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The Monkey Restaurant

The Monkey Restaurant refers to the billions of gorillas, monkeys, lemurs etc. that inhabit Area 7 and make up the majority of its wildlife. These feisty monkeys come in a vast and diverse variety of appearances and behavior.


The many species of the Monkey Restaurant.

The many species that make up the Monkey Restaurant are many and each species (and even members of a specific species) come in a vast variety of nonuniform appearances as well as sizes, with some being as small as a human child while others are the size of giants. Some of these beasts barely even look like monkeys and several are not even mammals. Truly the Monkey Restaurant is a unique order of beasts with plenty of odd traits and characteristics.

Those with human and nitro-like levels of intelligence may wear clothing which they likely either crafted themselves or acquired from the ancient civilization. Most of the more civilized monkeys tend to wear pants or some other article of clothing. A few, such as monkey chefs may wear clothing befitting their occupation. Even a few of the giant gorillas of the Monkey Restaurant wear their own articles of clothing, likely indicating that they did indeed craft their own garments, or possibly obtained them from the giant visitors who once visited Area 7's ancient civilization.

Behavior and Intelligence[]

Nitros, Humans and Monkeys co-existing in ancient times.

Monkey Chefs.

The many species that make up the Monkey Restaurant have varying levels of intelligence and behavior, with the majority being no smarter than most animals in Area 7 and having wild and savage behavior, while others are actually rather intelligent and display varying levels of sapience and social behavior. This is likely a result of their ancestors once co-existing alongside Nitros and Humans in Area 7's ancient civilization, and have likely inherited and embraced some of their cultural and social norms, and have even been shown to posses their own tools and items which they likely either crafted themselves or obtained from the ruined civilization. Some primates have even been shown to have occupations, such as musicians and even chefs. Although it appears that this is just for their own benefit and they seem to have no social structure, simply living like wild animals that hunt and survive.

Monkey Language[]

The majority of these beasts simply make senseless animal noises, however some have been shown to be capable of speaking a very simplistic "Monkey Language" that mostly just consists of "ooks", "eeks", "ookies" and "aahs". Certain individuals such as Nitros can actually learn and understand the strange monkey language of these beasts. They are also capable of giving each other names in their language, although they're still simplistic and are translated as the name of their species.


The Monkey Festival

These beasts have almost little to no culture and live like any other animals, however they do follow a form of social structure and actually have a somewhat complex ranking hierarchy. They even have their own Monkey Festival in which Enbu Masters come from far and wide to 100G Mountain to perform the ritualistic monkey mating dance with the "Monkey King" Bambina in hopes of becoming his playmate and briefly reuniting him with the soul of his deceased love, after which he will happily perform a brief dance with her. The love between the Monkey King and his mate was quite popular at one time among the primates of Area 7 and as such they mainly perform this ritual not just to be his playmate but for the sake of seeing their region's favorite couple reunited again even if it is only for a brief time.


The social hierarchy of Area 7.

The primates of Area 7 are governed by their strict adherence to the Enbu martial art founded by their ruler, "Monkey King" Bambina. Enbu was originally created as a mating dance between Ballboons, however after the death of the Monkey King's mate, the primates of Area 7 began learning Enbu for their King's benefit in hopes of acting as playmates for their king and using it to spiritually reunite him with his lost love. This began the formation of the Enbu Rankings, where the primates of Area 7 are given social classification based on their skill with Enbu. The four most skilled and strongest apes below Bambina are given the rank of "Master", and for their achievement Bambina allows them to rule over the four regions of Area 7. As Bambina does not actually take an active role as "King" in Area 7, the Enbu Masters instead serve as the true rulers of Area 7, ruling over the other lowers ranks as they see fit and are even allowed to hoard food if they so wish, similar to a relationship between nobles and peasants. After the Four Heavenly Kings came to Area 7 and defeated one of the Enbu Masters, the Gorilla Taurus, the leadership system of Enbu changed radically, with the Enbu Masters now being less oppressive and strict towards their subordinates and all the inhabitants of Area 7 were allowed to eat freely once more. It is unknown if non-primates also follow the will of the Enbu Masters or if even the Enbu Masters bother with them.

Powers and Abilities[]

A member of the Monkey Restaurant displays its great strength and skill with Enbu.

The vast numbers of differing monkeys which make up the Monkey Restaurant vary in power, however the Capture Levels of each beast are well within the hundreds. Since the behavior of the monkeys vary, and with some even being close to that of humans and nitro, their Capture Levels continue to grow along with their experience. The skills and techniques which the monkeys use also vary, some monkeys are highly skilled in weaponry, others through the use of their intellect as well as their supernatural powers, and others through the use of their sheer brute strength. Being residents of Area 7, these beasts have also endured what is possibly known as the harshest hierarchy within Gourmet World, being able to survive with little to no food despite the land's large bounty.

With training in the ways of Enbu, the monkey inhabitants of Area 7 are also highly resistant to different forces, one of these being the force of gravity. When met with higher levels of gravity, they are more than capable of being able to move around freely as if the gravity had never changed, this resistance to force also allows the monkeys to use their resistance in combat, if they are met with a powerful force from an attack, they allow it to flow through their body, meaning that the force of the attack enters and exits their body as if being sieved through a colander (an ability which is first shown by the Four Beast).

As Food[]

An ancient planet-like PAIR from the Birth Cry Tree.

Not much is known about whether or not the apes of Area 7 can be used as food, as the only confirmed edible species are the Ballboons, or to be precise, just their testicles which are the legendary Food Treasure PAIR. However, the reason for this is due to ancient Ballboons once having consumed the source of the original PAIR which then formed to become their "testicles". Presumably, the meat of these beasts is probably tough and sinewy, much like the monkeys and apes of the Human World.


Ancient Kingdom[]

Long before the events of the great Gourmet Age, when ancient civilization flourished in the lands of Gourmet World, the monkeys of Area 7 lived a very prosperous life. The monkeys shared their lands as well as their resources with other beings around the world, including the humans and the Nitro. The land's true treasure, Acacia's Legendary soup PAIR, gave the land immense bounty and allowed the lands to flourish. The strongest and rarest species of the monkeys, the Ballboon, would consume PAIR from the land until it eventually ran dry, however this did not cause a huge upset on the ancient civilization's sources as the Ballboon would eventually restore PAIR as a source of the land's nourishment through a mating ritual known as the Monkey Dance, where a male and a female Ballboon would dance together so that the male Ballboon would eventually grow PAIR (in the form of their testicles) and plant it onto the land's Birth Cry Tree so that its nourishment may flow through the lands via the Birth Cry Tree.

As time passed, the kingdom which the monkeys lived in peace with other beings would eventually collapse as the Blue Nitros (the Gourmet Nobles) would rise to power and disrupt the peace of the lands, including that of Area 7. While it is unknown what the true cause of the collapse is, a Blue Nitro that infiltrated Area 7 states that the peace during ancient times were broken due to the rebellion of the monkeys, however it is unknown whether the legitimacy of the story can be trusted due to the story coming from a Blue Nitro.

With the events that occurred, the lands of Area 7 would eventually become known as the Monkey Restaurant as the lands of Area 7 became ruled by the numerous number of monkeys that have taken it upon themselves to take over the lands.

Era of Monkey King Bambina[]

At an unknown point presumably sometime around the fall of the ancient kingdom, the Ballboon race would become rare. One of the last known Ballboons, Bambino, would take seat as one of the Eight Kings, ruling over the lands of Area 7 and with him, his partner Bambina. As Area 7 flourished, Bambino and Bambina continued to supply the land with PAIR through their mating ritual dance and were beloved by their subjects.

At another unknown point, Bambino's partner, the Ballboon Bambina, would pass away. It is unknown what the cause of Bambina's passing is or when it occurred, however, Bambino would eventually relinquish his original name and would take on the name of his partner. This tribute to his beloved partner would spread to the world and Bambino's name changed to Bambina.

The once prosperous Monkey Restaurant, which seemed like a haven for the monkeys, would change forever due to the passing of Bambino's mate. Monkey King Bambina taught the monkeys the ways of Enbu so that he may one day gain a new playmate much like his old partner, but his teachings of Enbu would become the harsh hierarchy of the lands, causing a great upset in the land as the strongest of the Enbu practitioners would strike fear into the hearts of the lower level monkeys and the strongest consume all of the resources of Area 7. Despite this, the Monkey King Bambina turned a blind eye on his fellow monkeys and spent most of his days playing atop the 100G Mountain Range, awaiting the arrival of the strongest monkey that will become his new playmate.

PAIR Arc[]

When the Heavenly Kings arrive at the lands of Area 7 via the Rainbow Bridge, they arrive at what seems to be a land of giants. All of the creatures seem to leave them alone, however a lone monkey infiltrates the Denshark and a battle ensues. When the lone monkey is dispatched by Zebra, the Heavenly Kings are met with not a small number, but a large scale number of monkeys, a small part of the Monkey Restaurant itself. The monkeys are then stopped by one of the Enbu Masters who strikes fear upon the millions of monkeys that attacked the Heavenly Kings, while the Heavenly Kings escape from the monkeys.

As the Heavenly Kings learn more about the history of Area 7, the eventually arrive at Pot Mountain, where bodies of monkeys have been erected like gravestones. The monkeys have committed suicide due to the Master of Enbu striking fear to them. A lone Iai-Aye faces the Heavenly Kings in a one sided battle with Toriko using the Sandoriko pollen against the Iai-Aye. However, Toriko eventually offers to heal the Iai-Aye and feed it. The master of the area, the Gorilla Taurus, shows itself and faces the Heavenly Kings in combat, however it loses to the Heavenly Kings.

With the Gorilla Taurus' defeat at the hands of the Heavenly Kings, the monkeys once again began to eat to their hearts content, and the Monkey Restaurant is once again restored.

During the events in which the Heavenly Kings face the Monkey King Bambina in the famous Monkey Festival, the whole Monkey Restaurant attends to the celebration, with monkeys from all over Area 7 gathering in festive cheers to see the fight. The Heavenly Kings face off against Bambina in what seemed to be their toughest combat, however Toriko makes a sudden mistake and attempts to grab Bambina's PAIR before Bambina could be satisfied. This causes Bambina to show his True Form and the Monkey Restaurant eventually flees in fear over Bambina's true form.

The Monkey Restaurant is then seen when the Heavenly Kings successfully capture PAIR. The monkeys of Area 7 assist the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu in returning to Birth Cry Tree while Bambina restores 100G Mountain Range to its former state. The monkeys of Area 7 meet their new heroes at the base of Birth Cry Tree where they all celebrate to feast on PAIR. Thanks to Komatsu's special abilities, PAIR eventually opens a fountain of unlimited quantity of soup for the whole Monkey Restaurant. Bambina joins the party however the fears of the monkeys have already dissipated as they present Zongeh to Bambina, who mistakes Zongeh for his long lost partner. As the festivities grow, all of the monkeys of Area 7 enjoy a feast.

Known Members[]

Below is a list of all the known species and characters who are part of the Monkey Restaurant:

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