Mushroom Woods
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Japanese マッシュルームウッド
Romanized Masshurūmuuddo
Location Regal Island (Human World)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 34
Anime Episode 11
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The Mushroom Woods (マッシュルームウッド Masshurūmuuddo) are an area in the 1st Biotope where giant mushrooms grow and dot the area like trees. This area has a large abundance of delicious mushroom ingredients and it appears to be quite peaceful compared to the rest of Regal Island, having very few beasts compared to the other areas.


Mushroom Woods 1

The tall and beautifully colored mushrooms that make up the woods.

The Mushroom Woods is a region filled with tall, giant mushrooms the size of trees and buildings that dot the large grassy landscape for miles. The mushrooms that grow here are all diverse and colorful which gives the area a very vibrant and quaint feel. Many kinds of mushrooms ingredients of all shapes also grow here and can supply visitors with plenty of nourishment.


Mushroom Woods 2

The many tasty-looking mushrooms of the woods.



Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Sunny and Komatsu had been sent flying to this area by a Rock Drum. Upon landing, they quickly set up a small camp and enjoyed some of the delicious ingredients the woods had to offer before leaving for the Swamp of Antiquity.

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