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This article pertains to the organization. For the Appetite Demon of the same name, see Neo.
Japanese NEOネオ
Romanized Neo
English NEO
Aliases The New Food Utopia (新しい食の理想郷ユートピア Atarashī Shoku no Yūtopia)[1]
Leader Joie
Affiliation Company Gourdarake;
Gourmet Tourism Public Company
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 222
Anime Episode 96 (mentioned)
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NEO is a secret organization created from an alliance among some of the world's most wealthy and influential individuals, such as Colonel Mokkoi, the head of Company Gourdarake; Darnil Kahn, the former ruler of the Jidar Kingdom; Mahmai Moi, the head of the Gourmet Tourism Public Company; Kousairou, the Gourmet Hermit; Zaus, the legendary King of Chefs; and Joie, a legendary chef and the leader of NEO. Their goal appears to be acquiring the holy ingredients of Acacia's Full Course Menu and possibly even "beyond" as stated by many of their members but not much is elucidated on the latter.

Originally just an alliance between wealthy individuals, the organization has since become a formidable force on par with both the IGO and the Gourmet Corp., and their information network has also proven to be far superior compared to either of the mentioned organizations. They have members who work as spies in either the IGO or the Gourmet Corp. and other major organizations, which gives NEO an edge in gathering intelligence on ingredients and their rivals' plans.


The organization apparently chooses new members based on their status, wealth, abilities, strength or influence in the world, as the organization is made up of many notable individuals who are either financially or physically powerful or very well versed in their respective field. The organization also recruits individuals who hold a great deal of influence within other rival organizations in order to use them as spies.

However, it appears that certain members (or perhaps all of its members) did not join the organization of their own free will, as it is revealed that many are actually brainwashed victims of Joie that have been forced into serving NEO through Taste Change, a special technique created by Joie with the knife Cinderella.[2] Some members who have been hypnotized will show clear signs of brainwashing, such as dilated pupils, blank expressions, and a lack of speech, as seen by Teppei. Others will show almost no sign of having their minds altered as they can speak clearly and have normal eyes and facial expressions. Those who have had their "taste changed" will have visible scars on their bodies from where Joie cut them with Cinderella in order to change their "tastes".


JoaMS MokkoiGC DarnilKhanGC MahmaiMoiGC KousairouGC
Joie Colonel Mokkoi Darnil Kahn Mahmai Moi Kousairou
UumenMS NomarchMS ToppoMS AhmonMS MohyanGC
Uumen Umeda Nomarch Toppo Ahmon Mohyan Shaishai
KaitoraHS JoejoeHS DoresMS KuromadoHS NicenyHS
Kaitora Joejoe Dores Kuromado Niceny
NEO Beasts
TokageMS ShigematsuBeastMS
Joie's Tokage Shigematsu's Beast (Deceased)
Former Members
BonelessGC GidoHS KariuGC ShigematsuMS KuribohGC
Boneless (Deceased) Gido (Deceased) Kariu (Deceased) Shigematsu (Deceased) Kuriboh (IGO spy)
TeppeiGC ZausMS AppoloMS
Teppei Zaus Appolo



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