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Mohyan Shaishai
Mohyan Shaishai1
Japanese モーヤン シャイシャイ
Romanized Mōyan Shaishai
English Mouyan Shy-shy
Race Human (Mutant)
Gender Male Male
Birthday August 2nd
Age Over 120
Status Alive
Height 165 cm
Weight 300 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Pukin (apprentice);
NEO (member)
Occupation Saiseiya
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 258
Anime Episode 123 (mentioned)
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Mohyan Shaishai (モーヤン シャイシャイ Mōyan Shaishai) is a legendary Saiseiya regarded as the greatest and most skilled one in the world and is one of the famed Gourmet Living Legends. He is also the master of Saiseiya Pukin. It is later revealed that he is also part of NEO, although it is unknown if his allegiance with them was made of his own free will or if he was brainwashed.


His appearance is a bit unusual. He looks awkwardly inhuman: wrinkled with a flat almost pig-like nose. He appears to be a slightly hunched man wearing traditional japanese clothing consisting of a kosode and hakama. He has long orange hair tied up in a ponytail and parts of his hair is stylized into the shape of spikes, with three from both sides of his head, two from his forehead, and one from his beard.

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Powers and Abilities[]

Mohyan Shaishai is considered to be the most talented saiseiya in the world, even by Teppei who sees him in an even more impressive light than Yosaku. His skills are considered to be legendary and have earned him the title of Gourmet Living Legend. He is also an excellent teacher, having passed on a great deal of knowledge and skill to his apprentice Pukin who is also a saiseiya of renowned skill.

Mohyan is potentially capable of transforming into a spider-like creature. Whether this is his Appetite Demon or a mutation caused by Joie is unknown. In this state, he is able to spit and knead threads of web strong enough to bind the likes of Teppei while he uses the arms of his Appetite Demon.

Saiseiya Skills[]

Mohyan's skills as a Saiseiya have allowed him to obtain the title of Gourmet Living Legend. Pukin believes him to be the only man capable enough to revive the complex and powerful creature known as the Four Beast, which had suffered a very complex Knocking from Jiro himself. Among his accomplishments is the revivification of the vegetation of the "Continent of Death," a feat that earned him Teppei's admiration.


As a Saiseiya, Mohyan has many techniques and equipment used to revive ingredients at his disposal.

  • Man-Eating Grass (人食い芝 Hitogui Shiba): A type of grass that consumes other organisms, it can seemingly launch itself at targets as it grows at great speed. It is fast enough to surprise Teppei.[1]

Motion Control[]

Like other Saiseiyas, Mohyan Shaishai can use his abilities for combat as well. When in combat, he uses a variety of techniques which compliment each other in order to control the flow of the fight. His main ability allows him to stop, revert, or accelerate movements in a certain area, allowing him to cancel an unfavorable turn of events and instantly modify his tactics to gain the upper hand. However, since whoever is subject to the technique is fully aware of what is going on, even though they cannot counter it, Mohyan's ability seems to be centered on the manipulation of movements, rather than of time itself. Exceptionally powerful individuals, like Midora, have displayed complete immunity to this power.


  • Pause (一時停止 Ichiji Teishi): Mohyan can freeze all movements in an unspecified area. However, although the bodies of the targets are immobilized, their minds keep being active. It can be used to temporarily halt combat and analyze opponents to come up with countermeasures.[2]
    • Rewind (早戻し Haya Modoshi): After using Pause, Mohyan "rewinds" recent actions, including his own, in a certain area, as if going back in time. With this technique, it is possible to cancel tactical errors or missed hits.[3]
    • Play (再生 Saisei): Mohyan deactivates Pause, restoring the freedom of movement of the targets.[3]
  • Thread Spear (糸槍 Ito Yari): In his spider form, Mohyan spits out a large amount of dark web that can split in multiple branches to pierce the target with great force.[4]
  • Fast Forward (早送り Hayaokuri): With this technique, Mohyan can increase the speed of a previous attack, allowing him to catch the opponent by surprise.[5]


Early life[]

At an unknown point in his life he encountered Pukin and took her on as an apprentice, teaching her his skills and knowledge as a Saiseiya. Then, he disappeared.

Four Beast Arc[]

Mohyan Shaishai

After Teppei is healed by Pukin from his encounter with the Joie, they begin to suspect that Mohyan Shaishai himself may have a connection with the mysterious man who was controlling the Four Beast, and even Pukin fears that Mohyan may in fact be that man. Teppei requests that she tell him where Mohyan is as to find out what Mohyan knows.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

During his fight with Yosaku in the Gourmet Garden, Kaitora reveals that Mohyan was indeed the one responsible for the revival of the Four Beast, as Yosaku suspected, and that the Gourmet Living Legend forms part of NEO's members.

Mohyan later appears, when he talks with Joie about the Ends of the Earth. He is one of the people walking with the rest of NEO towards the ship.


Mohyan's spider form

Mohyan's spider form

Around the same time that the Eight Kings become active in Gourmet World, Teppei is seen showing his true colors and attempting to desert NEO, at which point he is confronted by Mohyan, who uses his new spider-like body and his unique techniques to tangle him up. Just as Teppei is about to escape, the fight is joined by Zaus, Joejoe, and Kousairou, who Mohyan allows to deal with Teppei. When the NEO members are confronted by Alfaro and Midora, Mohyan is shown looking on from the side of the match, having been left uninjured by any of the Gourmet Corp.'s attacks.[6] Mohyan's techniques prove ineffective against Midora.[7]


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