Mushroom  Mush Room  Sushi
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Japanese マッシュルム, Mush Rumu
Aliases Mush Room Tower
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Type Mushroom
Capture Level Unknown
Location Tou-Chinese Island
Related Light Mushroom
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Anime Episode 51
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The Mush Room (マッシュルム, Mush Rumu) is a gigantic tower-sized mushroom that holds within its partially hollow interior several self-contained ecosystems each with its own unique and permanent season.

One grows on the medicinal Tou-Chinese Island and it also acts as the "lynchpin tower" that keeps the island together, hence the "tou" in the island's name.


The Mush Room is a gigantic stone-like mushroom with patterns resembling oriental ring-like shapes circulating its body, indicating the sections that divide its rooms. The Mush Room possesses some peculiar traits that may suggest an artificial nature or that a certain form of technology can be applied to it, this is shown by its seemingly "stone-like" structure, how it can sink and rise out of the island by pushing a stone tablet-like activator on its top, and its particular ring designs around its exterior which resemble the same oriental patterns on the architecture of the human inhabitants who once lived on the island.



The seasonal rooms of the Mush Room from top to bottom: Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring.

The "Rooms" of the Mush Room are four enclosed environments located in sections inside the Mush Room. Due to the Mush Room's great size, these small environments actually appear quite large, each almost the size of small forests. Each are able to maintain their own ecosystems with flora and fauna thanks to the Light Mushrooms which naturally act as a source of light and heat for the inside of the Mush Room, and the Mush Room itself appears to be capable of generating its own small blue, orange, gray and pink atmosphere with clouds on each floor while also having access to fresh water from the Mangronve lake it grows near to. The inside of these rooms is almost indistinguishable from the outside.

Summer RoomEdit

The Summer Room has an extremely warm climate due to an over abundance of Light Mushrooms which give it a very hot and bright environment truly reminiscent of summer. The foliage in this floor is mostly tropical and resembles a jungle or rainforest and trees here can grow particularly tall. The only creatures known to reside in this room are Banjyan Tigers.

Autumn RoomEdit

The Autumn Room has a cooler climate than the Summer and Spring Room due to having less Light Mushrooms than both, but still having more than the Winter Room, giving its environment plenty of light and warmth to maintain plant and animal life. All the trees here have their leaves turned red as is typical of the fall season and resemble maple trees. The only creatures known to reside in this room are Eight Horned Boars.

Winter RoomEdit

The Winter Room (the largest and located at the top), unlike the other three rooms is almost completely devoid of Light Mushrooms, barely having enough to light up and warm its interior, making it have an extremely cold and dark climate which even has intense windy blizzards due to the warm air outside the room which creates a convection, even allowing for the creation of ice and snow. The only thing that can survive here are pine trees, a single Raochutan and a single Mango Karin flower. In this room there appears to be a natural source of liquor known as the Raochu Spring which the resident Raochutan has claimed as its own. Also, while the Mango Karin can survive here, it is unable to bloom unless it is exposed to sunlight which may require outside aid for it to bloom.

Spring RoomEdit

The Spring Room is located at the base of the Mush Room, however it is not visited by the Toriko or Luffy's group so its layout is unknown, but judging from Coco's description it appears to be filled with cherry blossom trees, a common symbol for Spring in Japan. The Mango Karin is surprisingly not in this room, instead being in the Winter Room, however since it can grow to an incredible size it is likely that its roots are in the Spring Room, while its stem grew all the way through the other three rooms and into the Winter Room, where it would eventually grow even bigger than the Mush Room.



Plants & IngredientsEdit


When Chopper fell ill once more due to his ailment not being completely cured, Toriko and Luffy's group went in search of the medicinal ingredients to complete his medicine. With the aid of Coco, the group discovers the hidden secret of Tou-Chinese Island, the hidden Mush-Room and release if after Toriko pressed the activation switch, which caused to rise out of the island. After Coco briefed what he knew about the Mush Room, the group headed on inside as quickly as they could, but skipped the Spring Room and went straight for the Summer Room, not wanting to waste any time in healing Chopper and only getting the essential ingredients. Once inside the group split up to cover more ground and check each room individually. Managing to defeat many strong beasts and gain the Banjyan Tiger chili, the Eight Horned Boar herb and the Raochu Spring liquor. All that was left was the Mango Karin which was in a dormant state, but thanks to Toriko and Luffy destroying part of the Mush Room's cap after punching the Raochutan through it, the sun-like light of the Spring Sharks was able to shine into the Winter Room and the light was able to hit the Mango Karin which allowed it to bloom and break through the Mush Room's cap. They were then able to prepare a proper cure for Chopper's ailment, the Four Seasons Golden Sauce.


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