Whale King Moon

Moon True Form

Japanese ムーン
Romanized Mūn
English Moon
Aliases Whale King (鯨王 (げいおう) Gei-Ō)
Race Black Hole Whale
Capture Level 6600
Status Alive
Height 2,500m;
10,000m (length)
Weight 1.5 trillion tons
Professional Status
Affiliation Eight Kings
Occupation Ruler of Area 6
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 326
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The Whale King's power is said to be the greatest of all the Eight Kings, and that's what makes this area's level so high.

—Jiji regarding the power of the Whale King

Moon (ムーン Mūn), also known by the title of "Whale King" (鯨王 (げいおう) Gei-Ō), is the most powerful Black Hole Whale and the current ruler of Area 6 - the "Sea Continent". Moon's power and absolute lordship over one of the major continents of Gourmet World makes Moon one of the mighty Eight Kings, the eight most powerful beasts in the world. It's said to have the greatest power among the Eight Kings.[1]


Moon colored

Moon's color scheme

From what can be seen so far, Moon looks like a species of sperm whale with two pairs of lengthy pectoral fins and a long serpentine fish tail. Its most notable feature, however, is that its front and upper body surface are rocky in appearance, resembling a field of craters.

In reality, Moon's meteorite body is nothing but a shell hiding its true original form and body, which is that of a pure white rorqual with four eyes. [2]


Not much is known of Moon's personality, but being one of the Eight Kings it is likely a fearless entity.


Being one of the strongest Whale species within Area 6, holding a seat within the Eight Kings, Moon is a representative of what is possibly one of the rarest creatures in all of Gourmet World, much like how the rest of the Eight Kings represent their own respective species.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Moon Eating

Moon "eating".

According to the legendary Golden Chef Jiji, the Whale King is hailed as having the strongest power of all the Eight Kings. More, having a CL of 6600 Moon has the eleventh highest capture level seen so far, indicating immense powers. Further testament of its might is the fact that, while Jiji assigned each of the Four Heavenly Kings a chef to conquer one of the remaining ingredients on Acacia's menu, he deemed it necessary to have everyone else cooperate to obtain ANOTHER due to the presence of Moon.

Moon's immense power in comparison to the rest of the Eight Kings is first lightly demonstrated when he finally began his movement within Area 6. The sheer fact that Moon began to make a move on his own made every other members of the Eight Kings react to his movement.[3]

Justifying Moon's high Capture Level and its position as the mightiest of the Eight Kings lies in its natural, yet most basic ability to consume all light and matter in a instant. It uses this ability in two different methods; the first includes Moon being fully passive, in which Moon instantly consumes anything the moment it hits the pitch black waters of the Black Triangle. This method is instanteous and fast to the point even the Whale King itself tends to be unaware, if not nonchalant when it consumes something this way.

The second eating method is where Moon is more active and lives up to its species' name, in which it opens its mouth by collapsing its frontal area into a black hole, shortly followed with Moon consuming hundreds of prey and large volumes of water with extreme ease into the dark bottomless abyss that is Moon's mouth. Whenever this occurs, the suctional strength emitted by the Whale King's mouth is so powerful to the point it can even be felt by the inhabitants of Blue Grill in the form of earthquakes of average strength.

Moon's internal anatomy seems quite mysterious, as Moon itself does not know where the food it consumes ends up as its stomach apparently exists elsewhere,[4] though it is later revealed that everything it swallows goes straight to the Soul World.[5] It can also shoot appetite energy out of its mouth which was used for the first time against Acacia.



At one point in history, Moon and a Mother Snake of Area 4 had a fierce battle in Area 6, leaving the skies filled with Mother Tornadoes that still have not diminished in power to this day.[6]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

During the Cooking Festival, the ferocious battle between Starjun and had awakened new powers within himself despite Starjun being the victor. The small change in 's powers alerted all of the Eight Kings, including Moon himself.

AIR ArcEdit

After the deadly battle which occurred between the Heavenly King and the Horse King Heracles, the Horse King had found herself the greatest opportunity of all time to finally give birth to a healthy young foal. The successful preparation of AIR allowed Heracles to give birth and when the young foal was born, it stood mighty within the lands of Area 8. The young foal's mighty voice shook the world and alerted the rest of the Eight Kings, including Moon.


When all of Human World's skilled personnel met with the legendary Gold Chef Jiji, they enjoy a hearty meal before getting straight to business in regards to Acacia's Full Course Menu. Jiji, concerned about the current situation at hand, complies with to help assist the Human World personnel in capturing all of Acacia's Full Course Menu; however, as he assigns the Heavenly Kings and one skilled chef to go along with them, all other personnel are assigned by Jiji to stay and help capture ANOTHER as he fears that the presence of Moon, the Whale King, will make their task more difficult.[1]

Moon was shown to be on the move and deemed active, due to Neo's awakening. This activity resulted in most of the other Eight Kings (with the exception of Bambina) to have some sort of reaction.[3] After Neo released a fragment of its body to capture ANOTHER in Area 6, the fragment was instantly "consumed" by Moon, who was itself unfazed by the demon's arrival.[4][7]

GOD ArcEdit

Answering the call to arms made by Wolf King Guinness, the Whale King eventually arrives with the rest of the Eight Kings to confront Acacia and Neo. Just after Bambina has managed to punch Acacia into the sky, Moon follows with using its super gravity to suck everything into oblivion, including the entire ocean and even light itself. Acacia counters Moon's power, however, by using his Gourmet Hammer attack to shatter Moon's meteorite body. This, however, doesn't do much other than revealing that Moon's initial appearance was nothing more than a rocky shell concealing its true original form, followed with the Whale King's true self consuming the fragments of its former meteorite shell.[8]

Moon eating Snake King

Moon eating The Snake King

As the battle against Neo and Acacia continues, Acacia would eventually gain the opportunity a fully cooked portion of GOD, allowing him to resurrect Neo into the physical world. With Neo revived, the Eight Kings unleash powerful attacks in order to destroy the demon, however due to Neo's overwhelming capabilities, they were easily defeated. The Snake King resorts to wrapping Neo in its body and lets itself be consumed by Moon to take him to the World of Souls however Neo manages to escape the trap set by the Snake King and Whale King. As Moon leaps from the water, the Dragon King prepares to launch a laser attack, however before it could launch the attack completely, Moon spits out Neo. Neo quickly deflects the beam from the Dragon King with Moon landing back into the sea.


  • Moon is the work of Moaimo-san from Gifu Prefecture.
    • In its original submission, it is listed as having a capture level of 5000.
  • Moon's true original form and design takes inspiration from Balleen Whales or Blue Whales.
  • As the Whale King and ruler of the Sea Continent, Moon's status might be a reference to the Leviathan, the legendary sea monster and ruler of the sea in Hebrew myth. Leviathan is the modern Hebrew word for "whale" as well.
  • Moon might be inspired by the White Sperm Whale named Moby Dick from Herman Melville's titular novel.


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