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Mon Planc2
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Japanese モンプラン
Romanized Monpuran
Aliases Mon Planc, Mon Plan (dub)
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Type Plant
Capture Level Unknown
Height Varies
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 124
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The Monster Plant (nicknamed as Mon Planc, モンプラン, Monpuran) is a big and sentient Plant Beast that originates from Gourmet World.


Mon Planc
It has a main body which is composed of several thick, green branches, a big and hard bur with many brown spikes and flowers as mouths with sharp teeth. When it first attacks, it hides underground and uses it branches with the flower mouths to attack its prey on the surface.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

One of the Mon Planc's special attacks involves shooting out the spikes on its shell in quick succession; these are sharp and powerful enough to break apart Toriko's Fork Shield. Even after its outer shell is cracked, the Mon Planc is still protected by its pellicle--a sticky inner skin--that quickly regrows after it is peeled.

As FoodEdit

Mon Planc Soup

Mon Planc vine soup

The Mon Planc can be enjoyed in several ways as an ingredient. Initially after the plant is defeated, Komatsu serves the nut by wrapping it with Mon Planc leaves for Toriko, which Toriko describes as sweet like marron glace and soft like mon blanc cake. Komatsu also makes a clear soup from the plant's vines for the Gourmet Knights Aimaru and Takimaru, which they describe as gentle and delicious. The hard shell of the Mon Planc is also edible when ground into a fine powder used for seasoning.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

During the Four Beasts Arc, burr seed pods of the Mon Planc were carried into the Human World by the Four Beasts. Toriko, Aimaru, and Takimaru are sent to capture the Mon Planc on the Baron Archipelago as an ingredient for the Cooking Festival. Although Toriko successfully defeats the monster plant, he eats so much of it in the aftermath that he only brings the shell back to the IGO. This is ground into a fine powder by Zaus so that it can be used as an ingredient in the Cooking Festival; Zaus reveals that he learned this technique after another Mon Planc was brought into the Human World by the Four Beast that Ichiryuu defeated.

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