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IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese ニトロ
Romanized Nitoro
Aliases Birdman
IGO Icon 2.png Bestiary IGO Icon 2.png
Type Monster Troll
Capture Level Unknown (but its safe to say its Unmeasurable)
Diet High-quality Gourmet ingredients
Habitat Native to Gourmet World (ancient civilizations found in Human World, however)
Related Red Nitros,
Blue Nitros
RiceBall.png Debut Appearance Manga meat.png
Manga Gourmet 107
Anime Episode 47
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Nitro (ニトロ Nitoro), previously dubbed Birdmen (鳥人間 Tori Ningen), are a species of humanoid Monster Trolls with bird-like faces that possess incredible physical abilities and high intelligence. The Nitro species hails from the Gourmet World and it is said that they have founded numerous civilizations throughout history, even within the Human World, however their numbers are so small that it is unknown if they have any societies or civilizations at the present time. The Nitro are an ancient species with in-depth knowledge about the world and its history and know the secret on how to obtain "GOD", the world's greatest ingredient, and even Acacia discovered GOD by observing and working with the Nitro. An influential group of Nitros within Dining Planet who are simply known as the Gourmet Nobility act as the oppressive leaders of the species and have knowledge about all of Acacia's holy ingredients, and even have technology advanced enough to capture them.

Acacia was the first known individual to discover this species almost 600 years ago and later gave the task of isolating and observing the Nitro to his best pupil, Ichiryu who would use his own organization, the 0th Biotope to research the species further, but after the organization's downfall it is unknown if the Nitros are still being studied or monitored.[1]

The "New Model" GT Robo used by the Gourmet Corp. was based off of this race in order to lure in members of the Nitro species into their ranks.


Nitros were originally created without a name (a fact which they are aware of), and were simply just another nameless breed of Monster Trolls born to follow the will of the Gourmet Cells. The name "Nitro" was originally given to the species by the legendary Acacia. According to Kaka, Acacia named them "Nitro" as a combination of the Japanese word for 'two' (ni) and 'troll' (due to Nitros being Monster Trolls). The reason for the 'two' (ni) in their name is uncertain, and even the Nitro themselves are uncertain as to why Acacia named them as such, however Kaka suspects that the reason for the 'two' is because there are two kinds of Nitro or because they walked on two legs. However the meaning behind the name has apparently been forgotten over time, as modern humans believe that they are called "Nitro" due to their explosive temper.


The most notable feature of the Nitro is the long bird-like faces that they have, which is where their nickname Birdmen comes from. The majority of modern Nitros seem to lack pupils, as shown by the ferocious Red Nitro and the Blue Nitro, however a few Nitros such as Chichi, Kaka, and Jiji have visible pupils and ancient Nitros from Area 7 had pupils as well. The Nitro's 'beak' contains rows of sharp, pointed teeth, even under the tongue. Their body structure is humanoid in appearance, but this is not uniform as some Nitros are different than others in appearance. Most Nitros are covered in fur, with the exception of the one encountered by Toriko, Komatsu, and Zebra in the Gourmet Pyramid or partly covered as seen with the one in the Cooking Festival, also one Nitro is seen covered in stripes similar to those of a tiger. Some of the Nitro seen in the Cooking Festival seem to have wings on their backs in different colors, with one having white wings while another has black wings. The Nitro have mostly slim or muscular builds, but they can bulk up with large muscles like a human with Gourmet Cells after consuming high quality ingredients (such as Mellow Cola), perhaps demonstrating the presence of Gourmet Cells in their body. Also of note is that the meat of the Nitro is so durable that it is impossible to cook, making it completely inedible.

Since Nitro are born from Gourmet Cells and have incredibly long lifespans, they likely have no need for reproduction and even Mansam has claimed that they have no reproductive organs in the "traditional sense". Nitros with both masculine and feminine characteristics have been seen and the females are noticeably thinner than males and have pronounced eyelashes and at least one male has shown what seems to be a sex drive. However whether male and female Nitros are anything like the males and females of non-Gourmet Cell species remains uncertain. The mystery of their reproduction becomes more confusing with the existence of a child Nitro, but whether Nitros are created from Gourmet Cells as infants or fully grown adults, or if Nitros eventually gained the ability to reproduce without the aid of Gourmet Cells remains a complete mystery.


The "clothed" Nitro from Vegetable Sky (left) and the ancient Nitro from Gourmet Pyramid (right).
Nitro behind Komatsu.jpg
A mummified Nitro's height in comparison to Komatsu.
Nitro from prison.png
A child Nitro.
Nitro splitting Livebearer in two.png
A Nitro with wings on its back.
Pack of Red Nitro roar.png
Red Nitros
Blue Nitro opens mouth.png
A Blue Nitro
Real Kaka.png
A female Nitro

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The race is split into at least two subspecies known as Red Nitro (レッドニトロ Reddo Nitoro) and Blue Nitro (ブルーニトロ Burū Nitoro). Physically, the only difference between the two is that the Blue Nitro mouth opens horizontally unlike other Nitros. Culturally, the difference is more harsh, as it was revealed by a Blue Nitro that the Red Nitros were slaves to the Blue Nitro who had their vocal cords crushed and were forced to gather ingredients for them.[2] To this day Red Nitros incapable of speech still exist and a few were under the control of the Gourmet Corp. before being brainwashed by Joie.

Blue Nitro are not only the more dominant subspecies, but they are also shown to be treated as nobility, being called the Gourmet Nobility. While the Red Nitros are seen as aggressive and wear little to no clothing, the Blue Nitros are shown to be more civil with some wearing formal clothing, matching that of a true noble. 

So far, Chichi, Kaka, and Jiji are the only non-Blue Nitros shown to be capable of speech, however it is unknown if all non-Blue Nitros are referred to as Red Nitros or just the ones who have had their vocal chords removed. How many Red Nitros remain free from enslavement or if the Blue Nitros continue to oppress them remains unknown.

There also several varieties of Nitros seen within the Gourmet Corp. with unique body types, with some possessing wings, little to no body hair, or unique skin/fur patterns such as stripes. However whether these are different subspecies or simply Nitros that have been altered via Gourmet Cell mutations remains unknown.

Behavior and Culture[]

A "non-hostile" Nitro observing Toriko and Komatsu.

Nitro are a sapient species with advanced intellect, as shown in their ability to use tools, craft intricate architecture, establish societies, create their own written language, make clothes and accessories, and create some form of complex hierarchy with a powerful influence.[3][4]

Nitro architecture is quite extravagant and their societies had many beautiful buildings designed with intricate detail. Within the walls of their cities, Nitros would carve recipes on how to prepare Special Preparation Ingredients in order to ensure that if for some reason they were forced to fall into cryptobiosis, their recipes would remain safely etched in stone until they could awaken. This is proven to be true, as their numerous cities, while a bit ruined, still have many of their recipes safely intact on their walls. The only known Nitro civilizations are the one that the Gourmet Pyramid used to be a part of and the Red Nitro/Human/Monkey civilization from Area 7. While the Gourmet Pyramid appears to be the only remaining structure of its civilization, it is in fact not as many buildings and structures still remain in tact buried deep underground and their interiors can still be explored by entering the pyramid, however it is unknown how this civilization came to fall. The other civilization was a once prosperous kingdom where Nitros, mutated Humans and monkeys lived together in harmony, however this civilization also fell to ruin under unknown circumstances which began with the monkey rebellion.

Nitro and Red Nitro[]

Nitros are shown to be patient and intelligent when obtaining an ingredient that is hard to get. If they do not know how to get an ingredient, they will observe others obtaining the ingredient, and either copy their method, or steal it from them.[4] When in battle Nitros can be quite ferocious and aggressive, however, Red Nitros who have had their vocal chords removed are incredibly dangerous, such that they will attack any creature, no matter how fearsome, on sight.

Ancient Nitros' written language.

It is this ferocity at the slightest provocation that earned them the comparison to nitroglycerin.[5] Red Nitro are shown to be ruthless when they need to steal an ingredient, as shown when the Gourmet Pyramid Nitro attacked a defenseless Komatsu from behind and an exhausted Toriko and Zebra after they defeated the Salamander Sphinx to steal the Mellow Cola. This Nitro was noted by Zebra to have had a "ferocity from hunger, as if it had nothing to eat for thousands of years," which happened to be correct. However Nitros who have not been turned into Red Nitros are shown to be calm and civilized beings fully capable of speech who treat others with no hostile intent unless necessary. Red Nitros from Area 7's ancient civilization lived happily among humans and monkeys in a peaceful society, indicating that once they were freed from their Blue Nitros' oppression they became more calm and civilized.

One elderly Nitro by the name of Chichi has embraced modern Human behavior and cultural interest and can fluidly speak the Human language, and ancient Red Nitros from Area 7 also lived among humans and happily shared in their culture and society, showing that Nitros can posses the same social traits as Humans and even adapt well to their societies.

Blue Nitro[]

The Blue Nitros are also known to posses civilized behavior and are capable of speaking the Human language fluidly albeit in a more sinister tone. However unlike other Nitros, Blue Nitros are cold and calculating, and appear to almost be devoid of emotion, preferring to think only with their minds rather than hearts. The Blue Nitros view themselves as "Gourmet Nobility" and hold their conferences on the mysterious Dining Planet. Their personal sense of superiority has made them commit heinous acts to not just humanity but even members of their own species who were not born as Blue Nitros. For centuries, Blue Nitros have kidnapped humans and mutated them into slaves to help further their goals, and non-Blue Nitros have had their vocal chords removed and turned into slaves to serve the will of the Gourmet Nobles. The Blue Nitros also do not care for what damage they do to an ecosystem so long as the results are in their favor, such as nearly ruining the ecosystem of Area 8 just to make sure AIR remained in their possession.

The Blue Nitros can become elusive if they need to be, hiding their true nature behind false personas and would even go as far as to assist their enemies where necessary in order to avoid having to dirty their own hands. If they are presented with a situation which is favorable to them, they will take full advantage of the situation in order to lessen their own work and capture ingredients in a safer manner. They will also use information which they may have gathered in some way, shape or form and use it as a form of evidence of allegiance to their enemy.

Powers and Abilities[]

It is shown through the Gourmet Pyramid's hieroglyphs that the Nitro are an ancient type of Gourmet Hunter that also hunted high-level creatures. It also revealed that they were the ones who made the Gourmet Pyramid. They have existed for millions of years, apparently creating numerous civilizations.

Nitros also have amazing longevity and durability, as demonstrated by an ancient mummified Nitro within the Gourmet Pyramid that was still alive, despite its lack of nutrients and the little amount of water necessary to rehydrate it. This is possible through Cryptobiosis, in which the Nitro can enter a state of metabolic dormancy in which they can hibernate for centuries without food or water and allowing them to survive numerous mass extinction events, as recounted by Chief Mansam. The individual in the Gourmet Pyramid was capable of quickly devouring a large beast with ease despite having just woken up from Cryptobiosis, and it recovered enough strength after just one meal that its appearance changed from that of a mummy to a normal sized Nitro. This ability comes with a draw back as a Blue Nitro revealed that entering Cryptobiosis is a huge risk on their life due to that they are unable to awaken on their own.[6] Their life force is so strong that a Nitro can continue to fight and rampage for several months even after having its head cut off, showing that it possesses immense physical capabilities. Their durability is also monstrous, because a Nitro's arm can withstand a powered up Toriko's Leg Knife and being able to stand back up after taking several 17-Ren Nail Punches and Zebra's sound attacks

Acacia observed a Nitro eating a Poison Boar without letting it become poisonous, and commented that doing such a feat requires a vast amount of power and intelligence. Likewise, a Nitro was capable of biting an Ozone Herb twice so fast that the herb couldn't distinguish between the bites, a feat only replicated by Ichiryu and Knocking Master Jiro and Setsuno.[7] A Nitro was able to knock out both Zebra and Toriko with a single strike each, although both of them were exhausted from fighting the Salamander Sphinx. After consuming the initial Mellow Cola, it bulked up considerably, implying that it has gained even more power, and also implying that Nitro have an incredible rate of growth from eating ingredients, possibly due to Gourmet Cells.

Nitro imitating Toriko's Nail Punch

Nitro appear to have an ability to imitate the abilities of others, shown when a Nitro used Toriko's Nail Punch against Zebra after only seeing it once. Even a child Nitro is described by Zebra, who is capable of casually killing creatures with capture levels in the sixties, as being difficult to deal with in a fight.

There seems to be a massive difference in power between the two species of Nitro, an example of this is seen at the Cooking Festival where Zebra was able to casually take out the Red Nitro present at the cooking festival with incredible ease, while the Blue Nitro on the other hand are much more powerful to the point that Acacia stated that no one could beat the Blue Nitro even though other powerful figures such as his disciples, Froese, were all present. A Blue Nitro was even able to discover the openings within Midora's "Hungry Space" technique, an almost inescapable force created by one of the world's most powerful individuals.

According to the Gourmet Corp., some Nitro also have Hypnotic powers, as they mentioned they would sometimes use these Nitro when abducting chefs. Whether this is an ability all Nitro have, or if it is an acquired ability is not known.

Finally, the true testament to the Nitro's abilities is the fact that they know the method to obtain GOD, which is widely renowned as the most elusive and difficult ingredient to acquire.

Several Nitros have shown the ability to speak the Human language despite having a beak, showing that Nitros are fully capable of simulating Human dialect through an unknown method and understanding the Human language without difficulty.

As Food[]

Acacia and PAIR eating each other.

Nitros themselves are inedible under normal circumstances and it is impossible to prepare their meat with ordinary human implements. However a powerful individual such as Acacia was able to eat part of the Blue Nitro, PAIR, which possessed powerful Gourmet Cells that healed Acacia and undid the deadly effects of the Sandoriko. However the taste of this meat is unknown. Jiro also ate Red Nitro when he was a baby after Guinness hunted them down.



When Gourmet Cells were first placed on planet Earth long ago by the "Demon King", they created monstrous beings known as Monster Trolls to carry out their voracious will. From the Monster Trolls came a new species, the Nitro. While other Monster Trolls would carry out the will of the Gourmet Cells and consume all in their path, the Nitro would try to form independent societies and seek out their own goals but would be stopped by the Blue Nitro and their strict loyalty to the Gourmet Cells' will.


An ancient Nitro in a state of cryptobiosis.

According to ancient fossils discovered by geologists, Nitros have apparently existed on the planet for more than hundreds of millions of years and existed alongside ancient dinosaurs. For countless centuries, the Nitro race has endured numerous climate changes to the planet due to their ability to enter a state of dormancy and halted metabolism known as cryptobiosis, which allowed them to stay dormant for thousands of years within rock layers, and the only thing needed to awaken them was a single drop of water, thus avoiding cataclysmic events that could've led to their extinction.


The Nitro's ancient civilization.

Throughout history the Nitro founded many civilizations despite their small numbers. Thousands of years ago, the Red Nitros led by the Blue Nitro established a mighty civilization in the ancient Sand Garden which included the Gourmet Pyramid. Their city was vast and complex and they appeared to have had an Egyptian-like culture; mummifying their "dead" and making many hieroglyphics detailing their society's ways, many of

Ancient Nitro hieroglyphics.

which were written by the Flavor Sages who were tasked with documenting all the delicious ingredients of the world and these hieroglyphics depicted recipes on how to prepare special ingredients, having carved them on stone to ensure their longevity in case they went into cryptobiosis for a prolonged period. Another civilization was constructed in the North Mountain Area of Area 7 which was founded by rogue Red Nitros who constructed it with the aid of Humans and other races, and they all lived together in peace and harmony for centuries.

Mutated Humans, Monkeys and Red Nitros from Area 7 living together in harmony.

The ways of their civilizations were varied, as those ruled by the Blue Nitro would be nothing more than a slave pen for the Red Nitro, and the Humans were kept as cattle that were used as ingredients by the Blue Nitro who often experimented with them using Gourmet Cells, and even creating a special cook book detailing how to prepare them and other creatures properly. Other civilizations founded by rogue Red Nitro lived in peace and prosperity alongside humans and other races. However these civilizations would eventually be destroyed over the course of time, with those ruled by the Blue Nitro falling into decay while those of the Red Nitro would be destroyed by the cruel Blue Nitro. Crumbling ruins are now all that is left of their once great civilizations.

Slavery to the Blue Nitro[]

During the time which the ancient civilizations thrived, the Blue Nitro would eventually turn against everyone who opposed their ideals, including their own race. It is unknown as to what exactly occurred during the Blue Nitros rise to power however it is said that in the civilization within Area 7, the monkeys began to rebel. What caused it is unknown however it may be connected to the Blue Nitro themselves as eventually other Nitro would be forced into slavery, being deemed Red Nitro. The vocals chords of the Red Nitro would be crushed by the Blue Nitro, preventing them from communication with other species however some Nitros managed to avoid this fate. This slavery to the Blue Nitro eventually led the conflict between the Nitro Race and the Humans with which the Eight Kings would intervene, siding with the humans. 

Conflict with Humans and the Eight Kings[]

Despite the humans having little knowledge of the Nitro in modern days, the ancestors of civilizations from ancient past carry knowledge of the Nitro which they pass on to their descendants in order to ensure that they are warned of any future troubles which may be caused by the Nitro. These warnings stem from the events that have occured many hundreds of thousand of years ago when the Nitro initially created what many today would know as the Four Beast and used it in order to capture humans and perform various experiments on them by directly injecting them with Gourmet Cells. Because of the Nitro's nature, the purposes of the experiments are unclear however numerous theories can be made, from the Nitro attempting to create the perfect slaves, to using them as fertilizers for Acacia's Full Course Menu, and in the worst possible cases, improve the taste of humans in order to consume them. Regardless of the purposes, the activities of the Nitro have caused numerous problems, prompting the strongest beasts, the Eight Kings, to clash with the Nitro and prevent the Four Beast from continuing to capture humans. The Eight Kings stood their ground against the Nitro and the Four Beast, protecting the creatures that had become byproducts of human experimentation as well as humans themselves. This conflict continues even in modern day due to the Blue Nitro's actions. One such action by the Nitro is the taking of Acacia's Salad AIR which not only caused the climate to change in Area 8 of the Gourmet World, it also caused the decline of the species known as the Herac as the Horse King, Heracles, one of the Eight Kings, was incapable of giving birth to a healthy foal thereby preventing the ancient legend known as the Herac's Response. 

Acacia's Discovery[]

Nitros were first discovered by the Bishokushin Acacia 600 years ago in Gourmet World and officially dubbed them "Nitro" based on their dangerous behavior. According to Kaka, Acacia named them Nitro as a combination of 'two' (ni) and 'troll.' She doesn't know if the 'two' was because there's two kinds of Nitro, or because they walked on two legs. One was being observed by Acacia, while it was eating a Poison Boar which was a remarkable feat according Acacia. Acacia decided to research this creature and after the research, Acacia discovered that the Nitro had something to do with the ingredient GOD and gave all the information to his best Pupil Ichiryu.[1] Another time, Acacia came across the Nitro that was given the codename PAIR. The Nitro had failed to capture the ingredient PAIR, and was on the verge of dying along side Acacia. In order to live, both of them ate body parts off each other, and indirectly caught PAIR because of it.

Gourmet War[]

Five-hundred years ago during the era of the Gourmet War, a group of Blue Nitro were apparently sent out by the mysterious Nitro known as PAIR to seek out Acacia to capture GOD. As he tells his disciples to not interfere and that no one can beat them, he left with Froese somewhere for several months with the group of Blue Nitro.

Ozone Herb Arc[]

A Nitro is first seen on Vegetable Sky, following Toriko and Komatsu to find out how to eat the Ozone Herb. After seeing them try to get to it and eat it, the Nitro deduces the method and tries it by biting both sides at a speed fast enough so that the Ozone Plant cannot distinguish the bites. Despite this, it spits out the Ozone Plant, apparently considering it disgusting which hints that it's normal diet is composed of food far more extravagant in taste compared to the Ozone Plant (impressive as the Ozone Plant is nicknamed the "King of Vegetables"). The IGO President also mentions his shock at seeing one appear in the Human World, implying that they originated from the Gourmet World.

Mellow Cola Arc[]

While Komatsu was lost he was suddenly attacked by a huge monster and he used his knife to kill it, unfortunately for them, he woke a Nitro with the power of his knife and after Toriko and Zebra defeated the Salamander Sphinx, releasing the Mellow Cola, the recently reanimated Nitro inside the Gourmet Pyramid attacked Komatsu from behind, as well as the exhausted Zebra and Toriko, defeating them and consuming the Mellow Cola causing it to bulk up considerably. It engaged a rage-powered Zebra and Autophagy-powered Toriko and was defeated. Zebra then ended its life by using his most deadly technique, Death Sound, as a 'reward' for putting up such a good fight. He then stated that he would later cook it and eat it. It was taken back to the Hotel Gourmet along with the Mellow Cola, but Komatsu found that it wouldn't be edible not matter how it was cooked. Chief Mansam, IGO Defense Bureau Director Ray and Rapp, a member of the Staff of the 0th Biotope then arrived to retrieve it's corpse. While there, they explain the Nitro and much of its history, as well as its connection to GOD. Ray revealed that there was actually another Nitro in the Gourmet Pyramid, besides the one that Toriko's group encountered. They also stated that they are interested in human cooking skills, given that a number of noted chefs have been kidnapped by them, or even possibly intending on eating humans.

A child Nitro was mentioned as having been kept in Honey Prison, and according to Zebra it was a tough inmate to deal with. It was apparently released some time prior to Zebra however it is unknown what was done with it.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

As the Gourmet Corp. continue to kidnap chefs from around the world, it is revealed that they have been using Nitro to help with their kidnappings. However it is never explained in detail as to how they managed to have the Nitro cooperate with them or if they're manipulating them in some way.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

The deadly power of the Nitro about to be shown for the whole world to see.

Three Nitros made an appearance in Cooking Stadium as part of the Gourmet Corp. secret weapons as they appear from below the stadium, to the shock of Yuda. They were given orders to capture the chefs and not kill them from their handlers. One of them was able to critically injure Yuda, and later bisect Livebearer. It was later stunned momentarily by Damala Sky XIII with his Magic Spice. All three later fought against Zebra and were seemingly beaten by his Sound Bazooka. Two Nitros which were originally outside of the stadium came and attempted to attack Joie but were quickly subjugated by his Taste Change technique and became his minions. Joie then dubbed them Red Nitro and performed the Freshness Up 'Revitalizing Cut to revive the three Nitro's that Zebra defeated and enhance all of their physical abilities. One of them tried to attack Setsuno, only to be defeated by Jiro, who pulverized its head and knocked it at the same time (since they can live on even without a head). It is unknown what became of the rest of the Gourmet Corp.'s Nitros after NEO and the Gourmet Corp. escaped Cooking Stadium and Midora's Meteor Spice rained down on the Human World. [8]

A Blue Nitro made an appearance within the Stray Islands after Ichiryu and Midora's fight. It appeared out of nowhere and stomped the heavily wounded Ichiryu, ending his life. The Blue Nitro then faces Midora, however it simply glanced at Midora before escaping the scene, having slipped through the huge web of Midora's Hungry Space he had laid out with incredible ease. 

Billion Bird Arc[]

A year and a half after the fall of the Meteor Spice, the Four Heavenly Kings set out to find the main dish of Ichiryu's Full Course in hopes of using it to restore the Gourmet Age. When they found the main dish inside a Rest Room within the 1st Biotope, they were unaware that they were being watched by a mysterious elderly Nitro who watched as they left with the ingredient, however only Toriko barely took notice of his presence after detecting his scent.

After the Kings distributed the main dish, which turned out to be the Billion Bird which could reproduce rapidly in near infinite numbers, they went back to Rest Room in the 1st Biotope to speak with the "guardian" of the main dish who Toriko had detected before. After searching throughout the tree house within the Rest Room, they finally found its resident after Komatsu located his windows and Zebra kicked it towards his face. The elderly Nitro then awoke and began to angrily scold the group, showing that he could fully speak the Human language and that he was not too pleased with their rash actions. After asking who he was, the elderly Nitro grew more irritated after realizing Ichiryu never told them who he was, he then revealed himself to be Chichi, Ichiryu's old combo partner, he then admitted that he was lying about the combo thing, much the group's annoyance.

AIR Arc[]

When Joie entered Dining Planet, he was greeted by a group of Blue Nitros called the Gourmet Nobility. When he asked about Food Luck and Acacia’s Full Course, the Blue Nitros confirmed Joie's deduction on the phenomenon that is happening to him. Joie then contacted his subordinates to obtain all of Acacia’s Full Course ingredients and reveal to the Gourmet Nobility that they have the ark ready.

PAIR Arc[]

After the Heavenly Kings were ambushed by NEO members in Area 8, the group proceeded to Area 7 in order to ensure that Komatsu would survive his unnatural wound. Because of the ambush set by NEO, the Heavenly Kings quickly ventured to Area 7 where they are quickly surrounded by the monkey inhabitants which desperately needed food. When one of the Area 7's strongest appeared a Nitro, by the name of "Kaka", saved the Heavenly Kings from combat. Kaka decided to assist the Heavenly Kings in their mission to save Komatsu's life as well as capture the next of Acacia's Full Course ingredient, the soup dish PAIR.

Kaka ventured with the Heavenly Kings into the wilderness of Area 7, teaching them everything they need to know about the place as they continue to pursue the being which held PAIR in his body, the Monkey King Bambina. After reaching their destination, they were met by the being himself but were quickly swept away. Luckily the group survive.

Kaka proceeds to tell the group that in order to face the Monkey King, they must learn the ways of Enbu. The Nitro herself trained the Heavenly Kings in the ways of Enbu and was assisted by the inhabitants of the land (thanks to the Heavenly Kings actions in taking down its harsh hierarchy). As the day grew close to Komatsu's time limit, the Heavenly Kings were finally prepared thanks to Kaka's assistance.

As the Heavenly Kings prepare themselves to combat the Monkey King, within the Dining Planet, the Gourmet Nobility start to plan their work on gaining Acacia's Full Course Menu themselves. They are astonished in the capabilities of Komatsu as even they were incapable of preparing Acacia's salad AIR with 100% of its natural taste being kept. Joie suggested to the Nobility that he would attain AIR itself from the Human world but they suggest to take it during the Solar Eclipse instead. One of the members state that he personally met with Toriko and Komatsu within the Human World, it is revealed that he is the very same Nitro which the duo met on their quest to gain the Ozone Herb.

During the the Heavenly King's quest to capture the Food Treasure PAIR in order to save Komatsu, they prepared themselves to battle the Monkey King in a wild bout which was known as the Monkey Festival. Kaka assisted the Heavenly Kings and taught them the rules of the match which they will face the Monkey King in. As the battle ensues, the Monkey King eventually shows its true form and with it, the nature of the Nitro, Kaka. With the Heavenly Kings now occupied with the Monkey King, the Nitro led herself to the Denshark which supposedly held the helpless Komatsu. Inside the Denshark, the Nitro soon reveals her true face and identity as one of the notorious Blue Nitro merely posing as the Flavor Sage Kaka, however it runs into the Heavenly King's trap and is soon faced by the descendants of the Eight Kings. Elsewhere, the Heavenly Kings are continuing with their task of keeping the Monkey King occupied and capturing PAIR and soon they complete their task. With their task now completed, time runs short for Komatsu and the Heavenly Kings rush to save his life. As they attempt to heal Komatsu, "Kaka" reveals itself to the group, questioning them as to when they suspected it of being an enemy. The Heavenly Kings state they suspected the Blue Nitro from the very start but did not find the time to question who it truly was or what its motives were. The hostile Blue Nitro threatens the Heavenly Kings, however Toriko warns it to step no further as it would be in the way of the Monkey King. The Monkey King eventually brushes onto the Nitro and the Nitro challenges the Monkey King. A swift match ensues between the two creatures, Bambina swipes the Blue Nitro with his tail, however the Blue Nitro latches onto it. Deciding to end the battle quickly, Bambina launches a blast of Appetite Energy against the hostile Blue Nitro. The match ends with the Monkey King as the victor and with no sign of the Blue Nitro.

Later on, after the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies returned to the Birth Cry Tree, the actual Kaka was seen watching them from high in the branches of the tree with a content look.


GOD Arc[]

Known Nitro[]

Red Nitro
ChichiMS.png KakaMS.png JijiMS.png ChildNitroMS.png MummyNitroMS.png
Chichi Kaka Jiji "Child Nitro"* ????
NitroGC.jpg ChainNitro.png YellowNitroMS.png PuffyNitroMS.png TigerNitroMS.png
???? ????* ???? ????* ????
RevivedNitro1MS.png RevivedNitro2MS.png Area7RedNitroMS.png
????* ????* ????
Blue Nitro
PairMS.png GourmetNoble6MS.png GourmetNoble1MS.png GourmetNoble2MS.png GourmetNoble3MS.png
GourmetNoble4MS.png GourmetNoble5MS.png GourmetNoble7MS.png

Appearances in Other Media[]

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

The Nitro make their game debut in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 for the PSP. In the story, a Nitro is encountered by Toriko and his party in the Gattsuki Continent and later Starjun is able to convince it to aid the Gourmet Corp..


  • Nitro architecture and culture seems to draw influence from several real world ancient civilizations, such as Egyptian, Hindu and Middle East societies.


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  8. Gourmet 242 - Joie revives the three Nitros that were defeated by Zebra, while making them several times stronger.