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Japanese マウントタートル
Romanized Maunto Tātoru
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Type Volcanic Crustacean Beast
Capture Level 150
Length 1200m
Height 1500m
Weight 580.000.000t
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 194
Anime Episode 114
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The Mount Turtle (マウントタートル Maunto Tātoru) is one of the limbs of the Four Beast.


The Mount Turtle is a large volcanic crustacean beast. It has small white eyes and has large sharp teeth and a throat that can extend to shoot out magma blasts. Its hide is covered with dark blotches. As its type suggests the Mount Turtle possesses a large volcano for a shell on its back, which erupts lava, similar to the Magma Tortoise.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Mount Turtle coming from the Gourmet World shows proof of its incredible strength. When entering the Human World, it destroyed the continent of Ice Hell in the process. When the Allied Army Forces attacked the Mount Turtle, it displayed immense power, shooting out high velocity Magma Missiles (マグマのミサイル Maguma no Misairu), from its mouth which annihilated an entire fleet with a single shot. It is also incredibly durable, as it not only withstood a combined assault from lasers from satellite warships and anti-beast missiles without any damage, but also endured several of Zebra's powerful Voice attacks. It is capable of swimming, but does not seem to be very fast or agile, as it took any attacks aimed at it, rather than avoid them.

As FoodEdit


While the manga and anime never reveals if the meat of the Mount Turtle is edible, the game Toriko: Gourmet Battle shows that its carapace can be used to make a hearty hot pot called "Mount Turtle Eruption Pot" and can be served as a main dish. Eating its meat can grant the consumer heightened strength.


Four Beast ArcEdit

Several hundred years ago, the Mount Turtle grew in the limbs of the Four Beast and was planted in the Gourmet World to enter the Human World to lead the humans into the center, to let the Four Beast eat them all. The Mount Turtle entered the Human World from the South and destroyed on its way the continent of Ice Hell.[1] When the Allied Army Forces started to attack, the Mount Turtle easily took the attacks and countered with a blast of lava from its throat, but stops when Zebra and a Dharma Horse show up in its path. It then directly battles Zebra, shooting magma projectiles from its throat at the Gourmet Hunter, all the while enduring the Heavenly King's powerful Voice attacks. It was then defeated by Zebra's new discovered attack Beat Punch.


Mounturtle submission

Mount Turtle Submission

  • The Mount Turtle is similar in many ways to the Magma Tortoise.
  • The Mount Turtle is the work of penname Taaki-san from Aihime Prefecture.
    • In its original submission the Mount Turtle was quite different, having a softer Sea Turtle-like face with no hooked beak and a smaller capture level of 30.
  • Despite having many reptilian characteristics, it's listed as a Crustacean.


  1. Gourmet 194 - Mount Turtle appearance.

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