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Nerimaru shocked.png
Japanese ねり丸
Romanized Nerimaru
Aliases Super Gutsy Udon
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday July 2
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 212
Anime Episode 126
Japanese Hideyuki Umezu
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Nerimaru, the Super Gutsy Udon (ド根性うどん Do Konjō Udon), is a world renowned Chef who claims that his preparation skills are one of the fastest in the world and that he can do the work of an army of chefs. His boasts may indeed be true, as he holds the 56th spot on the IGO Chef Ranking, making him one of the greatest chefs in the world.


Nerimaru's size and girth compared to other chefs.

He is a tall, pudgy man with a round yet muscular body, round face, and very narrow eyes. He does not appear to wear a shirt, and instead wears a large haramaki around his waist, with a white cloth hanging from it. He also wears a pair of wristbands shaped like his haramaki, along with a pair of dark-colored pants with sandals and socks. He keeps his long dark hair in large braids and wears a small cap on his head.

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Nerimaru's rivalry with Ton.

He is a proud and boastful man who likes to brag about his fast cooking abilities. Because of this, he shares a rivalry with fellow speed chef, Ton, who also enjoys bragging about his speed. Nerimaru also appears to be somewhat self-conscious about his very narrow eyes, and will immediately try to widen his eyes if someone points them out. Despite his claims of being a speedy cook, he speaks in a rather sluggish manner and draws out certain words.

Powers and Abilities[]

Nerimaru expertly cooking his famous udon noodles.

He is a chef of great skill who claims he can prepare dishes at amazing speeds, and do four times the work of an army of chefs (however, the validity of this claim is debatable). Nonetheless, his skill is indeed that of a truly great chef, who despite ranking below 50, still proved his skill is right up there with the best when he easily passed through the preliminaries of Cooking Fest, which required great strength, speed and skill.

It is also implied that he is a skilled fighter, as he was seen ready to take on members of the Gourmet Corp. during their invasion of the fest.


Cooking Festival Arc[]

Nerimaru in the triathlon.

After many of the top-tier chefs made their individual entrances into Cooking Stadium, they were followed by the rest of the competing chefs, including Nerimaru. Once the introductions were over, Nerimaru made his way over to Komatsu, who was speaking to a boastful Ton. Nerimaru then out-boasted Ton with his own claims of superiority, which led Ton to mock his portly size, greatly angering Nerimaru. Ton then nonchalantly pointed out Nerimaru's slanted eyes, angering him even more. However, the bickering chefs were silenced by the imposing "Soba Hermit" Kamizaru, who pointed out that faster skills don't make for a better meal.[1]

Nerimaru and Ton fighting off the Scum Beasts.

Once the preliminaries began, Nerimaru successfully passed the first match "Triathlon Cooking", followed by the speedy "Death Scale Cooking" match, then the grand "Entire Island Cooking" match, allowing him to make it to the Championship Tournament finals, where he would be facing off against his rival, Ton. However, their match never came to be, as Cooking Fest was interrupted by the arrival of the Gourmet Corp., who sought to take as many chefs as possible with them to Gourmet World. Nerimaru, along with many of the other strong chefs, stood their ground and prepared to face off against the Gourmet Corp..

It is unknown what became of him after the Gourmet Corp.'s attack.


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