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Morning Rose2
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Japanese モーニングローズ
Romanized Mōningurōzu
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Type Plant
Capture Level 5
Location No specific habitat
Height 22cm
Price 5,000,000 yen per flower
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 95
Anime Episode 38
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Morning Roses (モーニングローズ Mōningurōzu), when dawn breaks after a full moon, this rose blooms. But by noon, its flowers have wilted. It is said that drinking the dew from a Morning Rose's petals will restore your youth and give you lustrous skin. Female celebrities from all over the world who covet the Morning Rose's amazing effects dish out huge sums of money to purchase them, so the market price soars year after year. Currently, it costs the same to buy one Morning Rose as to build a house in the countryside.

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