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IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese ネオトマト
Romanized Neotomato
Aliases Neo Tomato
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Vegetable
Capture Level 12
Location Unknown (very rare)
Related Toriko Burger
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Chapter 8 (mentioned)
Chapter 19
Anime Episode 4
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The Neotomato (ネオトマト Neotomato) is a highly nutritious breed of tomato with an exceptionally fresh taste. It is extremely rare and holds a high price in the markets.

And is the Salad in Coco's Full Course Menu. It has a Capture Level of 12.

Description[edit | edit source]

Appereance[edit | edit source]

They have shape, size and color of a regular tomato but have stubby brown stem. Miniature Neotomatoes are about the size of cherry.

Powers and Abilites[edit | edit source]

With a capture level of 12, this ingredient is either very hard to prepare or incredibly rare and difficult to find its location.

As Food[edit | edit source]

Its taste was great enough to impress Coco, one of the famed Four Heavenly Kings to the point where he added it to his Full Course Menu.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Slices of full grown Neotomatoes can be sandwiched together with Mineral Cheese and Devil Serpent hamburger patties to make an outstanding burger with a very high nutritional value and enchanting taste. Miniature Neotomatoes can be eaten raw in a fine salad dish and their sweet and fresh taste truly makes them a delicious snack.

Neotomato Juice

Neotomatoes can also be made into a delicious juice.[1] It is of notable taste, as it is even the salad in Coco's Full Course Menu.

History[edit | edit source]

Puffer Whale Arc[edit | edit source]

When Toriko and Komatsu visited Coco's House, Coco mentioned his Full Course Menu to them which included the Neotomato.

Regal Mammoth Arc[edit | edit source]

Before Toriko said goodbye to Coco, Toriko asked him if he could have a few of his Neotomatoes which he then gladly gave to Toriko. Later on, when Toriko and Komatsu were asked by Johannes to help with the capture of the Regal Mammoth and escorted them there via helicopter, Toriko took the opportunity to make himself a burger during the long trip using slices of Neotomato which Coco had given him.

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