Monkey Festival

The Monkey Festival

The Monkey Festival (Mon-Fest for short) is a celebrated festival within the lands of Area 7. Much like any form of festivals, the monkey residents of Area 7 prepare to celebrate the festivity with food and music. Unlike usual festivals however, the Monkey Festival is celebrated only when one of the Eight Kings, the Monkey King, finds itself a potential opponent who can match his strength in a serious combat.

Event History Edit

During the Monkey Festival, there is only one event which all spectators are going to watch; the Monkey King against Enbu Masters.

The celebration of the Monkey Festival means that the current Monkey King is challenged by Enbu Masters for the throne of the Eight Kings. Originally celebrated as a show of skills in Enbu toward the Monkey King, the potential of being one of the Eight Kings and being the ruler of Area 7 has turned the Monkey Festival from a festive fight to a serious match which could potentially replace the previous king.

Matches Edit

When Monkey Festival occurs, there is always a match between the Monkey King and the four Enbu Masters. The matches differ from one another but one rule is that one must knockout their opponents. Usually, the matches are considered one on one against the Monkey King however due to having no actual referee to see the match through, the rule is considered nonexistent.

The currently known matches are as follows:

  • Sumo
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling

Because the residents of Area 7 are mainly made of monkeys, each match has the word 'Monkey' before it (e.g. Monkey Wrestling).

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