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Morijii Full.png
Japanese モリ爺
Romanized Morijī
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday October 11th
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Bar Heavy Lodge,
Occupation Bartender
Gourmet Hunter (retired)
Personal Status
Relatives None Known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 68
Anime Episode 25
Japanese Voice Egawa Hisao
English Voice Jim Johnson
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Morijii (モリ爺 Morijī) is the owner of the Bar Heavy Lodge located in Gourmet Town, where many Gourmet Hunters gather and look for work.


Morijii Expressions.png
Morijii is a muscular, middle-aged man with tan skin and black permed hair, although he is balding somewhat. He has a black bushy mustache and a large unibrow. His attire consists of an orange tank top, brown pants and dark yellow shoes.

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Morijii is a friendly and jovial man of great wisdom and an eye for detail. He is quite welcoming to hunters and shares with them any info they might need to survive out in the wild. He also seems to be a heavy drinker, as noted by the flask of liquor he often carries.



At an unknown point in the past, Morijii had the chance to meet a young Toriko early in his career and offered him lifelong advice and a strong friendship.

Century Soup Arc[]

When Toriko and Komatsu pay a visit to Gourmet Town, they make a stop at Bar Heavy Lodge due to rumors of someone seeking to hire hunters to find the legendary Century Soup. When they arrive, they are greeted by Morijii who quickly recognizes his old friend and happily offers him a glass of Enamel Beer while bitterly pointing out Toriko's lack of visits to the lodge. Just then, Colonel Mokkoi arrives at Bar Heavy Lodge and invites all able-bodied hunters to help him capture the Century Soup located in the deadly tundra of Ice Hell. Toriko and many of the hunters eagerly accept, but before they leave, Morijii warns Toriko and Komatsu to be careful on their journey.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Morijii is one of the many inhabitants of the Human World disgusted by the smell of the Dodurian Bomb when it falls off its branch.

Four Beast Arc[]

Morijii is seen at Food Park Plaza with many other human refugees fleeing from the Four Beast.

AIR Arc[]

A year and a half later, he is one of the many people who goes to the World Kitchen to say their goodbyes to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu before they set off to Gourmet World.


Toriko briefly remembers his friend Morijii when he sees Jiji's ability to asses one's skill just by looking at them, which reminded him greatly of Morjii's own skill.

Anime and Manga Difference[]

  • In the anime, Morijii owns an underground shop where he sells weapons and tools to Gourmet Hunters. He sells Toriko a Gourmet Stick.
  • In the anime, Morijii's flask of liquor is never shown.


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