Munageh 1
Munageh at CF
Japanese ムナゲ
Romanized Munage
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday June 7th
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Gourmet MC
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 211
Anime Debut Episode 126
Japanese Voice Chō
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Munageh is the Gourmet MC for the 50th Cooking Festival and is #1 on the favorability ratings for Gourmet MCs 15 years running, making him the most the popular Gourmet MC worldwide for over a decade. He is quite defensive of his title, even willing to cheat or work behind the scenes to maintain it.


He is a tanned-skinned man of average height with small round eyes (with three small eyelashes on each) and a thin and defined nose. He has prominent cheekbones and even more prominent grin. His light-colored hair is combed upward in an angular shape and his eyebrows are also cut in a very angular shape. His attire consists of a simple white suit with a white tie and he always carries his microphone with him.


As an MC, Munageh is a seemingly cheerful man who knows how to excite and pep talk the crowd and contestants alike, and his popularity as an MC is so high that he is always ranked first in MC popularity polls. However he has a dark side to him as well, as it is implied that he may cheat or sabotage MC's who have the potential to steal his #1 spot from him and he will do whatever it takes to keep and maintain his payroll.



The year before the 50th Cooking Fest, he sabotaged the chances of a Gourmet MC named Udegeh from stealing his spot as #1 MC.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Munageh acts as the announcer of the 50th Cooking Festival and makes several peppy announcements that gets the crowd going instantly, however some become a bit unnerved when he nonchalantly revealed his underhanded cheating a year ago. He then began to excitedly introduce the Top 100 Chefs as they entered the Cooking Stadium, making sure to detail their expert fields of cooking and popular restaurants. After the introductions were over, he continued to commentate throughout the tournament and state the rules for each event. When the finals began he was as hyper as anyone else for the first match, however that all came to end upon the arrival of the Gourmet Corp. who quickly began to overrun the stadium with their army of subordinates and Scum Beasts. Luckily Munageh and every other innocent bystander on the island was teleported away to the mainland by Zebra's sound bubbles. Everyone was shocked at their unexpected rescue, but Munageh appeared to be aware of Zebra's actions and mentioned his shock and awe on his mic for all those present to hear.



  • His name is similar to the ones of the other Gourmet MC he is related with (Hanageh and Udegeh).
  • His voice actor also voices Kamizaru.