Mushroom  Mitarashi Kelp  Sushi
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Japanese みたらし昆布(みたらしこんふ)
Romanized Mitarashi Konbu
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Type Seaweed
Capture Level Unknown
Location Unknown (one was located in one of the eight Biotopes)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 159
Episode 85
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Mitarashi Kelp (みたらし昆布(みたらしこんふ), Mitarashi Konbu) is an uniquely-shaped breed of seaweed which resembles a mitarashi dango, that is the elusive fish dish of Ichiryu's Full Course Menu which was hidden within one of the eight Biotopes in the Human World along with his other ingredients. When it is brought together with the other ingredients in the menu, they will spawn an infinite source of food.

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