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Japanese ナイスニィ
Romanized Naisunyi
English Niceny

Nijsseni (VIZ)

Gender Male Male
Birthday January 2nd
Status Unknown
Height 230 cm
Weight 215 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO
Ico bsk Gourmet Corp. (betrayed)
Occupation NEO Spy
Aid to the Executive Chef (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 156
Anime Episode 83
Japanese Kusunoki Taiten
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We already have our goal set as Gourmet World.

—Niceny, to Tommyrod.

Niceny (ナイスニィ Naisunyi) is the aid to the Executive Chef of the Gourmet Corp, Dores and a recognized "Gourmet Elite" from the Gourmet World.[1] In truth though, he was secretly brainwashed into being a member of NEO and serves their organization.[2]


Niceny wears a black tight suit with a dragon circling around the arms of the suit. He has a big nose, similar to Alfaro and the same eyes as Kuromado and Yuu. He has a gray mustache and grey back-slicked hair, with a muscular body and pointy ears.

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Powers & Abilities[]

Niceny preparing to fight Ichiryuu small

Niceny has yet to fight in a battle; however, he is presumed to be very powerful since he lives in the Gourmet World, which is an impressive feat. He has also displayed the ability to extend and enlarge his arms to some degree,[3] but this ability is not shown completely.


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

An Evil Plot[]

Niceny arrives at the Gourmet Corp. Dining Kitchen in a flying beast, of which he cuts open the forehead and gets out. He talks to Joejoe, Tommyrod, and Starjun about the capture of more chefs. Joejoe mentions that they are having trouble capturing the stronger ones, and Niceny suggests that they use Nitro to kidnap them instead.[4]

Ichiryu vs the Gourmet Corp.[]

He is seen along with countless other Gourmet Corp. members when Ichiryu invades the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ.[5] He watches as some of them try to bind and attack the president to no effect, so he prepares to attack him as well, claiming that letting Ichiryu do as he pleases would damage the reputation of the Gourmet Corp. Before he can attack he is stopped by Midora, who allows Ichiryu to speak. After Ichiryu's attempt at reasoning proves futile he releases a powerful Intimidation that stuns Niceny and all the other members, except Midora, warning that if a war breaks out, he will not be so gentle on them next time.[6]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Niceny and a small army of Nitro reach Rapp and Ryuu at the Continent of Beginnings. When Ryuu complains that the top of Gourmet Corp. did not arrive, Niceny jokes that they were expecting Ichiryu, not Ryuu.[7]

Afterwards, Niceny and many others of the Gourmet Corp. are revealed to have been brainwashed by Joie and they leave with NEO aboard the Ark.[2]

GOD Arc[]

Niceny, Dores, and Kuromado are summoned by Tokage and face Starjun, Tommyrod, and Grinpatch in a Back Channel.[8] Sometime later the NEO members were defeated by their former comrades.[9]


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