Japanese ノンチー
Romanized Nonchī
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday February 16th
Status Alive
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Eco Land
Nonchy's House
Occupation Mayor of Eco Land
Personal Status
Relatives Monchy (sibling),
Three other siblings
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 178
Anime Debut Episode 102
Japanese Voice Yanaka Hiroshi
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Are you an idiot?!!

—Nonchy, to Komatsu

Nonchy is the mayor of Eco Land and one of Monchy's quintuplet siblings.


Nonchy, just like his brother Monchy has the same hairy old body and wears the same wrestling mask and clothes, the only difference between them is that Nonchy's hair is lighter, and he has a beard.


Like his brother Monchy, he has an aggressive personality and tends to call everyone an "idiot" if it doesn't pleases him. Although he can be friendly towards people he has only met recently, and will even throw a party with them.


Toriko, Komatsu and Takimaru arrive in Eco Land searching for some Eco Nori and eventually meet mayor Nonchy who throws bombs at rabbits to scare them away off his property. He looks at Komatsu calling him an idiot and notices Toriko and invites them to his home. In the house Nonchy explains that he is a quintuplet with Monchy and three others. Komatsu wonders how Nonchy lives even though he doesn't use natural gas or electricity, he explains that he has different kinds of animals and ingredients that he uses to get his equipment running. Nonchy then shows his Solar Turtle outside his house to Toriko and co, he explains that he uses it to get electricity in the house, he then explains that the shed skin of the Solar Turtle's shell is actually Eco Nori which can be peeled off, he then promises to give some to Toriko if he recharges the Solar Turtle. After Toriko was done with Nonchy's turtle, the whole village requested the same and after three days Toriko was done and Nonchy gave plenty of Eco Nori to Toriko, he then tell him to send Monchy a message from him, to not bother his costumers.


  • His voice actor also voices Monchy.