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This article pertains to the Appetite Demon. For the organization of the same name, see NEO.

Japanese ネオ
Romanized Neo
English Neo
Aliases The Demon King

Demon King Neo

Race Appetite Demon
Age Unknown (hundreds of millions)
Capture Level 22000 revived
Status Revived
Professional Status
Affiliation Monster Trolls,
Gourmet Nobility
Partner Acacia (host)
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 252 (mentioned)
Gourmet 336
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More despair... more screams... MORE SAVORINESS!!!!

—Acacia possessed by Neo

Neo (ネオ)[1] is an ancient demon who long ago was a simple creature but became a great scourge devouring all life in its path and laying waste to its home universe. It eventually found a way to travel to a new universe and tormented its inhabitants before disappearing. It is also the Appetite Demon of the legendary Gourmet Hunter, Acacia.[2]


While manifesting within Acacia, it completely deforms Acacia's appearance, turning him into a demonic and grotesque entity with bulbous growths on his body and several faces.

Before the events of the story, Neo took on an appearance of a small, scrawny demon. In its weak state, Neo had a more humanoid appearance, sporting human hands and feet as well as vertebrates. While it appears human, Neo retained its blank eyes and its posture remained animal like, its hands and feet sport digits which are slightly webbed like a frog's feet.

In his true form, Neo's appearance dramatically changes. Changing from a grotesque creature with lumps all over his body, his body has become smoother, taller, and thicker, almost ape-like in appearance. His mouth also changes, going from making an 'o' to a wide, sharp grin. His eyes go from whitish blank to having his now visible black pupils dilated to the point they almost completely encompass the eyes.

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It is a voracious and cruel being who seeks to eat planets teeming with life and cares nothing for its natives. Built as the ultimate predator, Neo will consume any and everything in its path; however, despite being able to consume in many differing ways, Neo has a preferred method of consuming its prey: by inducing extreme fear into its victim to pinnacle points and cornering them until all hope is lost. At this point Neo will consume its victim.

When faced against powerful beings, Neo is very careful not to see them as simply food but see them as enemies as it knows that such beings cannot be simply be consumed. Neo would use any and every method it can in order to face its adversaries, from growing in size to face Heracles to growing wings when facing the elusive Bird King.

Despite being one of the most powerful demons seen so far, Neo itself is not without flaws. Having fear and despair as its favourite form of flavor, Neo itself sees anger and rage as the most disgusting taste. This is due to the fact that when one runs through the emotion of rage and anger, they cannot succumb to fear and despair, causing Neo great displeasure when it runs into opponents with such feat. One person who has managed to show Neo's great distaste for anger and rage is Midora, who continuously fought against Neo and Acacia despite Midora taking lethal damage. Along with its distaste for anger and rage, Neo also fears Toriko, or to be more precise, the demon lurking within Toriko. Indeed, the combination of rage and anger alongside its fear of Toriko's Third Demon is what would cause Neo to eventually succumb to its opponent, causing even Acacia to be surprised at the fact that the most renowned destroyer of planets would feel fear itself.

Powers and Abilities[]

Neo cells are so extraordinary that they allow it to devour a creature with powerful cells like Don Slime without any problem.[3] Its cells are neither red nor blue,[4] but are black.[5] Acacia considers its appetite to be dark.[6]

Neo is a being of unbelievable power who can easily enhance the abilities and flavors of others due to its nature as a being made up of Gourmet Cells, and it can even create monsters to do its bidding. It appears to have the ability to change its size and shape, such as enlarging its head to make bigger bites, sprouting tentacles to attack enemies, and opening additional mouths on its body to eat attacks. After death it becomes a Food Spirit, allowing it to possess other beings like most Appetite Demons. With its immense strength it can destroy whole planets.

While in Acacia's body, Neo has shown the ability to remove parts of itself and send them to different regions of Gourmet World. Each part of Neo has caught the attention of the Eight Kings as even if they are just a part of Neo itself, Neo's parts could potentially consume the entire world, showing that Neo itself is capable of consuming an entire planet if it so wishes to. It has also shown the ability to travel to the Back Channel as it instantly disappeared into the Back Channel the moment the Blue Nitro were distracted by its parts being sent to areas in Gourmet World.[7]

Perhaps Neo's strongest feat is its insatiable appetite. Long before the present time, Neo started as a weak demon used simply as a manner of creating stress over a planet, however having gained newfound freedom from the Nitro, Neo eventually became a demon bent on consuming anything it sets its eyes upon. Being a demon who worked previously for the Nitro, Neo learned that the best possible method to drive out a taste of a creature is to instill the fear of death upon its prey. Neo's appetite not only kept Neo fed, but it allowed the creature to gain massive destructive powers, allowing Neo to consume millions of years worth of effort in a single month. This appetite of Neo would eventually drive many cultivated planets into dying wastelands, causing even the Nitro to become unsettled.

Neo's insatiable appetite goes much further than any other demon that has been seen so far. In every scenario in which Neo has combated its powerful adversaries, Neo simply thought of nothing but eating. Because of its immense appetite, Neo consumes just about everything it can deem as food. This goes as far as combat techniques from opponents. In its fight against the already powerful Don Slime, Neo simply consumes its opponent variety of attacks, including a mini-supernova which could destroy the life on Earth. Neo even goes as far as to consume Jiro's Grand Knocking, a technique without physical form, when its host could not move and later Midora's food luck.

Perhaps the most astonishing fact, was the destruction of the Blue Universe. According to PAIR, Neo has devoured an astronomical number of stars and galaxies. He also said that his revival would bring doom to the Red Universe as well, attributing his unlimited appetite to his Black Gourmet Cells.

Like other Appetite Demons, Neo has the ability reborn after a certain amount of time has passed each time he somehow dies. However, unlike others, with each rebirth, he evolves and gains new abilities and resistances to the original cause of his death. This was shown when the Deer King used the Back Channel to speed up time around Neo in order to starve him to death and into nothing. While he did die, he suddenly comes back in a new form that was immune to the Back Channel the Deer King created. In his semi-perfect form his breath can overpower Heracles' Herac Breath and he also has luminescent proteins inside cells. Neo can also shoot appetite energy blasts out of its mouth that are strong enough to blow up Moon from the inside out and beams out of its eyes.

As Food[]

Ichiryu suggests that Neo is still in evolution and tastes incredible.[8] This progress is explained by Jiji as Gourmet Inflation: the wider the appetite expands, the higher the taste increases.[9] Since Neo has died (or reborn) several times,[10] its savoriness has enriched along with its strength. One proof of this thesis is the results of two battles versus Don Slime; Neo was defeated millions of years ago, and now it consumes Don easily.

Despite Neo being one of the most deadly demons to exist, Neo has properties much like that of an ingredient. During Toriko's combat with Acacia and Neo, he discovers that Neo has a hidden flavor which is waiting to erupt, after taking a huge bite out of it. This flavor hidden within Neo impresses Toriko to the point that he decides to add Neo as the Meat Dish of his Full Course Menu.[11] ATOM presages Toriko's body may explode for eating NEO.[12]



It originally started as a lone Gourmet Cell.[13] It grew to become a weak Appetite Demon used by the Nitro to apply stress to planets. Because of how weak it was, the Nitro eventually left it behind on a planet, but once free from Nitro control, it began to abuse its newfound freedom. After playing around with an anthill and eating some of the insects, it learned of taste for the first time and soon after began hunting down any animal it can find, no matter how big or large it was. It had found its favorite taste was in the moment of its prey's death, as dopamine was released, so it would spend days shadowing individual prey and increase the fear of death. It grew to such strength that it could in one month devour a giant gourmet paradise, which had a 140,000 km diameter and had been cultivated for hundreds of millions of years, confounding the Nitro when they returned to the paradise planet. Neo began moving from planet to planet devouring them all.[14] After an unspecified amount of time, Neo managed to devour countless of stars and even galaxies, eventually devouring the entire Blue Universe. [15]

At an unknown point, Neo disappeared and no one would know of its origins, and the Gourmet Nobles would devote their existence to finding Neo once again and sealing it away once and for all and ending its hold on them. It was not until PAIR ate part of Acacia that the Gourmet Nobility found where Neo had gone.[16]

PAIR Arc[]

The Four Heavenly Kings and their comrades would eventually be told by the "Flavor Sage" Kaka of Neo and the Blue Nitro's goal. However before it could reveal more, it is attacked and taken away by Joie's own Appetite Demon.[16]


Neo is shown being revived within Area 1's Farthest Kitchen by the Gourmet Nobility, growing within Acacia's body.[17][18] A small creature spawns from Neo's growing form and consumes a Leo Tiger,[19] but it is quickly defeated by "Knocking Master" Jiro. Acacia begins to move, with his demon desiring to consume all in its path, and consumes the Nitro AIR[20], who was exhausted from cooking the Full Course. ATOM tries talking down Neo but it instead sends out seven pieces of itself to track down the Full Course and then disappears into the Back Channel.[21]

Neo reappears in Area 2,[22] consuming more creatures in its path. As Neo continues to eat its prey, it is found by Don Slime. Neo shows its face to its opponent and the two clash.[23]

Through his urine, Guinness informs Toriko about Neo and its history,[24] which Toriko then imparts to Starjun. Jiji proceeds to tell the exact same history to the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu during their venture towards Area 2.[25]

While combating the powerful Don Slime, Neo thought only of eating. Don Slime, showing his immense strength to the demon, unleashes a barrage of attacks against Neo. With each strike, Neo takes damage but remains standing. Don Slime unleashes another barrage of attacks towards Neo, who simply eats them. Don Slime attempts one final time to destroy Neo[26] with a small supernova. As the explosion occurs, Neo remains standing. Shocked, Don Slime sees Neo chewing on the condensed star which he created. With its opponent completely weakened, Neo consumes Don Slime. PAIR checks up on Neo and calls out Acacia in the process. Acacia asks PAIR if GOD is ready, and PAIR responds that it is not, to which Acacia replies that his appetite might end up consuming the Blue Nitro itself. PAIR then asks Acacia to fight Jiro as the Blue Nitro are losing the battle against him.[27]

Acacia and Neo arrive back in the Farthest Kitchen when Jiro begins to confront ATOM, who simply stares off to the side. Jiro turns to see what ATOM is looking at, and Neo swipes his head off.[28] Acacia shows his face to meet his former student. ATOM, after seeing Neo, hides the Golden Can from the demon, while Jiro proceeds to disable Neo and Acacia with Million Knocking. As Jiro and Acacia converse, Acacia eventually uses his tongue to free himself and to attack Jiro. Anticipating the attack, Jiro attempts to use Grand Knocking but Neo consumes it. Acacia uses that moment of shock to release Jiro's lifetime of Damage Knocking, killing him.[29]

GOD Arc[]

Sensing GOD's emergence, Acacia calls for PAIR.[30] Joie returns to the Farthest Kitchen and brings Acacia to Area 2. There Neo appears through Starjun's Blaze Dome and consumes Jiji. Joie and Acacia pass through the dome and confront the Four Heavenly Kings.[31]

Within Acacia's Back Channel, Neo attempts to sink Toriko into despair like it always does with its prey, but this backfires as Toriko bites and eats a chunk of it, deciding to add Neo into his Full Course Menu as the Meat Dish.[32]

After having to fight off the Eight Kings, Acacia eventually manages to escape and succeeded in severely injuring Toriko and prevent him from eating GOD. Before the Eight Kings could attack, Acacia and Neo prevent their movement by using a compressed Back Channel to freeze them in time. As Acacia keeps hold of Toriko, the Heavenly King grips onto Acacia's hand, Acacia looks to Toriko and sees the presence of another Appetite Demon within Toriko and became frightful of the third Demon lurking in him, causing Acacia to throw Toriko away, getting hand consumed rather quickly and without realizing until it was too late. With nothing to stop them, Neo takes a bite from GOD. With the Back Channel released, the Eight Kings attack, but their attack fails as Neo had already achieved its true form and retaliated, destroying most of Bambina's body during the Eight Kings' combined attack. Bambina launches a surprise attack but Neo manages to eat most of the attacks. Heracles follows Bambina's attacks with her own, and Neo simply launches its own attack, which destroys a large portion of the Horse King's body.[33]


  • Neo is the first Appetite Demon to be targeted by anyone as part of a Full Course Menu.[11]
    • However, Toriko ended up replacing it because the taste that came from the bite he took of Neo came from another ingredient.
  • Neo is the first Appetite Demon to have a Capture Level. His revived form is measured at 22,000.


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