO's ship. Midora worries little about the change in location as they are still on Earth. Joie tells Midora that whilst all of Acacia's Disciples have the strength to destroy the world, only Midora is capable of actually doing it since he already destroyed the Human World once. Joie then creates a Warp Kitchen to fight Midora in. Midora sees the knife that Joie unsheathes and recognizes it. As Joie continues to talk about Gourmet Cells, Joie's Appetite Demon once again appears and tells Midora that his anger is not worth Joie's time. Midora tells the demon to stay and tells Joie that while his anger is only for a moment, it will etch a memory of fear onto Joie's cells which will never disappear. Midora then says that when he destroys Joie, he will tell the Dark Chef his Full Course Menu.[26]

As battles across the world continue, Midora remains undeterred when Acacia eventually destroys Jiro in combat as Joie keeps him ignorant of the outside world by maintaining his Warp Kitchen. As Jiro's screams could be heard all over the world, Midora does not hear his brother's voice. Joie being at a disadvantage against Midora comments on the Gourmet Corp. boss' strength, stating his doubts on whether there could be anyone to defeat Midora in combat. Joie, however, assures himself that he has Midora cornered when it comes to food. Midora simply tells his opponent to fight him seriously. Joie complies by reforming his body to take on the appearance of Froese, in order to manipulate Midora's memories.[27]

With Midora facing his foster mother in combat, Joie uses every opportunity he can get to strike down Midora. However due to Midora's incredible recovery, Joie is unable to destroy him. Joie tells Midora that in the space they are in, he has used a special fungus to attack Midora, but Midora instantly eats all the fungi using his Hungry Space. As Midora retaliates, he misses every hit, Joie yet again changes his form to Froese to further deepen his emotional hold on Midora, which Midora quickly tells Joie to stop. Joie then starts assuming that Froese was simply used by Acacia for her Food Luck, telling Midora that the fungus he released could have killed him if he did not have Froese's Food Luck. With Midora struggling to hit his opponent, Joie continues landing deadly strikes on Midora, who quickly recovers. Joie claims that while Midora is deemed 'invincible', invincibility is no match for Food Luck, and begins to 'cook' Midora. Midora asks if Joie has finished and uses Minority World to obliterate Joie, saying it was a one-sided match to begin with. Joie disappears from sight and Midora eventually hears the calling of GOD. Joie reappears as Froese and states that he was taking his time cooking Midora, and then traps Midora in an Ougai, which he seals in a Golden Can.[28]

GOD Arc[]

Despite appearing to have lost, in actuality, Midora was learning to copy all of Joie's abilities. With the copied Gourmet Luck, he bursts out of his golden prison and is seen by Brunch.[29] Midora spots Brunch and compliments him on his timing.[30]

With Midora now free from his imprisonment, Brunch proceeds to deliver the rest of Acacia's Full Course to the Gourmet Corp. boss, surprised that Toriko kept his promise despite the situations. With many of the world's most renowned creatures and strongest people fighting to prevent Neo's resurrection, Midora proceeds to join the battle.

Despite many attempts to stop the resurrection of Neo, Acacia succeeds in fully eating his own Full Course in order to attain the highest level of appetite. With this newly reborn appetite, he proceeds to eat Neo against the words of PAIR, after successfully eating Neo and releasing an immense Dinner of Kings around the world, Acacia is surprised when the rain of his own appetite disappears, Midora proceeds to mock Acacia, stating that he used such an old technique despite reaching the final stages of the battle. Midora rhetorically asks if his foster father had been dieting to which Acacia responds if Midora came for a spanking.

With two powerful individuals coming face to face, Acacia and Midora continue to exchange words to each other. Eventually an Emperor Ring of immense proportion spawns in their location. Acacia begins belittling Midora and states that the Emperor Ring reveals his innermost desire, asking if Midora wanted to take him on. Midora then informs Acacia of Ichiryu's warning as to who the real opponent is, he then continues to tell of the events that would eventually cause Froese's death, asking Acacia if he set it all up. Acacia, however, denies the claims and states that he planned for Froese to recuperate and that it was Midora himself who caused Froese to use up all of her stamina, but Midora counters Acacia's words, stating that it was Acacia himself who set up the whole situation by giving Froese an impossible task of preparing GOD alone as well as having Midora get injured so that Froese would save her own adopted son. Acacia asks Midora what he was talking about and Midora continued by saying that as a chef of such high caliber, Froese wouldn't have misread the stamina in herself and that she sacrificed her life for Acacia, but Froese disapproved of Acacia going to the Farthest Land and thus Acacia killed Froese in order to summon a more convenient soul. Acacia asks if it was Ichiryu who had informed him of the events and claims that while Midora's story is valid, it was not the full story itself. Acacia then tells Midora that Froese had been carrying his child within her which may have helped her to prepare GOD despite her condition and that Froese's child was the very soul that possessed Froese in order to become Joie. Joie attempts to deny the story however Midora Intimidates Joie and forces him to show the body of Froese, proving that Acacia's claims that Joie is the spirit of his unborn child to be false. Despite many revelations however, Acacia simply didn't care as all he wanted was to awaken his own Appetite Demon and prepare his Full Course using Froese's Gourmet Luck. He then states that while Froese didn't approve of Acacia due to his behavior, Froese still took care of Acacia and prepared him food. With words being useless, Midora attacks Acacia. Acacia retaliates and uses Gourmet Spank against Midora however he misses as Midora used Gourmet Luck to avoid and Midora once again retaliates by instantly attacking Acacia once more. Eventually, Joie joins the battle against Midora and attempts to attack but to no avail thanks to the new Gourmet Luck which Midora copied from Joie. While Joie remained surprised, Midora reminds the Dark Chef that he was supposed to tell Joie of his Full Course Menu.

With Acacia incapacitated due to Midora's attack, Midora kept his attention toward Joie however with Acacia feeling ignored, he attacks Midora with Gourmet Punch while the latter is distracted. Midora proceeded to reverse the attack using his brother's technique, Minority World, which launches Acacia's attack back at him. With Acacia out of the way, Midora proceeds to continue his conversation with Joie in regards to his own Full Course. Joie tries to attack Midora once more but again misses despite close proximity, Midora then begins his past in regards to his meeting with his own foster mother, Froese, while attacking Joie in the process stating that the first meeting with his foster mother is what makes his Hor's d'Oeuvre. He then proceeds to recollect more of his past, linking them to each part of his Full Course while Joie attempts to strike down Midora with no success. Each part of Midora's Full Course rather than being a physical item is revealed to be his own memories of his past and how he began to cherish each memory as despite being perhaps one of the most undeserving of people, he was given a chance to live a better life thanks to Froese. Joie continues to proceed attacking Midora despite odds being against the former as Midora retaliates against each attack Joie makes. As Midora mentions his Main Dish being Froese's smile, Joie proceeds to abuse the moment and switch his face to that of Froese and use his Gourmet Luck to attack, however Midora simply continues his speech and retaliates with greater force. Eventually, Joie's Gourmet Luck reaches its limit. Left with nothing but his ability to switch to Froese's appearance, Joie attempts to distract Midora once more with Froese's face; Midora being distracted for the sheer moment of seeing Froese's face, becomes defenseless and Acacia proceeds to attack from behind. However, a fully recovered Toriko stops Acacia. Midora then taunts Joie, stating that the latter used up all of his Gourmet Luck to have Acacia rescue him, however Midora's own Gourmet Luck was used in order to have Toriko prevent Acacia from rescuing Joie. Midora finally shows that his Full Course's Drink is the dreams which Froese held in her heart for many years up until her death. Joie slowly gets destroyed by Midora's attacks and attempts to stop Midora from destroying the body as it was still that of Froese's, he then attempts do seal Midora yet again however it fails as Midora proceeds to keep attacking. Midora then tells Joie that the former's Full Course is a souvenir he could take to the underworld and if Joie ever meets Froese, he should tell her of Midora's Full Course. As Joie struggles to keep Froese's body from being destroyed, Midora finally accepts that his memories are that of his own and that even if Froese's body remained in the physical world, his own memories will continue to satisfy him.

Full Course Menu[]

Unlike other Gourmet Hunters and Full Course Menus seen in the series, Midora's Full Course Menu is unique in that it does not involve foods or drinks, but instead is comprised of a set of personal memories about his family, most prominently his adoptive mother Froese. The 'flavor' and 'savoriness' of these memories are what satisfy Midora's hunger and body. He reveals his Full Course Menu in his final battle against Joie, the dark reincarnation of Froese.

Midora's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Meeting (First Encounter with Froese) Inapplicable Decided
Soup Soup Charity (His first taste of soup) Inapplicable Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Warmth (His first experience of a family) Inapplicable Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Kiss (Froese's Good-Night Kiss) Inapplicable Decided
Main Course MainDish Smile (Froese's Smiling Face) Inapplicable Decided
Salad Salad Encouragement (Froese's Encouragement) Inapplicable Decided
Dessert Dessert Teachings (Froese's Teachings) Inapplicable Decided
Drink Drink Dream (Froese's Dreams) Inapplicable Decided


  • As is the case with Ichiryu and Jiro, a reference to the Japanese character for "three" is included in the Boss's real name, made of the kanji for "three" and "tiger."
  • References to the number three can also be seen in the three points of Midora's beard and the three scars under each of his eyes.
  • Midora bares many similiarities to Toriko. Being similiar in appearance when he was younger, as well as his ability to imitate others skills quickly.
  • Mirror Neuron is an actual term that describes a neuron that "mirrors" the actions of another animal.
  • Originally his blending was mistaken for teleportation and was thought so as such until Chapter 254 which cleared up the true nature of his ability.
  • In a special "Dream Combo" poll held for Volume 29.5 in which fans could vote for their favorite current or potential hunter/chef combo, Midora and Joie were selected as a popular potential combo by the author who considered them a number 1 ranker in strength, likely due to their tremendous power and influence.
  • Midora is the only known individual whose Full Course Menu does not involve foods or drinks at all, instead being comprised of a set of personal memories whose 'flavor' satisfies his own stomach and body.


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