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Japanese 山喰いペリカン
Romanized Yamagui Perikan
English Mountain-Eater Pelican
Aliases Mountain-Eating Pelican
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Type Super-Giant Bird Beast
Capture Level 770
Length 1,500m
Weight 9,500t
Price Meat 1kg/700,000 yen
egg /100,000,000 yen
Habitat Landsea (Area 2)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 264
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The Mountain-Eater Pelican (山喰いペリカン Yamagui Perikan) is a titanic-sized "Super-Giant" bird beast that, as its name indicates, has an appetite for giant mountains and resides in the Landsea within Gourmet World.


The Mountain-Eater Pelican is a humongous bird beast whose size far exceeds that of a mountain. Like all pelicans, it has a very large throat pouch in which to store its food, and its throat pouch is larger than its main body, fitting considering what it uses for food and as such it can fit an entire volcano in its beak. It has a light-colored feathery body with a dark-colored back and on its hooked beak it has four small spike-like horns with two coming out of the tip of its beak and the two others coming from between its eyes. The bottom of its throat pouch is covered in numerous spots.


Mountain-Eater Pelicans make their nests on hugely tall trees within the Landsea of Gourmet World, a suitable habitat for them as its skies are dotted with giant floating volcanoes that act as an ample food supply for them. It doesn't seem to be a hostile creature as it completely ignored Toriko's presence.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Its giant size likely endows it with great strength and its beak's throat pouch is strong enough to sustain the weight of a volcano even while in flight. It is also appears to have a powerful digestive system as it can eat mountains without much difficulty.

As FoodEdit

Mountain-Eating Pelican Eggs

A nest with eggs.

It is unknown if its meat is edible, but its eggs make an excellent dish and can be made into scrambled eggs. Just one egg has the potential to feed about 100,000 people.


Billion Bird ArcEdit

Toriko encountered one of these creatures during his time living in the Landsea, where he then chased after it and found its nest, where he proceeded to take one of its eggs for his vast collection of ingredients that he had assembled for the Human World.


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