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Monster Trolls
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Japanese 怪物トロール
Romanized Kaibutsu Tororu
Aliases Appetites
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Type Gourmet Cell Monsters
Capture Level Unknown
Diet High-quality Gourmet ingredients
Habitat Native to Gourmet World
Related Nitro,
Appetite Demon
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 323
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What we can say is that we are merely vehicles for the Gourmet Cells, that is the same as you Humans who carry Gourmet Cells

—Kaka regarding the existence of Monster Trolls

Monster Trolls are a race of monstrous beings born from the "appetite" of Gourmet Cells and exist to carry out their will. The Nitro species and the Appetite Demons are themselves unique types of Monster Troll.


It appears Monster Trolls come in a variety of forms and sizes, with some being thin and smooth like the Nitro while most are grotesque, hideous, and covered in warts and possess large noses and pointy ears. It is unknown if all Monster Trolls vary in appearance or if there are several unique subspecies like the Nitro. Appetite Demons can change their appearances to a degree and have their spirits inhabit humans and their human host may inherit an attribute of theirs, such as hair color.

Behavior and IntelligenceEdit

The overall behavior and intelligence of Monster Trolls is unknown, other than that they are voracious creatures who always consume all the food they can whenever they come into being, and will eagerly await in death until they are reborn to consume food once more. The Nitro species possesses Human-level intellect and behavior and can choose to disobey the will of the Gourmet Cells, although it is unknown if all Monster Trolls are capable of this. Appetite Demons are quite rebellious in nature and primarily seem only concerned with tasting delicious things for their own benefit rather than for the Gourmet Cells.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Monster Trolls are beings born from Gourmet Cells, as such it is likely they are very powerful, as evidenced by the Nitro who are tremendously powerful themselves. Monster Trolls have the ability to reincarnate into new bodies made by Gourmet Cells. If a Monster Troll's should die, its soul will remain in the world of the living as a Food Spirit that will wait until the Gourmet Cells produce a new body for it. Some may choose to instead inhabit human hosts rather than wait for new bodies, however the human host still has a spirit of their own with the demon merely residing deep within their minds, thus becoming what are known as Appetite Demons. The Nitro have shown to be incredibly long-lived, able to live thousands or even millions of years, however it is unknown if all Monster Trolls posses a similar lifespan.



It is unknown when Monster Trolls appeared first, but since the Nitro were the ones to prepare Earth and many planets before it, they are very old species. Over several ages, Monster Trolls would consume all the delicious ingredients they could get their hands on until there was nothing left. After their deaths, their spirits would await for the Gourmet Cells to make them new bodies to inhabit once more delicious ingredients appeared, at which point they would continue their voracious cycle once again. Other spirits chose to inhabit the bodies of humans, thus becoming what are known as "Appetite Demons". The Nitro throughout history would try to form independent societies and seek out their own goals but would be stopped by the Blue Nitro and their strict loyalty to the Gourmet Cells' will. It is unknown if other Monster Trolls made similar attempts at forming societies.

PAIR ArcEdit

Kaka explained the nature of the Nitro and the Monster Trolls to the Four Heavenly Kings and their comrades, who were quite shocked by the origin of these creatures and of Gourmet Cells.


  • The appearance of these trolls is quite reminiscent of the depictions seen in ancient Scandinavian myth and folklore, as well as the common depiction of goblins and trolls in the fantasy genre.


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