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Japanese 仲梅
Romanized Nakaume
English Nakaume
Aliases Ume-chan, Ume
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Nakaume Gourmet School (heir);
NEO (forced)
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 210
Anime Episode 125
Japanese Voice Takahashi Naozumi
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Nakaume (仲梅) is Komatsu's childhood friend. He trained to be a Chef alongside Komatsu and Otake in their early days. Nakaume is the heir of the famous Nakaume Gourmet School and currently serves NEO (forcibly) for his affiliation with Mahmai Moi and for being useful with his chef skills.


He is a young man who looks much like Komatsu although with a more rounded nose and features. He keeps his dark-colored hair in a buzzcut and because of this a spot of light can always be seen shining off his scalp. In his youth he wore a common chef's attire. While on his space trip he wore a formal-looking suit.

After the time-skip, Nakaume's hair has grown longer; he now sports a bob cut and wears a black cloak similar to Joie's. After seeing the horror within Area 1, Nakaume's hair turned white.

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Not much is known about him, but during his training days with Komatsu and Ootake, he showed a great passion and love for food like Komatsu and wanted to make delicious meals that would make people happy and he also cared dearly about his two friends. Currently it is unknown if he still holds many of these attributes but he still seems to care about Komatsu and appeared very excited and happy for his friend when he heard about his induction into the IGO Chef Ranking.

Powers and Abilities[]

Chef Skills[]

Not much is known about Nakaume's skills as a chef; however, it can be inferred that he has some talent. Being the personal chef of the president of the Gourmet Tourism Public Company as well as the heir to the Nakaume Gourmet School, he is bound to have some talent. Mahmai Moi chose to bring him along with the rest of NEO rather than disposing of him stating that while he may not be a ranked chef, he is pretty good. Another subtle indication of his talent is that he trained with Komatsu and Ootake, two extraordinary chefs in their own rights.

Food Luck[]

A testament to his Food Luck is that while the other NEO chefs state that only Joie could see the path to the Dining Planet, Nakaume seems to have seen either the full path or multiple paths invisible to the other chefs.[1]



Nakaume, Komatsu and Ootake during their training days.

In his youth, he studied to become a chef along with Komatsu and Ootake and all three had high aspirations and hoped to make meals that would make everyone happy. After finishing their training, all three went their separate ways and while both Komatsu and Ootake would manage to stay in touch, they lost track of Nakaume, with Ootake even forgetting about him.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Nakaume is first seen returning from a six-month long vacation in space a few weeks after the Four Beast's demise. While checking the latest Gourmet News, he notices Komatsu in the headlines and reads about his induction into the IGO Chef Ranking at number 88, he then quickly becomes excited over his old friend's great achievement.

He is later seen attending the Cooking Festival and showed a great deal of enthusiasm when Sumire appeared on stage. When the Triathlons are done, he goes to see Komatsu and congratulate him on making it to the finals. Before he could ask more about Ootake's whereabouts, he is escorted away by members of the Gourmet Tourism Public Company security. Later in the day, as the Bishokukai invade the Cooking Festival, he follows Mahmai Moi to NEO's secret meeting where he hears about their plans to obtain GOD. As Nakaume is about to leave, Kuriboh knocks him out and asks the other members if he can kill Nakaume, but Mahmai tells him to let Nakaume live due to his decent skills as a high-class chef and decides to bring him along. Nakaume later regains consciousness and is shocked when he sees that some members of G7 are members of NEO.

AIR Arc[]

Nakaume is seen later with the main members of NEO at what seems to be a canyon's edge. Here he is in the forefront watching as Joie walks on cracked space off the edge of the canyon (or as Joie calls it, "the 'coast'"), which leads to the legendary Dining Planet. The other members of NEO watch in awe as Uumen Umeda comments that only a chosen few can see the "route to the correct answer," and it is seen that Nakaume can also see the path that Joie took and many other paths, showing the amount of potential Nakaume has.[1] It is unknown if this means his skill, food luck, or ability can be on par with Joie's or surpass it, or if he will be able to walk on the "path".


Sometime after returning from the location of the Dining Planet, Nakaume is sent to Area 1 where he sees firsthand the unknown horrid abomination that resides there. The experience is so terrifying that it turned his hair white. After returning to NEO Headquarters, Nakaume is approached by Teppei in privacy who reveals that he is no longer under Joie's control and assures Nakaume that he is safe with him and that they will soon escape. Teppei then cautiously asks Nakaume what it was he saw in Area 1.[2]

As Teppei asks Nakaume about what he saw in Area 1, Nakaume's hair continues to change into a pale, white color due to extreme fear. Teppei tells the chef about the current situation at hand and tries to tell the chef about the dire situation they are in. Nakaume simply responded that even if they attempt to escape and go elsewhere, the monster that he saw will still eat everyone. With the questions answered, Teppei takes Nakaume with him and attempts to escape NEO's base. Seeing the fear in Nakaume, Teppei attempts to reassure the young chef that despite seeing what he believes is the Ultimate Predator, Teppei himself has seen appetites which are just as strong and having equal powers to match.


  • His voice actor also voices Gur.


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