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CloudIcon.png Mother Tornado CloudIcon.png
Japanese マザートルネード
Romanized Mazā Torunēdo
English Mother Tornado
Location Gourmet World
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 325
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The Mother Tornado is a deadly weather phenomena that occurs within Gourmet World, close to Area 6's Conveyor Belt Islands. The deadly tornado is said to be formed from the trails left by the member of the Eight Kings, the Mother Snake, Ruler of Area 4, during its travels. The tornado in Area 6 is said to have formed when the Mother Snake met Moon, the ruler of Area 6, and the two powers clashed in deadly combat. It is said that the tornadoes formed long ago and to this day, still occur as a deadly weather within Gourmet World.


The state of the tornado is unique compared to any other tornadoes in that the tornado is formed as a large, horizontal trail as if something traveled through it. With its alignment, supported by its large size, the Mother Tornado can suck in anything that goes near its paths, making it one of the deadly weathers to occur in Gourmet World. The Mother Tornado's danger is also supported by the dangers which occur below it as below the Mother Tornado, there are also dangerous water movements and deadly water creatures that lurk within it, making travels in both air and sea a deadly task.

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