Nerg City
Nerg City Eps 28
Japanese ネルグ街
Romanized Nerugu-gai
Location Jidar Kingdom (Human World)
Affiliation Gourmet Yakuza (rulers)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 74
Anime Episode 28
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Nerg City (ネルグ街) was a slum district in the Jidar Kingdom which is not affiliated with the IGO and it is also the main base of operations for the Gourmet Yakuza.


Nerg was infamous for its high crime rate, with 10% of all criminals in the Three Great Gourmet Prisons coming from this city. Despite this, much of the criminal activity in this city was due to the drastic level of poverty caused by the corrupt state of the Jidar Kingdom, which brought about much suffering for the city's inhabitants, forcing many to live a life of hunger and poor living conditions, and many children in the city also suffered due to this and many were often left as homeless orphans. Conditions however were only made worse due to the corruption within the kingdom, mainly due to narcotic ingredients often making their way into the city markets and causing dangerous and addictive side effects to the inhabitants. The Gourmet Yakuza was mainly founded to use criminal activity to help improve the conditions of the city and many orphan children were welcomed into the yakuza as official members in order to provide for them food, clothes and shelter.

After the ruler of Jidar, Darnil Kahn abandoned his kingdom, the Gourmet Yakuza and the Underground Cooking World took complete control over the kingdom's government and began reforming the country into a more prosperous country free of corruption and sinister crimes.


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