Mother Wood
Japanese 療樹 (マザーウッド)
Romanized Mazāuddo
Location Life, Human World
Affiliation Yosaku, Saiseiyas
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 94
Anime Episode 38
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Mother Wood, the "Healing Tree" is a gigantic tree growing from the center of the city of healing, Life and it acts as the city's official symbol. Mother Wood also acts as the main base of operations for all Saiseiyas.


It is unknown how long the tree has existed but it is presumably quite old considering its immense size and might be as old as the city itself.

Century Soup ArcEdit

The Mother Wood was first seen when Toriko and his group (which were riding within Setsuno's Limousine Jellyfish) first arrived in the country of healing, Life and upon arriving they eventually made their way to the tree itself to meet Yosaku who resided within the tree. Toriko spent many months within the tree while his arm was regenerating.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit


Mother Wood, after the fall of the Meteor Spice.

After Midora unleashed his disastrous rain of Meteor Spice upon the Human World, many locations and countries were left in near-ruined states and Life was no exception, as the city itself suffered damages in several areas but most notably on the Mother Wood itself which lost half its branches from the disaster.

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